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1985 Topps Goonies Trading Cards

1985 Topps Goonies Trading Cards

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1985 Topps Goonies trading cards are a simple and relatively inexpensive piece of nostalgia for a beloved film that doesn't have a daunting amount of licensed collectibles.

Over the years, The Goonies has become a classic. Now one generation is passing the adventure on to the next. But what some might not know is that there's a set of cards that coincided with the film's release.

1985 Topps Goonies Set Details

The set has 86 base cards that recap the film with both character and story synopsis cards. There is also a deleted scene with an octopus that is covered fairly extensively, especially given the fact that it ultimately made the cutting room floor. Cards have a black outer border with an inner border that looks like a map. Most of the photos are taken directly from the film but a couple go behind the camera to showcase the makeup and effects.

1985 Topps Goonies Trading Cards 1

Card backs have a red silhouette of the Goonies gang and Sloth cast against a yellow background. The front caption is repeated and complimented by a brief write-up. A ribbon at the bottom encourages collectors to move on to the next card.

The 1985 Topps Goonies set also has a set of stickers. Depending on how complete you want your set to be, there is either 15 stickers or 22. While there are only 15 different stickers, seven of them have variation backs with different puzzle pieces. None are believed to be short-printed.

1985 Topps Goonies Trading Cards 2

1985 Topps Goonies boxes have 36 packs. Each pack has ten cards, a sticker and a very stale stick of gum.



1985 Topps Goonies Checklist


Base Set Checklist

86 cards.

1 The Goonies
2 Meet the Goonies: Mikey
3 Meet the Goonies: Chunk
4 Meet the Goonies: Data
5 Meet the Goonies: Mouth
6 Introducing Brand
7 Introducing Andy and Stef
8 Meet "Sloth"
9 Mama Fratelli
10 Fantastic Escape!
11 Mama on the Run!
12 Spotted by Chunk!
13 Shaping Up!
14 Mind If I Drop In?
15 Secret of the Map
16 I'll Get You Guys for This!
17 What Next?!
18 A Big Decision!
19 House of Mystery!
20 In the Clutches of Mama!
21 The Mysterious "It"!
22 Something's "Fishy"!
23 Chunk's Terrifying Discovery!
24 Captured by the Gang!
25 Chunk's Doubloon
26 Chunk Meets Sloth!
27 Face to Face with Sloth!
28 The Tunnel of Terror!
29 Mama Fratelli in Pursuit!
30 A "Miner" Discovery!
31 Making Friends with Sloth!
32 Wishing Well Frenzy!
33 We've Gotta Save My Friends!
34 Mr. Funnybone!
35 No Other Way!
36 Caught In Between--!
37 Aiming for Trouble!
38 Deadly Music!
39 Get It Right, Andy!
40 Narrow Escape!
41 The Water Slide!
42 The Pirate Ship Cavern
43 Tentacles of Death!
44 The Rockin' Octopus!
45 On Board!
46 Well...Excuuuussse Me!
47 Discovery of the Treasure Cabin!
48 One-Eyed Willie
49 The Treasure Finders!
50 Wotta Haul!
51 Pretty as a Princess!
52 The Escape Plan
53 Surprise...It's Mama!
54 Oh No...We've Had It!
55 Andy Walks the Plank!
56 Brand to the Rescue!
57 Oh My Gosh...It's Captain Sloth!
58 Battle of the Fratellis
59 Don't Mess with Sloth!
60 Head-On Collision!
61 A Strange Looking Sail!
62 What a Battle!
63 Goonies vs. the Fratelli Gang!
64 Everybody! Off the Ship!
65 Mama in the Drink!
66 The Final Booby Trap!
67 Goonies Triumphant!
68 Back in the "Real" World!
69 Chunk's Clan!
70 Very Special Friends
71 Wait ... He's a Good Guy!
72 Long Live the Goonies!
73 Their Final Reward!
74 S'Long, Guys!
75 Making Up Sloth!
76 Some Octopus!
77 Hello Down There!!
78 Slip Sliding Away!
79 Pint-Sized Pirate!
80 The Map in Jeopardy!
81 Portrait of a Friendly Monster
82 Outta Sight!
83 Mikey's Private World
84 We Call This "A Wrap"!
85 The Goonie Pledge
86 Checklist


Stickers Checklist

15 stickers plus 7 variations.
Variations have the same sticker on the front but a different puzzle piece on the back.
* notes stickers with variation backs.

1 Data on Bike*
2 Mikey*
3 Goonies Starring at Compass
4 Chunk*
5 Looking at Skull
6 Holding Signs
7 Mouth*
8 Andy
9 Sloth*
10 One-Eyed Willie*
11 Octopus
12 Looking at Map
13 Skull
14 Sloth
15 Head Goonie*


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