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1978 Topps Grease Trading Cards

1978 Topps Grease Trading Cards

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Sex-crazed teenagers seem like a strange subject for a set of trading cards. But it's Grease we're talking about here, one of the most beloved movie musicals of all-time.

It's also one of the most popular set of movie cards not named Star Wars from the late 1970s.

1978 Topps Grease Set Details

Spanning two series, the 1978 Topps Grease set has 132 cards. The checklist is split evenly between the two series with 66 cards in each.

1978 Topps Grease Trading Cards 2

Other than the number, Series 1 cards can be spotted by their pink borders. For the Series 2 cards, the borders are green.

1978 Topps Grease Trading Cards 3

Card fronts are standard for the time. Besides the colored border, there's a large shot from the film or a promotional shot. The Grease logo sits on the bottom-left corner with the card number. Backs are a mix of "Movie Facts" and puzzle pieces.

1978 Topps Grease also has 22 stickers, 11 for each series. These were inserted one per pack.

1978 Topps Grease Trading Cards 4

The image on the sticker is designed to look like it's set inside of a film strip. Series 1 Stickers have a blue strip and Series 2 opts for orange. The backs are blank.

1978 Topps Grease Trading Cards 5

1978 Topps Grease trading cards are still popular today, thanks in large part to the movie's following. They're not rare, although the borders can make finding top-condition cards a little more difficult. Given its age, this is a very affordable set.


Set Checklist

1978 Topps Grease Checklist


Base Set Checklist

132 cards.

Series 1
1   Danny and Sandy
2   One of the More Popular Events!
3   The "Grease" Gang
4   Vince Fontaine
5   It's Teen Angel!
6   New Arrival at School!
7   Danny Zuko -- A Track Star?
8   Frenchy's Fantasy
9   John Travolta as Danny
10   The Thunderbirds!
11   Johnny Casino and the Gamblers (Sha-Na-Na)
12   Stockard Channing
13   Sandy Meets the Pink Ladies!
14   The Day of the Greaser
15   Dody Goodman as Blanche
16   Casino and the Gamblers Do Their Thing
17   Rizzo and the Pink Ladies
18   Danny in Demand!
19   Looking Over the "New" Sandy!
20   A Celebration in the Sun!
21   Gettin' Ready to Cream the Teacher!
22   A Dazzled Danny!
23   Greased Lightning in Action!
24   The Big Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong!
25   Sandy makes the "Grade"!
26   Danny and Sandy -- Made for Each Other!
27   Trouble at the Dance!
28   Putzie and Jan
29   Some Encouragement from Sandy!
30   Rizzo Imitates Sandy at the Sleep-Over
31   The Rydell Cheerleaders
32   Sandy's New Look!
33   Sandy (Olivia Newton-John)
34   Rizzo Flips Out!
35   Giving the Dancing Shoes a Workout!
36   Trouble Among the Cheerleaders!
37   Eve Arden as Principal McGee
38   Joan Blondell as Vi
39   The T-Birds Celebrate Summer Nights
40   The Sleep-Over at Frenchy's
41   The T-Birds!
42   Coach Calhoun and Principal McGee
43   Sandy's big change!
44   Presenting...Greased Lightning!
45   A Song of Young Love
46   Rizzo (Stockard Channing)
47   The T-Birds and Their Dream Car!
48   Dazzled by Vince Fontaine!
49   A Real Challenge for Coach Calhoun!
50   Rydell High's Hottest Romance!
51   Black Leather Sandy!
52   Together Forever!
53   It's Danny at the Bat!
54   Greased Lightning -- Man, What a Car!
55   Sandy and Danny: Happy Endings!
56   Sandy, Danny and Kenickie
57   The Night of the Big Dance
58   Portrait of a Greaser
59   The Fine Art of Baseball
60   Danny -- An Unlikely Athlete!
61   Thunderbirds are Go!
62   The Ever-Lovin' Teen Angel!
63   Romance at the Dance!
64   A Tale of Two Greasers
65   The Auto Shop Rocks!
66   Danny Asks Sandy to Wear His School Ring
Series 2
67 Danny Puzzle Piece
68 Danny Puzzle Piece
69 Danny Puzzle Piece
70 Danny Puzzle Piece
71 Creation of a Dream Car!
72 Last Day's Big Bash!
73 In Search of Some Privacy!
74 Danny Gongs It!
75 A Swingin' Celebration!
76 King of the Dance Floor
77 Kenickie Asks Danny to Be His "Second"
78 Master of Greased Lightning!
79 Keep "Cool," Danny!
80 Recounting Summer Conquests
81 Fontaine Steals the Scene!
82 All's Well with the Gang!
83 Has Danny Turned Square?
84 Kenickie in Trouble!
85 Lunch with the Pink Ladies
86 Having a Ball at the Frosty Palace
87 Is Sandy Too Pure to Be Pink?
88 Tell Me More, Tell Me More!
89 Principal McGee Moonlights as a Referee!
90 Craterface and Cha Cha
91 The Rydell High "Jock"
92 It's Danny to the Rescue!
93 Kids of Rydell
94 Knocking the Jocks Out of Their Sweatsocks
95 Danny's Summer Romance
96 Three Cheers for Summer Nights!
97 Revealing the Secrets of Success!
98 Hot Duo: Danny and Cha Cha!
99 The Pinks Make the Scene
100 Casino's Big Night
101 Fun at Frenchy's Sleepover
102 Some Unkind Words for Blanche!
103 How Long 'till Summer Vacation?
104 World's Greatest Greasers
105 The Soul of Teen Angel
106 ...Be a School Supporter!
107 Rizzo -- Caught in the Act!
108 Some Advice from Vi
109 Uh-Oh...Trouble!
110 Frenchy's Dream Man
111 Golden Words from Teen Angel
112 Rizzo's Up to Mischief
113 The Fabulous Fontaine!
114 Pink Thoughts
115 Don't Mess with the Pink Ladies!
116 Cha Cha's Good Luck Kiss!
117 A Man and His Machine
118 Presenting Teen Angel!
119 Jock...Or Jerk?
120 Dynamite Sandy!
121 Portrait of Teen Angel
122 Portrait of Stockard Channing
123 Coolest of the Cool!
124 Sandy Superchick!
125 Trying Out for Basketball
126 Danny -- A Real Tough Dude!
127 Zuko the Gymnast!
128 Shades of Rizzo!
129 Meet the New, Improved Sandy!
130 Danny at the Wheel
131 Doin' It on the Dance Floor!
132 Rizzo's Fab Four


Stickers Checklist

22 stickers. 1 per pack.

Series 1
1 Frenchy's Fantasy
2 Johnny Casino and the Gamblers (Sha-Na-Na)
3 Danny Zuko -- A Track Star?
4 Vince Fontaine
5 The "Grease" Gang
6 New Arrival at School!
7 John Travolta as Danny
8 The Thunderbirds!
9 It's Teen Angel
10 Danny and Sandy
11 Portrait of Stockard Channing
Series 2
12 Coach Calhoun and Principal McGee
13 Rizzo's Fab Four
14 The T-Birds and Their Dream Car!
15 Meet the New Improved Sandy!
16 A Real Challenge for Coach Calhoun
17 Danny at the Wheel!
18 Doin' It on the Dance Floor!
19 Sandy's Big Change!
20 Coolest of the Cool!
21 Portrait of a Greaser
22 Shades of Rizzo!


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