1987 Topps 21 Jump Street Trading Cards

1987 Topps 21 Jump Street Trading Cards


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21 Jump Street (the TV show and not the movie) makes for a campy historical look back at the late 1980s. It's also proof that Johnny Depp can play a character that's not over-the-top and always moving his hands in strange ways. Rather, it's a simpler, hair-slicked-back Johnny Depp. 1987 Topps 21 Jump Street trading cards share that simple notion with a checklist that's about as basic as you can get.

1987 Topps 21 Jump Street Trading Cards 1 1987 Topps 21 Jump Street Trading Cards 2

The cards are actually stickers if you want them to be. The set has 44 cards. A brick wall background lends itself to the graffiti-like logo. There's an image of a character inside a red frame and a yellow box at the bottom with a caption that's likely to make you grimace or groan.

Backs are puzzle pieces and offer no further information or context.

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Due to its visual nature, the focus is entirely on the characters. Depp's Hanson, there's Penhall (Peter DeLuise), Hoffs (Holly Robinson-Peete), Ioki (Dustin Nguyen) and Captain Fuller (Steven Williams).

With 48 packs per box and five cards per pack, building this set is not difficult. This has likely had a major impact on why the set can usually be found so cheaply and easily still today.

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1987 Topps 21 Jump Street Checklist

44 cards.
1987 Topps 21 Jump Street Trading Cards 5

1 Five for Danger!
2 Proud and Fearless
3 Cops Who Care!
4 Officer H.T. Ioki
5 Officer Judy Hoffs
6 At the Rifle Range
7 A Man, His Duty
8 High School Cops!
9 Officer Tom Hanson
10 Time for Fun!
11 The City Beat
12 Hanson & Hoffs
13 One Cool Cop!
14 Undercover!
15 Judy's Dream
16 Captain Adam Fuller
17 On the Job!
18 "To Protect & Serve"
19 Duo for Danger!
20 Fuller in Charge!
21 Dynamite Duo!
22 Jump Street's Finest
23 What a Cop!
24 Ioki's Gamble
25 A Fast Lane Life!
26 The New Case
27 Hot Night Out!
28 Huggable Hoffs!
29 Man and the Mission
30 Hot Young Star
31 Hanson Takes a Break!
32 A Laugh between Jobs
33 Hanson Undercover
34 Officer Doug Penhall
35 Top Secret!
36 What a Fox!
37 Lighten Up!
38 Teen Patrol
39 Schoolyard Blues
40 Officer H.T. Ioki
41 Officer Tom Hanson
42 What a Hunk!
43 Freeze!
44 Officer Doug Penhall

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