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1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars Wrestling Cards

1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars Wrestling Cards

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1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars brought wrestling cards into the mainstream. The first set licensed by the WWF, it features some of the earliest cards of legends like Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

1985 saw professional wrestling entering a phase of unprecedented mainstream popularity. Under the aggressive leadership of Vince McMahon, WWF took wrestling from a series of regional promotions to an international powerhouse. The likes of Hulk Hogan, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Wendi Richter and Junk Yard Dog were all household names. Wrestlemania was shaping pay-per-view. Naturally, a full-fledged set of trading cards was a natural extension of WWF's growing pop culture status. Although other wrestling card sets predate 1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars, most notably the two 1982 Wrestling All-Stars sets, this is the first to be recognized by the most powerful promotion in the business.

The 1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars checklist follows the structure of most Topps entertainment releases of the 1980s. The base set has 66 cards. There is also a set of 22 stickers. Base cards are divided into three distinct sections. The first 21 cards are the most popular in the set. This is where the various WWF superstars are profiled, much like a basic sports player card. Cards 22 through 56 make up the Ringside Action subset. In-ring action is combined with catchy captions. The final ten cards are called Superstar Speaks. The have a TV design and have speech bubbles from the featured wrestlers and personalities.

Every pack also has one of 22 different stickers. Closely resembling other Topps stickers from the era, a die-cut superstar photo has a thick colored border. A black background has a tightly cropped wrestling ring.

1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars remains one of the most popular wrestling card sets in the hobby. Cards featuring prominent stars, particularly Hulk Hogan, command a premium on the secondary market. The set is also the basis of 2012 Topps WWE Heritage.

Key 1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars Cards:

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Set Checklist

1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars Checklist

Base Set Checklist

66 cards.

1 Hulk Hogan
2 The Iron Sheik
3 Captain Lou Albano
4 Junk Yard Dog
5 Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff
6 Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
7 Rowdy Roddy Piper
8 Wendi Richter
9 Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
10 Brutus Beefcake
11 Jesse "The Body" Ventura
12 Big John Stud
13 Fabulous Moolah
14 Tito Santana
15 Hillbilly Jim
16 Hulk Hogan
17 Mr. Fuji
18 Mike Rotundo, Barry Windham
19 Moondog Spot
20 Chief Jay Strongbow
21 George "The Animal" Steele
22 Let Go Of My Toe!
23 Lock 'Em Up!
24 Scalp 'Em!
25 Going For The Midsection
26 Up In The Air
27 All Tied Up
28 Here She Comes!
29 Stretched To The Limit!
30 Over He Goes!
31 An Appetite For Mayhem!
32 Putting On The Pressure!
33 Smashed On The Knee!
34 A Fist Comes Flying!
35 Lemme' Out Of This!
36 No Fair Chokin'!
37 Attacked By An Animal!
38 One Angry Man!
39 Someone's Going Down!
40 Strangle Hold!
41 Bending An Arm!
42 Ready For A Pile Driver!
43 Face To The Canvas!
44 Paul Wants It All!
45 Kick To The Face!
46 Ready For Action!
47 Putting On The Squeeze!
48 Giants In Action!
49 Camel Clutch!
50 Pile Up!
51 Cant Get Away!
52 Going For The Pin!
53 Ready To Fly!
54 Crusher In A Crusher!
55 Fury Of The Animal!
56 Wrong Kind Of Music!
57 Hulk Hogan
58 Junk Yard Dog
59 Rowdy Roddy Piper
60 Hulk Hogan
61 Jesse Ventura, Ivan Putski
62 Jesse Ventura
63 Iron Sheik, Freddie Blassie
64 Wendi Richter
65 George Steele, Gene Okerlund
66 Captain Lou Albano
1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars Wrestling Cards 1

Stickers Set Checklist

22 stickers.

1 Hulk Hogan
2 Captain Lou Albano
3 Brutus Beefcake
4 Jesse Ventura
5 The Iron Shiek
6 Wendi Richter
7 Jimmy Snuka
8 Ivan Putski
9 Hulk Hogan
10 Junk Yard Dog
11 Hulk Hogan
12 Captain Lou Albano
13 Captain Lou Albano
14 Freddie Blassie, Iron Shiek
15 Jimmy Snuka
16 Hulk Hogan
17 Iron Shiek
18 Rene Goulet, SD Jones
19 Junk Yard Dog
20 Wendi Richter
21 Andre the Giant
22 Hulk Hogan
1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars Wrestling Cards 2

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