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1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Trading Cards

1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Trading Cards

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1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the second of five sets the company has made for the blockbuster film franchise. Although it has a little more to it than 1981 Topps Raiders of the Lost Ark, it's still a very standard set for the time.

The 1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom base set has 88 cards. All work to retell the story of the film, capturing key scenes and events. Sadly, (spoiler alert) there is only an allusion to monkey brains. And (another spoiler alert) no raft flying from the sky, but that's probably a welcome exclusion for most. Cards have thick red borders. Combined with the bright yellow bar at the bottom of the card that holds the caption and you've got something that feels a little bit like pop art or more comic bookish than the film actually is.

Card backs are much better. Actually, they're some of the best Topps has done for a film. The title art is at the top of the card. To one side is an illustration of Indy, machete and whip in hand. A light yellow box contains the card's writeup.

1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Trading Cards 1 1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Trading Cards 2

The 11 stickers are plain to a fault. Focusing mainly on characters, they are die-cut like most Topps stickers from the time. However, there's no thick border. Couple that with the plain background and you've got a boring looking, at least as a card. Stuck to a notebook or locker door, this wouldn't be noticeable. Many of the stickers also have a comic-looking speech bubble with short quotes. Sticker backs form a puzzle of Indiana Jones.

Complete sets with cards and stickers can usually be found for less than $25. And while there's no major shortage of supply, it's also a set that doesn't appear to be quite as plentiful as other sets from the era.

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Set Checklist

1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Checklist

Base Set Checklist

88 cards.

1 Title Card
2 Singer Willie Scott
3 Diamond of Death
4 Poisoned!
5 The Diamond Seeker
6 Escape from Club Obi Wan
7 The Car Chase
8 Flight to Doom
9 Airborne!
10 High-Flying Peril
11 River of Death
12 Shaman of Mayapore
13 A Village Besieged
14 Tales of the Mayapore
15 The Quest Begins
16 To the Palace of Pankot!
17 Whoops!
18 Making Camp
19 The Dreams of Dr. Jones
20 Elephant Ride!
21 Trek to the Palace
22 The Arrival
23 The Palace Banquet
24 The Little Maharajah
25 Dr. Jones, Banquet Guest
26 A Royal Feast?
27 Losing Her Appetite
28 Time Out for Romance
29 Look Out, Behind You!
30 Peril in the Palace
31 Indy's Warning
32 The Discovery
33 Trapped!
34 Indy Gets the Point!
35 The Spike Chamber
36 Willie in the Bug Tunnel
37 The Temple of Doom
38 The Human Sacrifice
39 The Evil High Priest
40 The Flaming Heart
41 Indy's Discovery
42 Indiana Jones...Captured!
43 The Blood of Kali
44 Tortured!
45 Cage of Death
46 Mindless Slave
47 The Burning
48 Short Round to the Rescue!
49 Attacking the Guards
50 Grabbed by Indy!
51 Indy is Revived!
52 Rescuing Willie Scott!
53 Everything's Okay...
54 Indy's Revenge
55 The Battle Rages
56 Fighting Against Evil!
57 Freeing the Children
58 The Escape Continues!
59 The Giant Thuggee
60 Incredible Fight!
61 Indy's Fight For Life!
62 Belt to Oblivion!
63 Short Round's Chance!
64 Voodoo Peril!
65 The Kids Slug it Out!
66 Indy on the Scene!
67 The Mine Adventure
68 Battling Mine Cars!
69 Breaking Free!
70 Indy's Gamble
71 Deadly Torrents
72 Hang on, Short Round!
73 Saved by Willie Scott!
74 The Evil of Mola Ram
75 Don't Mess With Indy!
76 Two Against One...& No Gun!
77 Fantastic Struggle
78 Caught in Between--!
79 Indy in Action!
80 Courage of Indiana Jones
81 Surrounded!
82 The Bridge--Cut!
83 Plunge to Doom!
84 Indiana Jones vs. Mola Ram!
85 A Day of Rejoicing!
86 Return of the Stones
87 The Adventure Concludes
88 Checklist
1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Trading Cards 24

Stickers Checklist

11 stickers. Inserted one per pack.

1 Indiana Jones
2 How Much, Lao Che?
3 The Goddess Kali Reigns!
4 There's No Escape!
5 Food? Really?
6 Willie Scott
7 Mola Ram
8 Short Round
9 Willie! Hurry Up!
10 You've Had it, Mola Ram!
11 Trust Me.
1984 Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Trading Cards 25

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Hi !

It seems it doesn’t exist any Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Topps trading cards collection…
however, I can’t find any pictures of this serie on the internet.

Do you know if Topps ever produced IJLC cards back in 1989 ?
Thanks for info !

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