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1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica Trading Cards

1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica Trading Cards

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Battlestar Galactica was supposed to be a television blockbuster. Following in the space wake of a little movie called Star Wars, the hope was that it would be a similar success on the small screen. There were high hopes on the commercial end. And while the show failed to live up to expectations, it has aged well with plenty of fans today. The same can be said for 1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica trading cards, a moderately affordable and somewhat challenging set to complete.

1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica is a fairly large set, at least by the standard set for television shows. It clocks in at 132 base cards. It's joined by another 22 stickers.

Base cards focus on the characters, action from the show and the pricey special effects. The large checklist allows for lead characters like Starbuck and Apollo to get on plenty of cards. The same can be said for the various spaceships, aliens and Cylons. Card fronts are arranged vertically and horizontally. A white border surrounds a large photo. The Battlestar Galactica title overlaps the photo. The bottom part of the border also has a caption and copyright data.

1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica backs have a mix of text and puzzles. Themes for cards with write-ups include Character Profile, TV Facts and Story Summary.

Stickers are inserted one per pack. Focusing on characters, they have a space background and the familiar thick border that was common on most Topps stickers. Sticker backs are blank.

Produced at a time when most other single-series sets had less than 100 cards, 1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica is a little tougher to build. And while it's not tough to find, it's also not as common as some other series from around the same period.

Battlestar Galactica didn't last long on TV during its original run, but it maintained its popularity very well. Both Rittenhouse Archives and Dart Flipcards have made cards based on the original series since the show ran its course. Rittenhouse also made several sets for the reimagined version of the show.

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Set Checklist

1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica Trading Cards 1

132 cards.

1  Lorne Green Is Commander Adama
2   Dirk Benedict Is Lt. Starbuck
3   Richard Hatch Is Captain Apollo
4  Lew Ayres Is the Colony President
5   A Day of Peace...Or Betrayal?
6  Preparing to Blast a Battlestar!
7  For the Love of Gold Cubits!
8   Sneak Attack!
9   President Adar Endangered!
10   Blasting the Planet Caprica!
11  A World in Flames!
12   "They're Bombing the City!"
13  Adar's Final Moments!
14   The President's Council - Destroyed!
15   Panic in Caprica Mall
16   Doomsday on Caprica
17   Blasted By the Cylon Warships!
18  Caught in the Middle of a Star Battle
19  Annihilation of the Human Colonies
20   The Cylon Centurions
21   The Imperious Leader
22   Fate of the Traitor Baltar
23  Serina Survives the Onslaught!
24   Leveling a Planet
25   The Escape Plan
26  Adama's Dream
27   The Colonial Battlestars
28   Charting the Exodus
29   Laurette Spang Is Cassiopea
30  Fleet of Colonial Vipers
31   Adama and Col. Tigh
32   Galactica Under Fire!
33   The Commander and His Daughter, Athena
34   Muffit 2, the Cybernetic Daggit!
35  Boxley's New Daggit!
36   Boosting Boxey's Morale!
37  Destination: Earth
38  Deep Inside the Planet Carillon
39   Speeding Toward Carillon
40  Starbuck's Landram
41   The Big Bash on Carillon
42   Pig-Faced Tourist!
43   Chamber of the Imperious Leader
44   At the Gambling Casino
45  Carillon - A Nice Place to Visit!
46  Intergalactic Gambler
47  Bizarre Wonderland
48  Boxey Attacked By Alien Creatures!
49   Behold…the Ovion Insectoids!
50  Ovion Guards Escort Boxey!
51   Boxey and Muffit Are Reunited!
52   Captured By Ovion Warriors
53   One of Lotay's Musicians
54   Lotay, Queen of the Ovions
55  Conferring with Seetol
56  The Colonists and the Insectoids
57  Escape from Fiery Death!
58   Bridge of the Galactica
59   An Ovion Warrior
60  Profile of an Ovion
61  An Elaborate Party for the Colonists
62   The Space Supremes
63   Trio of Tucanas
64   Where the Elite Meet!
65   Jane Seymore Is Serina
66  Serina Arrives at the Carillon Bash
67  Maren Jensen Is Athena
68   Flamboyant Lovers: Starbuck and Cassiopea
69   The War of the Wiles
70   Hitting Outrageously High Notes!
71   The Lord of Galactica
72   Galacticans Discuss Their Dilemma
73   Lotay and Her Centurion Allies
74   Nourishment for Newborn Ovions!
75  Brood of the Insectoids!
76   Starbuck and the Rescue!
77   Lt. Starbuck Posed for Action!
78   Metallic Monster
79   Attack of the Cylons!
80   Shoot-Out in the Ovion Catacombs!
81   "My Blaster Is Quick..."
82   Inside the Chosen Chamber
83   Creatures of Destruction
84  A Narrow Escape!
85   Covered By Lt. Boomer!
86  The Human Exterminators
87  Army of Evil
88   Destroying the Human Refuse!
89   Unstoppable Invaders!
90   Night of the Metal Monsters
91  Clipped By a Laser Blast!
92  Seetol's Fate
93  The Colonists' Counterattack!
94   Don't Mess with Starbuck!
95   Centurions on the March
96  The Cylon War Machine
97   The Destructors
98   Emissaries of Hate
99   Attacking Our Heroes!
100   "Destroy the Human Vermin!"
101   A Planet in Peril!
102  Fantastic Weapons of the Cylons
103  Holding the Enemy at Bay!
104  Man of Destiny
105  Everything's A-OK!
106  Flight to Oblivion!
107  Preparing the Colonial Ships
108   The Moment of Truth!
109  Colonial Star Pilots
110   Facing Incredible Odds
111   The Cylon Supreme Star Force
112   Blasted By the Enemy!
113  The Destroying Ray!
114  The Fate of Humankind Before Them!
115  Cylon Warships Closing In!
116  A Direct Hit!
117  Athena on Galactica
118   The Battlestar Quakes!
119   Monitoring the Battle
120  Athena in Action!
121   Troubled Colonial Elder (Wilfred Hyde-White)
122   A Day of Deliverance!
123   Landrams to the Rescue!
124  The Battle Is Ours!
125   Picking Up the Last Stranded Colonists
126  The Odyssey of Battlestar Galactica
127   Stars Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch
128  Dirk Benedict Portrait Shot
129   A Boy and His...Err...Daggit?
130  Self-Reliant Athena (Maren Jensen)
131   Lovely Jane Seymour Takes a Breather
132   Photographing a Colonial Viper

Stickers Checklist

22 stickers. Inserted one per pack.

Commander Adama
2 Lt. Starbuck
3 Captain Apollo
4 Lt. Boomer
5 Athena
6 An Ovion Warrior
7 The Imperious Leader
8 Casino Patron
9 President Adar
10 Serina
11 Android Sister
12 Cylons on the March!
13 Survivor of Carillon
14 Alien Warrior
15 Cassiopea
16 Cylon Centurion
17 Starbuck (Dirk Benedict)
18 Galactican Warrior
19 Boxey
20 Space Warrior
21 Galactican Warrior
22 Spirit Of Salvation
1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica Trading Cards 2

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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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