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1980 Donruss Dukes of Hazzard Trading Cards

1980 Donruss Dukes of Hazzard Trading Cards

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1980 Donruss Dukes of Hazzard trading cards is the first of three sets released by the card maker.

It's a simple set that doesn't offer much beyond images. Cards fronts are very basic. Blue borders surround an image that's either from the show or, more likely, a promo shot taken on set. Most pictures are posed portraits. Factor in the fact that a lot of the shots are very similar with only a slight move (the case with a lot of the cards centered on the General Lee) or different cropping. It shouldn't be surprising that Daisy gets just as much attention as her cousins, Bo and Luke Duke. A number and the Dukes of Hazzard logo are the only other notable features on the card fronts.

1980 Donruss Dukes of Hazzard Trading Cards 1 1980 Donruss Dukes of Hazzard Trading Cards 2

Backs piece together to form one massive puzzle.

The 1980 Donruss Dukes of Hazzard set has a total of 66 cards.

Wax packs are blue with illustrations of Bo, Luke, Daisy and the General Lee.

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1980 Donruss Dukes of Hazzard Checklist

66 cards. Blue borders. Shop for complete sets on eBay.

1980 Donruss Dukes of Hazzard Trading Cards 3

1 General Lee - Junk Yard
2 Beau - Holding Cards
3 Daisy - Yellow Background
4 Beau, Luke - In Front of Trees
5 ???, Beau, Daisy, Luke - Daisy on Dirt Bike
6 Beau - Playing Guitar
7 Daisy, Luke - In Front of Building
8 Cleetus - A-OK
9 Beau, Daisy, Luke - Daisy Holding Guitar
10 General Lee - In Front of Wrecked Cards
11 General Lee - In Front of Barn
12 Exploding Cards
13 Luke, Beau - Leaning on General Lee’s Roof
14 Luke - On Horse
15 Beau, Daisy, Cooter, Luke, Boss Hogg, Officer
16 Beau, Cooter, Luke - Cooter Leaning Out Window
17 General Lee - Jumping Over Police Car
18 Luke, Daisy - At Gas Pump
19 Luke - Portrait in Front of Blue Background
20 Beau, Daisy, Luke - Boys in Cowboy Hats
21 Beau - Portrait, Wood Beam in Background
22 Luke, Uncle Jesse, Daisy, Beau
23 Daisy - Leaning Against Cannon
24 General Lee - In Front of Wrecked Cars
25 Daisy - Sitting on Bar
26 Luke, Daisy, Beau - Blue Background
27 Daisy - In Front of Barn
28 General Lee - Jumping, Dust Cloud Behind
29 Rosco - In Convertible
30 Luke - Climbing Out of General Lee
31 Flash
32 Beau - Leaning on Post
33 Cooter, Boss Hogg, Beau, Luke, Daisy
34 Daisy - Hand on General Lee
35 Cooter, Flash
36 Cooter, Boss Hogg - Jumping Down Steps
37 Boss Hogg - Standing at Platform
38 Luke, Cleetus, Beau - Cleetus Against Post
39 Boss Hogg - Blue Background
40 Luke, Beau - Leaning Against General Lee
41 Daisy - With Horse
42 Cooter - Holding Hat
43 Luke, Beau - Standing in Front of Court House
44 Cooter, Daisy
45 Daisy - Close-Up Portrait
46 Daisy - White Shirt with Hearts
47 Flash, Cooter - Playing Checker
48 Daisy, Luke - In Front of West/East Sign (Horizontal)
49 Cooter - Clenching Hat, Jumping
50 Daisy, Luke - In Front of West/East Sign (Vertical)
51 Motorcycle Jumping Through Hoop
52 Luke, Beau
53 General Lee Jumping Over Junk Cars
54 Boss Hogg - Pointing
55 Daisy, Luke
56 General Lee - Landing in Front of Junk Card
57 Beau - Shirtless in Chair
58 Upside Car, Fire
59 Daisy, Luke, Beau - Daisy on General Lee Roof
60 Boss Hogg - Arms Up at Platform
61 Daisy - White Shirt with Heart
62 General Lee Jumping
63 Uncle Jesse
64 Police Car Jumping
65 Daisy - Blue Shirt
66 Flash, Cooter - Playing Checkers

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I have a dukes of hazard record player #124 and scrapbook wonder the value

Lynne M Martin
Lynne M Martin

I have an orange duke of hazard toy guitar. Was wondering what the value of it is.


I have two Dukes trading cards. #10 and #23, both in good condition. Any interest in these?

Richard lindsey
Richard lindsey

I have a daisey duke card 34 that has the 01 missing on the side of car any idea of a value for this card
and the rarity of it

Linda TUcker
Linda TUcker

I have 45 packs of bubblegum Dukes of Hazzard cards in good condition, and the box with is in OK condition.. Any interest?

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