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1978 Topps Mork & Mindy Trading Cards

1978 Topps Mork & Mindy Trading Cards

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Mork & Mindy helped launch the legend of Robin Williams. A runaway hit its first two seasons, the show spawned lots of commercial, and now collectible, tie-ins. Among them is 1978 Topps Mork & Mindy trading cards. Like the show, the cards' attempts at comedy are somewhat lost today, but there's no denying the energy Williams brings, even when it's translated to a small piece of cardboard.

The 1978 Topps Mork & Mindy set has 99 base cards and another 22 stickers. Base cards use stills from the show that are accompanied by speech bubbles rather than traditional captions. The dialogue is big on gags, one-lines and exclamation points. Fronts have starry borders, matching Mork's intergalactic origins.

Backs are a mix of dialogue excerpts, background on the show and quotes from the cast. Those that aren't puzzle pieces have a large graphic on the top half of the card.

1978 Topps Mork & Mindy Trading Cards 1 1978 Topps Mork & Mindy Trading Cards 2

Stickers are inserted one per pack meaning a box has a maximum of one full set. These use a couple of different designs. The first seven are posed studio shots, complete with the background. The remaining 15 are more traditional Topps stickers. While the images are still posed promotional shots, they have the die-cut borders that were common in the era.

The set commands respectable, albeit reasonable, amounts today. It's not terribly tough to track down. However, the combination of age and dark borders means that condition is more of an issue.

1978 Topps Mork & Mindy boxes have 36 packs. Each pack has ten cards and one sticker.

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1978 Topps Mork & Mindy Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1978 Topps Mork & Mindy Trading Cards 3

1 Never Trust a Man with Four Lips!
2 Mork, That's the Last Time I Use Your Tailor!
3 My Favorite Desert...Porcelain
4 You're in Good Hands with Ork State!
5 Sorry About Last Night
6 No, Mork - A Double-Date Doesn't Mean
7 Mindy, I'd Like to Take You to a Restaruant
8 Be It Ever So Humble There's No Place Like Ork!
9 Mindy, Have You Heard from Trash Gordon Lately?
10 Somebody Just Sold Me Mt. Rushmore
11 Nice Outfit
12 Whenever I See a Car Engine I'm Reminded of Home Cooking
13 Mindy, I Had Thousands of Things to Eat for Lunch!
14 I Always Thought Aliens Were Green and Scaly!
15 I Come From a Distant Planet!
16 Mork - You're a Man of Few Words
17 Shazbot! I'm at the End of My Rope!
18 Okay, Lefty, The Breakout's Set for Tonight!
19 Get Out of Your Shells
20 I Just Played the Juke Box
21 No More Furniture Moving Today!
22 My Arms Fell Asleep!
23 I Tell You Sylvia
24 You Light Up My Splurg.
25 Mork Acts More and More Human Every Day!
26 Mork's in the Bathroom!
27 I Know You're Watching the T.V.
28 I Feel Like Having Dessert!
29 Some of My Best Friends Are Sandwiches!
30 Mork's a Responsible Guy
31 Mork Is the Cutest Space Creature I've Ever Met!
32 Daddy, How Can You Possibly Wear Such a Silly Outfit?
33 I Never Met a Spaceman I Didn't Like!
34 I Asked Mork to Take Out the Garbage
35 Mork, You're Really Smart!
36 You're a U.F.O. Mork...Unbelievably Far Out!
37 I Tried to Report to Orson
38 Mork -- A Blind Date Does Not Mean Going Out in Dark Glasses!
39 Bring Me a Tennis Rackey
40 I Wish My Daughter Would Find a Boyfriend Who's More Down to Earth!
41 Greetings, My Main Munchkin!
42 Mindy You're the Nicest Lower Life Form I've Ever Met!
43 Greetings, Earthling
44 Cora, Would You Call Me Old-Fashioned?
45 I Think I've Just Had a Close Encounter of the Nerd Kind!
46 Hey, This Is Mork's Diary!
47 Na No, Na No..Errr...I Mean "Hello!"
48 Mork, Did You Take a Shower Last Night?
49 Do You Like Your Air Fried or Hard Boiled?
50 Poor Fellow
51 Hi There Plasma!
52 I Wish They'd Develop a Vaccine for "Disco Fever"!
53 It's the Only Way to Travel!
54 You Can't Live in the Attic
55 Zabah...Next Time I Travel First Class!
56 That's Some Pair of Antennae
57 Smile, Daddy, You're on Candid Hologram!
58 Boy, Was I Ever Bezurd Last Night!
59 I've Caught a Cold!
60 This Can Has Decided to Have Me Recycled!
61 Shazbot! Those Nimnuls Forgot My Luggage!
62 No, I Will Not Accept a Call from the Planet Ork!
63 Mork -- That's Not an Elevator...
64 Hold the Mayo, Quick!
65 They Must Have Sent You to Finishing School
66 I Can't Stand This Violence on TV
67 Boy, They Sure Have Ugly Girls on This Planet!
68 It's Enough to Drive a Man Ork-Faced!
69 I've Developed a New Slant on Life!
70 I'm Looking Forward to a Certain Letter!
71 Hmm..Reminds Me of a Girl I Once Dated on Venus!
72 If This is Soap Opera, Mindy, Where Are the Singing Detergents?
73 Take Two Eggs
74 Miny, I Just Broke a Promise
75 I've Got a New Boyfriend, Dad!
76 I've Discovered a Cure for the Hiccups
77 Is Mork in Trouble?
78 Eugene, Here's That Slice of Pizza You Were Looking For!
79 Long Distance?
80 Ahhh, Peppermint Nail Polish
81 The Moon Is Full Tonight -- It Just Burped!
82 It's All Right Mork
83 Isn't That a Strange Way to Sleep?
84 My First Day on the Job Was Difficult!
85 Mork Are You a Registered Alien?
86 Mork You Can Count on Me!
87 I Think I'm Going to Be Sick
88 What's a Nice Sausage Like You Doing in a Sandwich Like This
89 Nice Girl...But Suffering from Termites!
90 Mork, Does Your Spacesuit Need Ironing?
91 Have a Seat, Mork!
92 It's What the Well Dressed Orkan Is Wearing!
93 These Cups Are a Little Dirty!
94 Are You Okay?
95 Mork, I'm Losing My Mind!
96 Look, An 8-Armed Namzal
97 Ah, A Fleet of Fellow Space Travelers!
98 Freddie Just Became "Wiener of the Year"!
99 Mork, You're Really Far Out!

Stickers Checklist

22 cards. Inserted one per pack.
1978 Topps Mork & Mindy Trading Cards 4

1 It Loses Something Without Ketchup!
2 Relaxation, Orkan-Style!
3 Mork From Ork Wants You!
4 But Does It Travel Faster Than Light?
5 Skateboard Fever!
6 Have a Chair, Mork!
7 Mork...The (Not So) Easy Rider!
8 Orkan Meets Earthling!
9 Hot Dog Encounter!
10 Greetings, Little Numnuls!
11 Spaced-Out Mork!
12 Pam Dawber Stars as Mindy
13 TV's Dynamic Duo!
14 Robin Williams & Pam Dawber
15 Friends...Or Lovelings?
16 Far-Out Young Star!
17 Na-No, Na-No, Earth Person!
18 Galactic Goof & Girlfriend
19 Disguised as an Earthman!
20 For Me? How...Err...Sweet!
21 Mork Flips His Cork!
22 Beautiful Mindy!

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how much for a box of mork and mindy cards unopended, with ship and hand to phila pa, thanks craig

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