1982 Topps Football Cards

1982 Topps Football Cards


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In 1982, Topps secured permission with NFL properties to use its licensed material on its cards. As a result, they were able to include helmet and team logos for the first time since 1969. The era of the airbrush was mercifully over for football collectors. In celebration, the company played a helmet on the front of every one of its base cards.

In a way, the 1982 Topps football design appears to be little more than an update of what was offered in '81. It had a banner, as well as a solid-colored line around the picture that led to a Topps logo in the upper right hand corner. The biggest difference, however, was the helmet in the lower left that identified the player's team. The team name was given beneath the helmet. To the right is a solid-colored banner that contains the player's name and position. Backs feature a helmet graphic which contains the card number, along with a box naming the player. A blue pennant-shaped box identifies his position. The middle of the card features year-by-year statistics for most players, along with a written biography. A strip at the bottom contains vital stats for the player. Over to the right is a box set against the vertical axis that gives a team record from the past.

All-Pro players are given a white strip at the top of their base cards. There are also In Action cards for many players, which are numbered right after their base cards. For the first time since 1967, cards are arranged so all the teams' players appear together in the set, with teams being ordered alphabetically by city name and players alphabetically by last name. The first card in each team set features the leaders in offensive and defensive categories from the previous year. This time, however, there is no checklist on the back; instead, a review of the team's games from 1981 is given. There are four checklist cards that appear at the very end of the set, as cards #525-528.

The 1981 season gets a review in the subsets, with cards #256-262 showing the top performers in several offensive categories by conference. Cards #1-6 feature individual record setters, while cards #7-9 recap the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. One new subset appears from cards #263-270 featuring brothers who both play in the NFL.

Key rookies include Lawrence Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Anthony Munoz, Cris Collinsworth, Freeman McNeil, James Brooks and Drew Hill.

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