1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A and B Trading Cards

1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A and B Trading Cards

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The 1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A and B sets are the benchmark for all modern wrestling card sets. Featuring some of the first traditional trading cards of many of the top superstars from the 1980s, the sets may be small but they have soared to tremendous values in recent years.

1982 Wrestling All Stars weren't offered in packs. Rather, they were available as separate sets through a mail order off advertised in Wrestling News magazine. As you might expect, the cards today are rather scarce, especially in high-grade condition. For example, any Hulk Hogan cards graded above a 6 by PSA or BGS are likely to break the $100 mark. Top cards can reach four figures.

While both are strong, 1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A has more star power. The 36-card checklist includes Hogan, Ric Flair, Andre the Giant and Terry Funk, to name just a few. Jesse Ventura, Ricky Steamboat, Sergeant Slaughter and Bobby Heenan are among the big names in Series B.

The cards have a very basic design. The wrestler's image is placed inside a shield-like shape. Surrounding the image is a matching white frame that has a "Wrestling All Stars" headline at the top and the wrestler's name along the bottom. The outer borders come in several colors, including yellow, blue, orange and purple. The blue backs are very clean, focusing on bios.

1982 Wrestling All Stars is a benchmark set for wrestling cards. Although there were several sets released before, none were readily available that focused on so many modern stars. The first licensed WWF set was still three years away at that point. Combine that with the somewhat obscure availability and you've got the makings of a mat classic.

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1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A and B Checklist

72 cards. 36 in each series.

Series A
1 Andre the Giant
2 Hulk Hogan
3 Mil Mascaras
4 Ted DiBiase
5 Junk Yard Dog
6 Dusty Rhodes
7 Jack Brisco
8 Harley Race
9 Dory Funk Jr.
10 Terry Funk
11 Nick Bockwinkel
12 Bob Backlund
13 Bruno Sammartino
14 Pedro Morales
15 Don Muraco
16 Bill Dundee
17 Steve Olsonoski
18 Tommy Rich
19 Angelo Mosca
20 Bruiser Brody
21 The Fabulous Moolah
22 Wahoo McDaniel
23 Billy Robinson
24 Ivan Koloff
25 Tony Atlas
26 Pat Patterson
27 Ric Flair
28 Ivan Putski
29 Dick Murdoch
30 The Crusher
31 Ken Patera
32 Ernie Ladd
33 Dick the Bruiser
34 Jerry Lawler
35 Cowboy Bill Watts
36 The Destroyer
Series B
1 Rick Martel
2 Tony Garea
3 Bob Roop
4 Greg Gagne
5 Jim Brunzell
6 Jay Strongbow
7 Kerry Von Erich
8 S.D. Jones
9 Brad Rheingans
10 Killer Kahn
11 Ricky Steamboat
12 Paul Orndorff
13 Tito Santana
14 Sergeant Slaughter
15 Verne Gagne
16 Bobby Heenan
17 Jerry Blackwell
18 Les Thornton
19 Adrian Adonis
20 Jesse Ventura
21 Buck Zum Hofe
22 Jimmy Valiant
23 Steve Keirn
24 Ray Stevens
25 The Iron Shiek
26 Mr. Wrestling II
27 Col. Buck Robley
28 Bobby Duncum
29 Mike George
30 Dino Bravo
31 Baron Von Raschke
32 Bobo Brazil
33 Greg Valentine
34 Joyce Grable
35 Sweet Brown Sugar
36 Dutch Mantell
1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A and B Trading Cards 3

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