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1979 Topps Moonraker Trading Cards

1979 Topps Moonraker Trading Cards

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Moonraker might not be the most critically lauded James Bond film, but it certainly had its share of commercial tie-ins. This includes the first mainstream set of trading cards since Roger Moore took over the reigns of the lead role. 1979 Topps Moonraker trading cards showcase the film with 99 cards and 22 stickers.

The base set stands out with bold blue borders. An inner yellow frame holds in an action shot. Understandably, most center on James Bond, however villains like Drax, Jaws and Chang all appear as well. At the bottom, the frame curves up to create a space for the card's caption. Backs are blue. Features include an illustration of James Bond in his space suit and a rocket. A short write-up is in a yellow box.

1979 Topps Moonraker Trading Cards 1

Stickers are die-cut like other similar inserts from the era. The first five are strictly character portraits. The remaining 17 have the Moonraker title added to go with an action shot from the film. Stickers, which fall one per pack, have blank backs.

1979 Topps Moonraker remains readily available. Singles, packs and full boxes are all somewhat common and affordable. The set was included in 2013 Topps 75th, a historical look at the company's entertainment releases. Besides a card in the base set, Roger Moore (James Bond) and Richard Kiel (Jaws) both have autographs.

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1979 Topps Moonraker Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1979 Topps Moonraker Trading Cards 23

1 Agent 007
2 Relaxation, Bond-Style!
3 Trapped By Deadly Spies!
4 A Tight Spot for Bond!
5 Thrown from the Plane!
6 Plummeting to Earth!
7 Rescued By Parachute!
8 Jaws Vows Revenge!
9 Reporting to "M"
10 Miss Moneypenny
11 Q's Newest Weapons
12 Enter Drax
13 Fantastic Estate of Drax
14 A Collection of Perfection!
15 The Adversaries Meet
16 Holly ... Friend or Foe?
17 Deadly Device
18 The Secret Plans
19 Murder in the Canal!
20 Killed By a Living Corpse!
21 Fantastic Chase!
22 Evil Assassin Chang
23 Kill Bond!
24 Hired to Kill!
25 The Clock Tower Struggle!
26 The Savage One
27 In Death's Grip!
28 Chang Falls to His Doom!
29 Scientist's Lair
30 The Deadly Fumes!
31 Vials of Destruction!
32 The Lab ... Deserted!
33 The Spies Compare Notes!
34 The Man Called "Jaws"
35 Teeth of Steel!
36 Snapping the Cable!
37 Cable Car Peril!
38 Duo for Danger!
39 Holly -- Captured By Drax!
40 Bond Undercover!
41 Conferring with "M"
42 Testing New Weapons!
43 Director of "Q" Branch
44 The Menacing Monk!
45 Jaws in Hot Pursuit!
46 A Daring Escape!
47 Bond Glides to Safety!
48 Mysterious Hideout!
49 Beckoned By Beauty!
50 Beautiful But Deadly!
51 The Doom Bridge
52 Icy Waters Below!
53 Bone Crushing Anaconda!
54 Fished Out By Jaws!
55 Less-than-Tender Clutches!
56 Escorted by Jaws
57 Don't Be Foolish, Mr. Bond!
58 Inside the Great Pyramid
59 Drax's "New People"
60 Launch All Moonrakers!
61 Bond and Holly On the Run!
62 Commanding Moonraker 6!
63 The Ships Blast Off!
64 Speeding toward Space!
65 Drax Aboard Moonraker 5
66 Journey Across the Heavens
67 The Incredible Space Station!
68 Docking of the Moonrakers
69 The Drax Empire
70 Peering Through the Telescope
71 Mind-Boggling Complex!
72 A World in Space!
73 Bond and Holly Arrive
74 Inside the Space Station
75 The People of Tomorrow
76 The Command Chair
77 Spotted By Jaws!
78 Apprehended!
79 The Master Speaks
80 Crazed Genius!
81 Flowers of Death!
82 Hello, Dolly!
83 The Oddest Couple!
84 End of the World!
85 The Craft's Rotation -- Stopped!
86 Flying Helplessly through Space!
87 Bond Swings into Action!
88 Arrival of the Earth Forces!
89 Drax's Dream...Up in Smoke!
90 Powerful Karate Chop!
91 Holly Blasts the Enemy!
92 Victorious Astro-Fighters!
93 Jaws Saves the Day!
94 Desperate Mission!
95 The Weightless Peril!
96 Destroying the Deadly Globes!
97 Lasers Find Their Mark!
98 The Moonraker in Flight
99 Death of a Mad Dream!

Sticker Checklist

22 cards. Inserted 1 per pack.
1979 Topps Moonraker Trading Cards 24

1 James Bond - Pointing Gun
2 James Bond - Smiling
3 Corinne Dufour
4 James Bond - Portrait
5 James Bond - Hands in Jacket Pockets
6 James Bond - In Gondola
7 Jaws - Hands Out
8 James Bond - Standing with Gun
9 Chang
10 Jaws
12 James Bond, Jaws
13 James Bond, Corinne Dufour
14 James Bond - Parachuting
15 Floating Henchmen
16 Hugo Drax, Henchmen
17 Holly Goodhead, James Bond - Space Suits
18 Space Station
19 James Bond - at Control Panel
20 Space Station
21 Hugo Drax
22 James Bond, Jaws

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Albert Gomes
Albert Gomes

My question is…was there a difference at all between the Topps ’79 Moonraker stickers vs. the O-Pee-Chee Stickers?

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