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1978 Topps Superman the Movie Trading Cards

1978 Topps Superman the Movie Trading Cards

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1978 Topps Superman the Movie remains somewhat overlooked today, perhaps because collectors are more likely to be looking for Star Wars cards from the same era.

When it comes to superhero blockbusters, the original Superman starring Christopher Reeve should take a lot of the credit for launching the genre. The film also spawned one of the nicer trading card sets of the era.

1978 Topps Superman the Movie Set Details

Released in two series, 1978 Topps Superman the Movie also includes traditional stickers as well as foil stickers. The base set consists of 165 total cards. Series 1 has the first 77 while Series 2 clocks in at 88 cards. The set mixes shots from the film and publicity shots focused on showcasing the characters and actors. Besides numbers, the two series are easy to tell apart. 1978 Topps Superman the Movie Series 1 base cards have a white border.

1978 Topps Superman the Movie Trading Cards 2

Series 2 cards have a red border. Fronts are arranged both horizontally and vertically. Under the image is a caption and the card number.

1978 Topps Superman the Movie Trading Cards 3

Card backs are a mix of summaries and puzzle pieces. Written backs have the Superman the Movie header across the top with a large block of text underneath. The bottom of the card has a starry ribbon with the Superman shield in it. Text on Series 1 cards are in a red box with a blue ribbon along the bottom. It's a yellow box and green ribbon for Series 2 cards.

Every pack of 1978 Topps Superman the Movie comes with either a regular sticker or a foil sticker. Regular stickers carry the distinct Topps design from the era with a central die-cut image surrounded by thick borders. Series 1 stickers have a red border around the image and a blue outer border. These are reversed for Series 2. This is important because 1978 Topps Superman the Movie stickers don't have numbers, only captions.

Foil stickers are even tougher to sort as they don't have numbers or captions. Save for a couple that use the Superman logo, most foil stickers recycle images from the base set.

1978 Topps Superman the Movie sets and singles remain remarkably affordable today. Supply is also fairly decent, especially given the age of the set. It may take a little hunting to find top-condition cards, though, as these were so widely collected when they first came out. Unopened packs and boxes still remain a solid option as well.


1978 Topps Superman the Movie Checklist



Base Set Checklist

Series 1 cards have white borders. Series 2 has red borders.
1978 Topps Superman the Movie Trading Cards 4

Series 1
1 Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel
2 Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent
3 Margot Kidder as Lois Lane
4 Zooming Across The Sky
5 Valerie Perrine as Eve
6 Ned Beatty as Otis
7 Jackie Cooper as Perry White
8 Editor and Staff of the Daily Planet
9 Susannah York as Lara
10 Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen
11 Glenn Ford as Jonathan Kent
12 The Majestic Planet Krypton
13 Incredible Laboratory of Jor-El
14 Lois Lane In a Jam!
15 A Study in Villainy
16 Arch Criminals On Trial
17 Briefing Military Police of Krypton
18 A World Torn Asunder...!
19 The Spaceship Blasts Off!
20 Protector of the Peace
21 The Might of Superman
22 A Final Farewell from Lara
23 The Death Throes of Planet Krypton!
24 Clark Kent, Ace Reporter!
25 Destruction of a World in Space
26 Aerial Adventure!
27 Escape from Destruction
28 Journey Across the Gulf of Space!
29 Superbaby Arrives on Earth!
30 Observing Landing of a Spaceship
31 Adopting a Space Child
32 Young Clark Kent (Jeff East) and His Foster Dad
33 The Passing of Jonathan Kent
34 The Youthful Lois Lane and Her Parents
35 Superman Makes the Headlines!
36 Paying a Call on Lois Lane
37 Night Flight
38 Flight Ov er Metropolis
39 Perils of The Big City!
40 The Man of Steel In Flight
41 Panic In the Sky!
42 Amazing Strength of the Star Child
43 Sole Survivor of Krypton
44 Preparing to Leap Skyward
45 Facing Incredible Odds!
46 Trial by Fire!
47 On the Trail of Lex Luthor
48 The Icy Peril
49 Ready for Action!
50 Heroic Stranger from the Stars
51 The Amazing Man of Steel
52 Interview with Superman
53 The Incredible Scoop of Lois Lane
54 Superman Leaps Into Action!
55 Superman to The Rescue!
56 A Daring Rescue!
57 Lois Lane Thanks Superman
58 Rescued by the Man of Steel!
59 Superman (Christopher Reeve)
60 Confronting the Arch-Criminal Lex Luthor
61 Portrait of a Hero
62 Protector of Truth and Justice
63 All-American Hero!
64 First Appearance In the Comics (1938)
65 Soaring Above The City
66 Landing of the Spaceship
67 Nefarious Plan of Lex Luthor
68 The Scheme to Destroy Superman
69 Marlon Brando as Jor-El
70 Jor-El and Lara...Their Final Moments!
71 The Projection of Jor-El
72 Doomsday On Krypton!
73 Life-Saving Spaceship of Jor-El
74 The Infant Son of Jor-El
75 Lex Luthor and Eve...Companions in Villainy!
76 Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor
77 Conversing with The Elders
Series 2
78 Rushing to the Rescue!
79 Phyllis Thaxter Plays Martha Kent
80 Sunset in Smallville
81 Fabulous Lair of Lex Luthor
82 The Villains Discuss Their Plan
83 Christopher Reeve plays Superman
84 A Razzled Lois Lane!
85 Inside the Fortress of Solitude
86 A Low Moment for Clark Kent!
87 Ace Bumbler Otis!
88 The Dynamic Duo of Villainy
89 Lovely Lois Lane (Margo Kidder)
90 Clinging to Life!
91 Clark Kent as a Young Man (Jeff East)
92 The Family of Jor-El on Krypton
93 Superman in a Pensive Mood
94 Sarah Douglas Plays Ursa
95 Eve's Part in the Lex Luthor Plan
96 Clark Kent of the Daily Planet
97 Director Richard Donner
98 Christopher Reeve Plays Clark Kent
99 Accident on the Road!
100 Ned Beatty Plays Otis
101 Saved by the Man of Steel!
102 Marc McClure Plays Jimmy Olsen
103 Face Of Anger
104 Farewell to Smallville
105 Glenn Ford plays Jonathan Kent
106 "And Who, Disguised as Clark Kent..."
107 Superman Visits the Fortress of Solitude
108 Maria Schell Plays Vond-Ah
109 Incredible Display of Strength!
110 Jack O'Halloran plays Non
111 Spotting the Man of Steel
112 Destruction of the Dam!
113 The Chamber of the Council of Elders
114 Fleeing the Destruction of Krypton!
115 Superman In Metropolis
116 The One-And-Only Lois Lane!
117 Jonathan Kent In Smallville
118 Repairing the Twisted Train Rails!
119 Terence Stamp plays General Zod
120 Mysterious Hunt for Lex Luthor
121 The World's Most Diabolical Villain
122 Lex Luthor Wants YOU!
123 Time for a Quick Change!
124 200 Feet Below Grand Central Station!
125 Cub Reporter Jimmy Olsen
126 Flight Around Metropolis
127 Condemned to the Phantom Zone
128 Eve Teschmacher: Dizzy, Devious and Delightful!
129 Our Hero In Civilian Clothes
130 Clark Kent Transforms Into Superman!
131 Jor-El in the Trial Chamber
132 Jackie Cooper Plays Perry White
133 The Incredible Scheme Begins
134 Eve and Her Mentor, Lex Luthor
135 John Barry, Master of Illusion
136 Amazing Hearing Powers of Superman
137 Ursa - Villainess Supreme
138 Might of the Man of Steel
139 Valerie Perrine plays Eve
140 Lovers from Different Worlds
141 Susannah York Plays Lara
142 Gene Hackman Plays Lex Luthor
143 Vond-Ah and Jor-El
144 Valerie Perrine, Featured as Eve
145 The Farm of Jonathan Kent in Smallville
146 The Stupendous Man of Steel
147 Young Clark Kent and the Mysterious Crystal
148 Superman Spots a Crime
149 Can This Be the End of Lois Lane?
150 Night Heist
151 Flying Over the Dam
152 The Movie Set for Krypton
153 A Cowardly Blow from Behind!
154 Mission for a Bumbler
155 Visitor from Another Planet
156 Lex Luthor: Madman or Brilliant Scientist?
157 Deceiving His Military Foes
158 Soaring to New Heights!
159 'Copter Atop the Daily Planet
160 Death of an Exotic World
161 "How Did You Know the Exact Contents of My Purse?"
162 Threatened By a Mugger!
163 On His Way to the Lair of Lex Luthor
164 The Objective of Lex Luthor
165 Saving a Power Plant!


Foil Stickers Checklist

16 cards.
1978 Topps Superman the Movie Trading Cards 5

Series 1
Arms Crossed
Fist Forward
Flying Forward
Flying Right
Hands on Hips
Superman Insignia
Series 2
Superman Symbol
Image from card 83 - Superman Fist Out
Image from card 93 - Superman Straight-Faced
Image from card 98 - Clark Kent Closeup
Image from card 107 - Fortress of Solitude
Image from card 109 - Superman on Railroad Track
Image from card 120 - Superman Standing Among Pipes
Image from card 138 - Flying with Fist Up
Image from card 158 - Flying by Statue of Liberty
Image from card 163 - Otis


Stickers Checklist

12 stickers.
1978 Topps Superman the Movie Trading Cards 6

Series 1
The Man of Steel
Portrait of Clark Kent
Portrait of Jimmy Olsen
Portrait of Lois Lane
Portrait of Lara
Portrait of Superman
Series 2
Evil Criminal Non
General Zod
Lovely Lois Lane
The Man of Steel
Young Clark Kent


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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

John M
John M

What are the astrick for on the cards and stickers?


Zooming across the sky 4 is a misprint, it is in fract a picture that goes with the title flying fist forward. The 1978 series has several errors but are not rare as they continue throughout the series and are not corrected

Kevin Phelps
Kevin Phelps

I just got series 1 of the 1978 Superman cards they are a very cool addition to my growing Superman collection, but now for to get series 2


Also worth mentioning the 77 card base set the additional 11 cards are all text backed. The double asterisks only appear on the extended 11, not found one with a single asterisk.


Several cards have different versions, 4 gene as lex, is the same as 76, but 4 then becomes zooming across the sky, 37 lex and eve becomes night flight which isn’t included in the has 66 card set, 40 nefarious plan becomes 67 and 40 becomes the man of steel in flight. 38 scheme to destroy becomes 68 and 38 becomes flight over metropolis. As for the card sets being either 66 or 76 this maybe( my theory) that so few Brando cards in the 66 set, but he was neay half the film budget and perhaps they wanted monies worth from his image, 7 of the extra cards feature Brando. The asterisks puzzle me also, perhaps this maybe due to print runs of the cards. Stickers also have one or two asterisks. Fun. Hope this does not muddy the waters for anyone.

Paul Clifford
Paul Clifford

Hi. Great to find this article. I’m just sorting through my 1978 Superman cards. Does anyone know why some of the numbers on the cards have one * asterisk after them, whilst another, identical card will have 2? For example the same card, but numbered 27* and 27**. Any ideas? Thanks!

ken morton
ken morton

Hi there,I believe these 4 cards were issued with the U.K.series of cards which differ from the U.S.series.
Also the U.K.series were only 66 cards,and this is stated on the wrapper.
Hope this helps.


Ah right, click the ‘Checklist’ tab… didn’t see that! So what’s up with these cards that I have that are misprinted? Worth anything? And what about card “65 – Destruction of Krypton” – I don’t even know how that card got printed, because according to the list it doesn’t even exist?


Hey, do you have a definitive list of the card numbers and names? From what I can find, I have 4 x cards that I think have the wrong numbers on it. Card 4 says “Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor”, card 37 says “Lex Luthor and Eve… Companions in Villany”, card 40 says “Nefarious Plan of Lex Luthor” and card 65 says “Destruction of Krypton”. Can’t find much on the net about the actual cards released.

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