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1985 Topps Rocky IV Trading Cards

1985 Topps Rocky IV Trading Cards

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With the eye of the tiger and some classic Cold War tension, 1985 Topps Rocky IV trading cards are simple fun and full of Ivan Drago.

The second set of cards for the Rocky franchise (Topps also did a set for Rocky II), the set consists of 66 base cards and 11 stickers. It's not very big, but it does a good job of summarizing Rocky heading back into battle with the science lab specimen, Ivan Drago.

Card fronts have blue borders. The movie's title is plastered across the top. The caption at the bottom is accompanied by a boxing glove graphic. It's nothing groundbreaking but it fits the film.

1985 Topps Rocky IV Trading Cards 1

Stickers are inserted one per pack. Images are set inside a die-cut glove.

For fans of simple things, the packs are a lot of fun. They come in two designs, Rocky and Drago. If you put them next to each other, they make one larger image of the two combatants going at it.

1985 Topps Rocky IV Trading Cards 2 1985 Topps Rocky IV Trading Cards 3

1985 Topps Rocky IV is still very affordable today. The small set size means that there's no shortage of them coming out of boxes. Supply is also fairly high given the product's age. That said, it's a cheap way to revisit one of the most beloved sports films of the 1980s.

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1985 Topps Rocky IV Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1985 Topps Rocky IV Trading Cards 4

1 Title Card
2 Rocky Balboa
3 Apollo Creed
4 Adrian Balboa
5 Paulie
6 The Man Called Drago
7 Igor Rimsky
8 Corner Man Duke
9 A New Challenge!
10 Apollo's Comeback
11 Happy Birthday!
12 The Fight Is Set
13 Apollo Wants You!
14 Man-Mountain Creed
15 Creed vs. Drago!
16 Apollo's Gamble
17 Sizing Up Drago!
18 The Power of Creed!
19 Dynamic Punch!
20 A Champion's Fists!
21 Belted By Drago!
22 Anyone's Fight!
23 Drago Comes On Strong!
24 The Fatal Blow!
25 "I Want Balboa!"
26 A Man Determined
27 Welcome To Russia!
28 In Training!
29 Power Of The Rock!
30 Feelin' Strong Now!
31 Russia's Mightiest Man!
32 Pumping Up!
33 A Man Of Steel!
34 Aided By Science!
35 For America!
36 Night of the Strongmen!
37 Jeers, Not Cheers!
38 Bolboa vs. Drago
39 Man With A Mission!
40 A Dream Realized!
41 The Battle Begins!
42 Clash Of The Super-Powers!
43 Man Against Superman!
44 Time Out!
45 Drago's Winded!
46 Two Raging Giants!
47 Socked!
48 Rocky Stymied!
49 Rage Of The Rock!
50 Pounded Into Next Week!
51 A Fantastic Fighter!
52 Up, Up And Away!!
53 Drago's Sunday Punch!
54 "I Won't Give Up!"
55 What A Match!
56 Slugging It Out!
57 "Shut Up, Igor!"
58 A Face Made For Punching!
59 Demi-Gods Of The Rings!
60 From Russia With Hate!
61 Pandemonium!
62 Rocky's Up, Drago's Down!
63 The Winner!
64 In Praise Of Balboa!
65 A Man For All Countries!
66 Checklist

Stickers Checklist

11 cards. Inserted one per pack.
1985 Topps Rocky IV Trading Cards 5

1 Drago Face - Showing Mouthguard
2 Drago - Waist Up
3 Drago Punching Rocky
4 Rocky Balboa Portrait
5 Rocky in Middle of Crowd
6 Drago Punching Rocky - Horizontal
7 Drago vs Apollo
8 Drago - Chest Up
9 Drago vs Apollo
10 Apollo Creed Thumb Up
11 Rocky - Waist Up

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melody shaw
melody shaw

I have a pack unopened of tools rocky 1V includes 9 picture cards, 1 sticker, 1 stick bubble gum.


How much are the rocky balboa IV collectible cards worth

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