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1979 Topps Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trading Cards

1979 Topps Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trading Cards

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1979 Topps Star Trek: The Motion Picture trading cards capture the franchise's first big screen adventure with a set that's filled with classic characters and a whole bunch of strange aliens that would give any frat house Halloween party a run for its money.

The product has a total of 88 cards and 22 stickers. The base set is a mix of shots from the film as well as publicity stills. The Bridge Crew, back and looking a little bit older than when they were last seen on the show a decade earlier, make up a good chunk of the checklist. However, there are also sizable chunks dedicated to near characters and spaceships. It's these posed cards that give the set a lot of its flavor.

Card fronts take a bit of a different approach over other sets from the era. Borders are white. Images have a solid-colored frame with an icon of the U.S.S. Enterprise soaring along the bottom. Rather than a large caption along the bottom, which is traditional with a lot of set, it's done with much smaller font along the top corner of the frame.

Backs are a mix of puzzle pieces and write-ups. Text features actor bios, story summaries, character descriptions and quotes.

Every pack of 1979 Topps Star Trek: The Motion Picture has one sticker. These have two different designs, both of which are done with purple borders. The first is a very tradition Topps sticker look. Character portraits are die-cut and given a thick outline. The second design sets the image inside a shape that looks like an overhead look of the Enterprise.

Even today, there's no shortage of supply for 1979 Topps Star Trek: The Motion Picture trading cards. Boxes, packs and full sets are all readily available. As a result, prices have been kept in check, especially considering their age.

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1979 Topps Star Trek: The Motion Picture Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1979 Topps Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trading Cards 22

1 Title Card
2 Toward the unknown
3 Space Intruders
4 Fate of the Klingons
5 Warning from space
6 "Our Starcrafts…Annihilated!"
7 Enterprise In drydock
8 Rebuilding the Enterprise
9 Filming 'Drydock' Sequence
10 James T.Kirk
11 Captain Kirk's Mission
12 Dr. 'Bones' McCoy
13 Executive Officer Decker
14 Navigator Llia
15 Uhura
16 Helmsman Sulu
17 Engineer Scott
18 Security Chief Checkov
19 Dr. Christine Chapel
20 Janice Rand
21 The Vulcan Mr. Spock
22 Spock on Planet Vulcan
23 The UFP Assembled
24 Being from Beyond
25 The Face of Terror
26 Lizard Like Diplomat
27 Not of this Earth
28 Alien Insectoid
29 The Unearthly
30 The Andorians
31 Advanced Life Form
32 Bete's Attendant
33 Andorian Close-up
34 The U.S.S. Enterprise
35 Back In Operation
36 Refurbished Starship
37 Enterprise - Rear View
38 Return to the Bridge
39 The Senior Officers
40 View from the Bridge
41 Scotty's Domain
42 Fantastic New Devices
43 The Engineering Deck
44 Investigating a Malfunction
45 Heart of the Starship
46 Incredible Explosion!
47 Starship Under Attack!
48 Assault on Checkov!
49 Half Human
50 Spock's Fight for Like
51 Into the Nameless Void
52 Terror in the Transporter Room
53 The Surak Craft
54 Transporter Malfunction
55 Zero Gravity Adventure
56 Symbol of Her People
57 Exotically Beautiful Llia
58 Spock's Discovery
59 The Phaser Battle!
60 Llian In Sick Bay
61 Stamina of the Alien
62 Fliming the Shuttlecraft
63 Star Explorer
64 Alien Menace
65 Star Challengers
66 "Beam Me Down Scotty"
67 The Landing Party
68 Portrait of a Vulcan
69 Beyond Infinity
70 The Encounter
71 Its Secret Revealed
72 On Spock's Native World
73 Spectacular Starship
74 Welcoming Dr. McCoy Aboard
75 Kirk's Last Stand
76 Landscape of Vulcan
77 Klingon Warship - Rear View
78 The Final Frontiersmen
79 Klingon Warship
80 Vulcan Starship - Overhead View
81 Pride of the Starfleet
82 Duo for Danger
83 The Unearthly Mr. Spock
84 Woman from Planet Delta
85 New Starfleet Uniforms
86 Men With a Mission
87 The Deltan Beauty
88 Klingon Commander

Stickers Checklist

22 cards. Inserted 1 per pack.

1 Engineer Scott
2 Janice Rand
3 The Vulcan Mr. Spock
4 Security Chief Checkov
5 Lt. llia
6 Helmsman Sulu
7 James T. Kirk
8 Dr. Chrsitine Chapel
9 Mr. Spock
10 Dr. 'Bones' McCoy
11 Lt. Uhura
12 Probe. Llia
13 The Face of Terror
14 Being from Beyond
15 Advanced Life Form
16 Executive Officer Decker
17 Betel's Attendant
18 Lizard-Like Diplomat
19 The Enterprise
20 Klingon Warship
21 Vulcan Starship
22 The Enterprise
1979 Topps Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trading Cards 23

1979 Topps Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trading Cards 1Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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Hi.. I have the entire collection of skybox star trek trading cards and some 1979 motion pictures sticker cards also the comic books I have everything from 79 to 2000 all mint condition and plastic where would I be able to see then or are they even have value to them. They ate in mint like new condition.

Greg Scher
Greg Scher

I have 12 unopened packs of the 79 topps Star Trek cards I got looking for basketball cards. They came in the fun pack with Empire Strikes Back cards (I have 7 packs). How would I sell them? Should I open them or put them up unopened?

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