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1989 Topps Back to the Future II Trading Cards

1989 Topps Back to the Future II Trading Cards

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1989 Topps Back to the Future II is the only full set of mainstream trading cards dedicated to a film in the classic franchise. It fits with other Topps entertainment sets of the era, delivering a simple checklist of cards and stickers. As popular as Back to the Future has become, the set is still extremely affordable.

The 1989 Topps Back to the Future II base set has 88 cards. They go through the film's story. Towards the end of the set, there is a subset that highlights the futuristic vehicles from the movie as well as a couple of cards with promotional shots.

Card fronts do look a little dated. They feature a gradient border that goes from yellow to red. For baseball card collectors, it hints a little at what would become 1990 Topps Baseball. The majority of images come directly from the film. Captions are at the bottom of the card, inside a blue arrow that clashes with the rest of the design.

Card backs are on the simple side. The film's logo takes up about half of the card leaving little room for much of a writeup. Large fonts and a headline guiding collectors where to look next further limits the amount of text.

Every pack of 1989 Topps Back to the Future II trading cards also comes with a sticker. Most have an image of Marty or Doc inside the stopwatch used in the movie logo. The overall design for the 11 stickers is much more simple that a lot of other 1980s Topps sticker inserts. There are no thick borders. Instead the background is white. Also, stickers are not die-cut. The entire front has to be peeled. Sticker backs can be put together to form a puzzle.

For many, it may be hard to believe that there is no full set for the original Back to the Future or even a modern trading card take that encompasses all the entire trilogy. This is as close as collectors will get. There are a few premiums and oddball cards for the first film, but not a full-blown set. The closest thing would be a sticker collection and album released by Panini for the international market.

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Set Checklist

1989 Topps Back to the Future II Checklist

Base Set Checklist

88 cards.

1 Title Card
2 Onward, to the Future!
3 The DeLorean Takes Off!
4 Tomorrow's Mission Today!
5 Hill Valley, 2015
6 The New, Improved Town Square
7 A Peek into the Future
8 Wonders of Tomorrow
9 Future Shocks
10 Incredible, Isn't It?
11 A Must for Nostalgia Freaks
12 Check This Place Out!
13 "Hello, Anybody Home?"
14 Griff Makes the Scene
15 Griff's Criminal Plan
16 Makeshift Escape!
17 The Pit Bull Brigade
18 Hoverboarding Marty!
19 Here Comes Trouble...!
20"Whew! That Was Close!"
21 "Yeeeeoooowwwww!!!"
22 Griff is Fully Foiled
23 A Timely Idea
24 Purchasing the Past
25 Returning to Town Square
26 The Times Are A'Changing
27 Mission (Somehow) Accomplished
28 The Capture of Jennifer
29 Biff's Outlandish Scheme
30 "Follow that DeLorean"
31 Jennifer is...Home?!
32 Marlene Comes to Call
33 Future Family
34 A Possible Paradox?!
35 Stealing Some Time
36 I Want My F-TV!
37 Marty McFly Junior
38 Spotted by Jennifer
39 Marty McFly, Age 47
40 A Peekaboo from Guess Who?
41 Doc Has His Hands Full
42 Back from the Past
43 "What Could Be Wrong?"
44 Mr. Strickland Takes Aim
45 "This is Nuts...!"
46 Everything's Different--!
47 The Whole Town Has Changed!
48 Tannen's Henchmen
49 A Family Squabble
50 Mom and Dad?!
51 "Where's George McFly?"
52 Dear, Departed Dad
53 Biff Hits the Jackpot!
54 Doc Brown's New Plan
55 Mad, Murderous Biff
56 Not This Time, Tannen!
57 The Rescue
58 Back in '55
59 Marty in Disguise
60 Biff is Scorned!
61 Biff's Mysterious Benefactor
62 Another Way to Travel!
63 A Familiar Scene
64 Retrieving the Almanac
65 Their First Kiss
66 Go, Marty, Go!
67 Man in the Shadow
68 "Somethin' Weird's Going On...!"
69 Seeing Double!
70 When the Time Trippers Collide!
71 Saved by Doc (Again!)
72 Burning the Almanac
73 Good News!
74 More Good News!
75 Western Union Delivers!
76 Trapped in the Past!
77 Marty's Original Escape
78 "No...Not Again!!"
79 Next Stop...1885!
80 The Once and Future Car
81 Spider Car
82 Scat Hovercraft
83 Taxicab
84 Retrofitted Ford
85 Chevrolet Twin Turbo-Charged Prototype
86 Cafe 80's (Interior Set)
87 Michael J. Fox is Marty McFly
88 Until Next Time...!
1989 Topps Back to the Future II Trading Cards 23

1989 Topps Back to the Future II Stickers Checklist

11 Stickers. Inserted one per pack.

Note: Stickers do not have captions. These are descriptions of the image on the sticker front.

1 Back to the Future II Logo
2 Marty with Walkie Talkie
3 Marty in Baseball Cap
4 Marty, Doc and Einstein
5 Doc Brown
6 Marty in Shadows
7 Old Marty
8 Doc and Marty Leaning
9 Marty, Doc Lifting Sunglasses
10 Marty Sitting on DeLorean
11 DeLorean Flying
1989 Topps Back to the Future II Trading Cards 24

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