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1981-82 Topps Hockey Cards

1981-82 Topps Hockey Cards

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For 1981-82 Topps Hockey, the company broke its hockey set into two regions. Designating certain cards as either East or West, they were distributed in two separate types. Each set had 132 cards, but shared the first 66. As a result, those cards are called National cards and are, essentially, double-printed. In all, there are 198 cards in the set. At the time, collectors were forced to trade or consult dealers to find them all.

The set also marked the first appearance of the Topps logo as part of the card's design. The logo is in the upper left corner on the front, as part of the solid-colored border around the photo that makes up most of the card. The player's team name is superimposed in block letters over the photo. The team logo appears in the lower right corner, with the player's name and position filling out the bottom area. The backs are vertically oriented and broken down into boxed sections. The top box features the card number inside a puck graphic, along with the player's name, team and position. Vital stats appear in the next box, and then the player's year-by-year statistics and a short biography. A note at the bottom gives a highlight of the player's career.

The first 66 cards feature the better-known players. The first 45 cards feature all the players in alphabetical order, with cards 46 through 66 featuring each team's scoring leader. The regional sets are both largely broken down by team, with several Super Action cards for certain players at the end of each set.

Despite being designed for regional distribution, it is impossible to know which region is represented in an unopened case without actually ripping open a wax pack.

Several rookies are featured in the set, including Jari Kurri, Darryl Sutter, Dave Babych, Don Beaupre, Dino Ciccarelli, Steve Kasper, Larry Murphy, Denis Savard and Peter Stastny.

Key 1981-82 Topps Hockey Cards:

1981-82 Topps Hockey Cards 1

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Set Checklist

1981-82 Topps Hockey Cards Set Checklist

Because of regional distribution, there are two distinct sets, East and West. Both have the same 66 cards to start the set. Each then has differing checklists for the next 66 cards. A regional set has 132 cards. A complete set has 198 cards.

1 Dave Babych RC
2 Bill Barber
3 Barry Beck
4 Mike Bossy
5 Ray Bourque
6 Guy Chouinard
7 Dave Christian
8 Bill Derlago
9 Marcel Dionne
10 Brian Engblom
11 Tony Esposito
12 Bernie Federko
13 Bob Gainey
14 Danny Gare
15 Thomas Gradin
16 Wayne Gretzky
17 Rick Kehoe
18 Jari Kurri RC
19 Guy Lafleur
20 Mike Liut
21 Dale McCourt
22 Rick Middleton
23 Mark Napier
24 Kent Nilsson
25 Wilf Paiement
26 Willi Plett
27 Denis Potvin
28 Paul Reinhart
29 Jacques Richard
30 Pat Riggin RC
31 Larry Robinson
32 Mike Rogers
33 Borje Salming
34 Steve Shutt
35 Charlie Simmer
36 Darryl Sittler
37 Bobby Smith
38 Stan Smyl
39 Peter Stastny RC
40 Dave Taylor
41 Bryan Trottier
42 Ian Turnbull
43 Eric Vail
44 Rick Vaive
45 Behn Wilson
46 Rick Middleton Bruins Scoring Leader
47 Danny Gare Sabres Scoring Leader
48 Kent Nilsson Flames Scoring Leader
49 Tom Lysiak Blackhawks Scoring Leader
50 Lanny McDonald Rockies Scoring Leader
51 Dale McCourt Red Wings Scoring Leader
52 Wayne Gretzky Oilers Scoring Leader
53 Mike Rogers Whalers Scoring Leader
54 Marcel Dionne Kings Scoring Leader
55 Bobby Smith North Stars Scoring Leader
56 Steve Shutt Canadiens Scoring Leader
57 Mike Bossy Islanders Scoring Leader
58 Anders Hedberg Rangers Scoring Leader
59 Bill Barber Flyers Scoring Leader
60 Rick Kehoe Penguins Scoring Leader
61 Peter Stastny Nordiques Scoring Leader
62 Bernie Federko Blues Scoring Leader
63 Wilf Paiement Maple Leafs Scoring Leader
64 Thomas Gradin Canucks Scoring Leader
65 Dennis Maruk Capitals Scoring Leader
66 Dave Christian Jets Scoring Leader

67 Dwight Foster
68 Steve Kasper RC
69 Peter McNab
70 Mike O'Connell
71 Terry O'Reilly
72 Brad Park
73 Dick Redmond
74 Rogatien Vachon
75 Don Edwards
76 Tony McKegney
77 Bob Sauve
78 Andre Savard
79 Derek Smith
80 John Van Boxmeer
81 Pat Boutette
82 Mark Howe
83 Dave Keon
84 Warren Miller RC
85 Al Sims
86 Blaine Stoughton
87 Bob Bourne
88 Clark Gillies
89 Robert "Butch" Goring
90 Anders Kallur

91 Ken Morrow
92 Stefan Persson
93 Billy Smith
94 Mike Allison RC
95 John Davidson
96 Ron Duguay
97 Ron Greschner
98 Anders Hedberg
99 Ed Johnstone
100 Dave Maloney
101 Don Maloney
102 Ulf Nilsson
103 Bobby Clarke
104 Bob Dailey
105 Paul Holmgren
106 Reggie Leach
107 Ken Linseman
108 Rick MacLeish
109 Pete Peeters
110 Brian Propp
111 Checklist
112 Randy Carlyle
113 Paul Gardner
114 Peter Lee
115 Greg Millen
116 Rod Schutt
117 Mike Gartner
118 Rick Green
119 Bob Kelly
120 Dennis Maruk
121 Mike Palmateer
122 Ryan Walter
123 Bill Barber SuperAction
124 Barry Beck SuperAction
125 Mike Bossy SuperAction
126 Ray Bourque SuperAction
127 Danny Gare SuperAction
128 Rick Kehoe SuperAction
129 Rick Middleton SuperAction
130 Denis Potvin SuperAction
131 Mike Rogers SuperAction
132 Bryan Trottier SuperAction

67 Keith Brown
68 Ted Bulley
69 Tim Higgins RC
70 Reg Kerr
71 Tom Lysiak
72 Grant Mulvey
73 Bob Murray
74 Terry Ruskowski
75 Denis Savard RC
76 Glen Sharpley
77 Darryl Sutter RC
78 Doug Wilson
79 Lucien DeBlois
80 Paul Gagne RC
81 Merlin Malinowski RC
82 Lanny McDonald
83 Joel Quenneville
84 Rob Ramage
85 Glenn "Chico" Resch
86 Steve Tambellini
87 Mike Foligno
88 Gilles Gilbert
89 Willie Huber
90 Mark Kirton RC
91 Jim Korn RC
92 Reed Larson
93 Gary McAdam
94 Vaclav Nedomansky
95 John Ogrodnick
96 Billy Harris
97 Jerry Korab
98 Mario Lessard
99 Don Luce
100 Larry Murphy RC
101 Mike Murphy
102 Kent-Erik Andersson
103 Don Beaupre RC
104 Steve Christoff
105 Dino Ciccarelli RC
106 Craig Hartsburg
107 Al MacAdam
108 Tom McCarthy
109 Gilles Meloche
110 Steve Payne
111 Gordie Roberts
112 Greg Smith
113 Tim Young
114 Wayne Babych
115 Blair Chapman
116 Tony Currie
117 Blake Dunlop
118 Ed Kea
119 Rick Lapointe
120 Checklist
121 Jorgen Pettersson RC
122 Brian Sutter
123 Perry Turnbull
124 Mike Zuke
125 Marcel Dionne SuperAction
126 Tony Esposito SuperAction
127 Bernie Federko SuperAction
128 Mike Liut SuperAction
129 Dale McCourt SuperAction
130 Charlie Simmer SuperAction
131 Bobby Smith SuperAction
132 Dave Taylor SuperAction

1981-82 Topps Hockey Cards 23

1981-82 Topps Hockey Cards 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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The regional distribution and double printing on many of these cards was a really stupid idea that Topps came up with but for collectors today it means that you can load up on vintage cards from all time great players including many Hall of fame rookie cards for almost nothing. The OPC set holds significantly more value as they didn’t do the stupid regional distribution nor did they double print many of the cards but for budget or younger collectors the Topps set is the way to go.

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