1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack Trading Cards

1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack Trading Cards


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With the Garbage Pail Kids fad coming to an end, Topps was looking for new ways to delight kids and disgust teachers. Enter 1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack, a story-based set that combines prehistoric creatures, science fiction and a whole lot of blood and gore.

Done in the same vein as Mars Attacks, 1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack tell a tale of all sorts ofJurassic Park wannabes invading the modern world. The results are bloody, silly and completely over-the-top. Innocent people are eaten, bystanders are maimed, even a dog is crushed.

With just 55 cards, the base set is easy to build. Card fronts are similar to Mars Attacks. They have a white border and a detailed painted image. Along the bottom is a caption in a black bar and the card number inside a yellow splatter.

1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack Trading Cards 1

Every pack of 1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack also comes with one of 11 dinosaur stickers. These are more traditional in the sense that they're just about dinosaurs. They're not nearly as subversive as the base set.

Although the release has some big-time fans, it wasn't a huge success during its initial release. A comic adaptation originally lasted just one issue. It remained this way until 2013 when IDW published the entire mini series. Today, boxes and sets are extremely affordable. The ample supply makes them easy to find as well.

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1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack Checklist

Base Set Checklist

55 cards.

1 Forward
2 Experiment in Space!
3 Time Scanner Disaster!
4 The Past Comes Alive!
5 Homeroom Horror
6 Police Precinct Assaulted!
7 D.C. Holocaust
8 Crushing a Canine
9 Nuptial Nightmare
10 Italy Under Siege!
11 Trapped in the Basement!
12 Panic in the Stadium
13 Rock Concert Carnage
14 Lunch Break!
15 The Colonel...Shredded!
16 Heartland Horror
17 Blue Water, Savage Death
18 Tourist Trap
19 Madness in the Streets
20 Bashing the BMT
21 Fast Food Frenzy
22 The Behemoth Fries
23 The Perfect Wave
24 London in Flames
25 Day of the Duckbill
26 Coasting to Calamity
27 Soviets vs. Dimetrodons
28 Saurian Secrets
29 Monster in the Museum
30 A Kid Strikes Back!
31 Our Forces -- Flattened!
32 Cat Lady's Revenge
33 Manhatten Island Swamped!
34 Animal Wars
35 A Lady in Distress
36 Comics Con Catastrophe!
37 Picnic of Peril
38 We Can't Hold Them Back!!
39 Trilobite Terror
40 Wrestling Riot
41 Entombed!!
42 Lights! Camera! Carnage!
43 Business Lunch
44 Meltdown!!
45 Anchorman's Peril
46 Grip of Horror
47 Supreme Evil
48 You Can't Let Them Win!!
49 Ripped Out of Time!
50 Gruesome Fate
51 Time Twister
52 The Ultimate Sacrifice
53 Prometheus Explodes!
54 Rebuilding Our World
55 Checklist
1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack Trading Cards 2

Stickers Checklist

11 stickers. Inserted 1 per pack.

1 Allosaurus
2 Ankylosaurus
3 Dimetrodon
4 Brontosaurus
5 Parasaurolophus
6 Plesiosaurus
7 Pteranodon
8 Stegosaurus
9 Trachodon
10 Triceratops
11 Tyrannosaurus
1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack Trading Cards 3

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  1. I have 3 complete sets of these cards in mint/near mint condition (all cards and stickers are loose). I would be interested in selling these at a reasonable price. I also have several other types of collectible cards (mostly Marvel) that am also interested in selling. If you’re interested, please contact me at the email address above. Thanks.

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