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1979 Topps Buck Rogers Trading Cards

1979 Topps Buck Rogers Trading Cards

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Arriving in the hangover of the original Star Wars, hopes were high for TV's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Similar to the original Battlestar Galactica, things didn't quite work out that way. But with hype often comes a merchandising blitz. That means that we have 1979 Topps Buck Rogers trading cards to remember the show by.

The base set has 88 cards, a fairly standard number at the time. Cards showcase many of the wild creatures, disco-infused wardrobe and dated effects. Borders are bright red with a white lightning pattern going around the outside. Each of the four corners has a head shot of Buck, Wilma, Twiki and Princess Ardala.

Card backs are green with an illustration of the heroic trio. The caption from the front is repeated at the top inside of an explosion with a short writeup beneath it. Like a lot of Topps sets from the 1970s, collectors are instructed to follow the set onto the next card.

1979 Topps Buck Rogers Trading Cards 1 1979 Topps Buck Rogers Trading Cards 2

Keeping in line with the company's entertainment releases of the era, each pack of 1979 Topps Buck Rogers also has one sticker. Twenty-two make up the set. These have a blue outer border and a red frame around the image. There are also a couple of lightning bolts. Sticker backs double as puzzle pieces.

Like BSG, time and nostalgia have been relatively kind to Buck Rogers. As a result, the cards still have an audience today. They're fairly easy to find, which keeps prices in check. But the colors, aliens and throwback to a strange era of Science Fiction television make for a fun and memorable release -- at least to those who choose not to forget about the show they're based on.

1979 Topps Buck Rogers came out long before autographs were a thing, at least in packs of trading cards. While they're not officially licensed as show merchandise, both of the lead stars, Gil Gerard and Erin Gray, do have autographs as part of Leaf's Pop Century line.

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1979 Topps Buck Rogers Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1979 Topps Buck Rogers Trading Cards 3

1 Title Card
2 Suspended in Time
3 Capt. Buck Rogers
4 The Lost Space Shuttle
5 Frozen Alive
6 Draconian Fortress
7 The Interrogators
8 A Delirious Spaceman!
9 The Man Called Kane
10 Destination: Earth
11 Toward the Inner City
12 The Landing Bay
13 Wilma's Chilly Reception
14 Remove This Barbarian!
15 The Brilliant Dr. Huer
16 (Gulp) The 25th Century?
17 Dr. Theopolis
18 Culture Shock for Buck
19 Twiki's Tonic
20 The World of Tomorrow
21 A New Beginning
22 Remains of Yesteryear
23 The Mutant Peril
24 Fate of Buck's Family
25 Surrounded!
26 Bizarre Rescuer
27 The Monsters Repelled
28 Run for Cover!
29 Wilma to the Rescue!
30 Thanks Alot, Colonel
31 Bitten By the Love Bug
32 City of the Future
33 Buck...A Traitor?
34 Observing the Trial
35 The Computer Council
36 Buck's Plan
37 The Enemies Meet
38 Visions of Ardala
39 I Believe You Know Capt. Rogers
40 The Ace of Space
41 Look Out World -- Lucky Buck is Back!
42 The Combat Computer
43 Heavy Losses for Wilma!
44 Get Off the Air, Buck!
45 Outrunning the Enemy
46 Sorry About That, Guys!
47 Zapping the Space Pirates
48 Hey Wilma -- How'm I Doing?
49 Party for a Princess
50 The Party Girl Herself!
51 Dressed in Style
52 Hey...You Guys Know Any Rock?
53 C'mon, Princess...Let's Boogie!
54 The Princess Gets Down!
55 He Makes Me Soooo Mad!
56 Buck Makes a Late Date
57 Twiki Catches Disco Fever!
58 The Princess' Ploy
59 We Shall Take Them By Surprise
60 Disguised as a Space Pirate!
61 Sabotage!
62 Landing Bay in Flames
63 Day of Destruction
64 Wilma Gets the Message!
65 Here Come the Earth Forces!
66 The Starfighter
67 Zeroing In!
68 The Draconian Armada
69 Wilma In Command!
70 Zap! Blam! Pa-Towww!
71 Death Throes of the Fortress
72 Battle with Tigerman
73 Dogfight in Space!
74 Hunter and the Hunted
75 Battle Skills of Col. Deering
76 Target on Computer
77 Caught in Laser Light!
78 Ardala's Defeat
79 The Battle Rages
80 Futuristic Warships
81 Explosion in Space
82 Last-Minute Rescue!
83 Off To new Adventures!
84 Gil Gerard as Buck
85 Erin Gray as Wilma
86 Felix Silla as Twiki
87 Pamela Hensley as Princess
88 Henry Silva as Kane

Stickers Checklist

22 cards. Inserted 1 per pack.
1979 Topps Buck Rogers Trading Cards 4

1 Buck, Wilma, Twiki
2 Buck's Space Shuttle
3 Buck and Wilma
4 Wilma Deering
5 Buck, Wilma
6 Dr. Theopolis
7 Wilma in Cockpit
8 Tigerman
9 Buck's Space Shuttle
10 Starfighter Spacecraft
11 Dr. Huer
12 Twiki Dances
13 Buck Smiling
14 Princess Ardala
15 Buck
16 Draconian Fortress
17 Pirate Spaceship
18 Kane and Space Pirate
19 Kane
20 Buck's Space Shuttle
21 Twiki
22 Buck as Space Pirate

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