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1983 Topps A-Team Trading Cards

1983 Topps A-Team Trading Cards

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1983 Topps A-Team trading cards capture one of the most popular and iconic TV shows from the 1980s. B.A. Baracus, Face, Hannibal and Murdock are all here. The set mixes character profiles with shots from the show.

Following a format that was common in most of the company's entertainment sets from the era, 1983 Topps A-Team has a checklist of 66 base cards and 12 stickers.

Base cards have instantly recognizable bright blue borders. A large A-Team logo is at the bottom of the card, giving way to a caption. Large photos have a thin red and yellow border. Images mix action shots from the show's early seasons with promotional shots that showcase the characters and actors. Stickers, which fall one per pack, have the look of a file. Thick red borders lead to a simple photo.

1983 Topps A-Team isn't the most attractive set ever made. Few from the period have stood the test of time. Today, the release an affordable piece of nostalgia.

The set was released in both tradition wax packs as well as rack packs. 1983 Topps A-Team wax boxes have 36 packs. Each has ten cards, one sticker and some very stale gum. Some boxes have a black line or 'X' on top. These are retail returns that were likely blown out. Unmarked boxes are more desirable among collectors. Rack packs have 45 cards.

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Set Checklist

1983 Topps A-Team Checklist

Base Set Checklist

66 cards.

1 Introducing the A-Team
2 He's Bad!
3 A Wild Ride!
4 Crash!!!
5 "Up against the Wall!"
6 "What?"
7 "You Turkey!"
8 "No Way!"
9 "Put It in Gear!"
10 "Are You Nuts?"
11 "No Sweat!"
12 Strong Man!
13 A New Assignment!
14 "What's So Funny?"
15 In Disguise!
16 "A Likely Story!"
17 Too Bad for Howling Mad!
18 "What the Heck!"
19 Ready for Action!
20 Pretty as a Picture!
21 Beautiful, But Deadly!
22 "Say Cheese!"
23 A Busy Lady!
24 "Wouldn't You Like to Know?"
25 "The Faceman's Here!"
26 "Sure You Don't Want a Bite?"
27 "Time to Go!"
28 "Move It or Lose It!"
29 A Lucky Break!
30 The A-Team's In for It!!
31 "Eeeeeyahh!"
32 B.A.'s Biggest Van!
33 A Smash Hit!
34 No Escape!
35 "Out of the Way!"
36 "Comin' Through!"
37 Over the Top!
38 One That Got Away!
39 The Deadly Getaway!
40 Ready for the Mission!
41 "I Won't Fly!"
42 Take Off!
43 Ready to Land!
44 A Heavy Load!
45 "What's This?"
46 "You'll Get Yours!"
47 "Don't Gimme No Bull!"
48 On with the Mission!
49 Heavy Traffic!
50 Crashing the Gates!
51 It's a Knockout!
52 Out of Control!
53 Roll Out!
54 Mad Man!
55 "Oop! Wrong Turn!"
56 Fast Break!
57 A Close Call!
58 On Target!
59 The Darkest Moment!
60 It's a Blast!
61 Fiery Getaway!
62 Explosive Escape!
63 Two Cool Customers!
64 B.A.'s Little Joke!
65 Mission Accomplished!
66 Checklist
1983 Topps A-Team Trading Cards 23

Stickers Checklist

12 stickers. Inserted one per pack.

1 B.A. (Bad Attitude) Baracus
2 Templeton (The Faceman) Peck
3 Amy Amanda Allen
4 Colonel "Hannibal" Smith
5 "Howling Mad" Murdock
6 Don't Mess with B.A.!
8 B.A. -- The Baddest
9 The A-Team (B.A.)
10 The A-Team (Team)
11 The A-Team (Hannibal and The Faceman)
12 Trio for Trouble!
1983 Topps A-Team Trading Cards 24

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