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1980 Topps Weird Wheels Trading Cards

1980 Topps Weird Wheels Trading Cards

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What do you get when you mash up Hot Wheels, monsters and detailed artwork? 1980 Topps Weird Wheels. Featuring a checklist of colorful creations, the sticker set blends Kustom Kulture with matinee horror. It's not a super valuable set but it is a ton of fun.

The 1980 Topps Weird Wheels checklist is a relatively small 55 cards. The design is all about the artwork. Cards are otherwise white save for a couple lines of small print. Illustrations cover almost all of the front anyway with the name of the vehicle artistically integrated into the design.

1980 Topps Weird Wheels Trading Cards 1 1980 Topps Weird Wheels Trading Cards 2

The cards themselves have monsters and other creatures driving a customized car, truck or bike. They're over-the-top and bring the likes of Rat Fink to mind. This isn't the first time such cards were made. Donruss did something very similar a full decade earlier with its Odd Rods line that spanned multiple series.

1980 Topps Weird Wheels features some of the final card work done by the legendary Norm Saunders as well as Gary Hallgren. There is some dispute as to how much Saunders, whose other Topps work includes Mars Attacks and Civil War News, contributed. It may have paintings or it might have been touch-up work.

As cool as the cards look, they came out at a time when the Kustom Kulture was well past its peak. The set flopped and it's still readily available at reasonable prices today. Even professionally graded cards at the top end of the scale are cheap.

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1980 Topps Weird Wheels Checklist

55 cards.

#7 can be found with and without copyright info.

1 Hunchback of Notre Drag
2 Hot Rabbit
3 Loco-Motive
4 Putrid Porsche
5 Slab Cab
6 Samurai Subaru
7 Voo Doo Vette
8 Doom Buggy
9 Bone Dragger
10 Dynosaur
11 Stingray
12 Bad Brat
13 Drag-On!
14 Mob Mobile
15 Killer Bee
16 Pony Car
17 Vampire Van
18 Fast Frank
19 Crash Cobra
20 Ragin' Robot
21 Octo Rod
22 Witch's Wheels
23 Hearse of Horror
24 Creep in a Jeep
25 Meat Wagon!
26 Old Old Olds
27 Blackhound
28 Motorat
29 Big Swarm
30 Zom B. Zee R.I.P.
31 Swamp Buggy
32 U.F.O.
33 Screamin Demon
34 Flying Dutchman
35 Hun on a Honda
36 Motor Mummy
37 Rolls Roach
38 Teacher's Screecher
39 Big Bad Bug
40 Killdozer
41 Psychops Cycle
42 The Blobb
43 Punk Junk
44 Black Hawk
45 Howlin' Wolf
46 Greasemobile!
47 Hot Shoe
48 Chopped Hog
49 Model T'nT
50 Psycho Cycle
51 Space Stude
52 Bad Humor Truck
53 Spyder
54 Boo-Ick
55 Konk Kar
1980 Topps Weird Wheels Trading Cards 24
1980 Topps Weird Wheels Trading Cards 25

1980 Topps Weird Wheels Trading Cards 3Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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