1978-79 Topps Basketball Cards

1978-79 Topps Basketball Cards


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For the second year in a row, Topps went with a standard-sized 132-card set for their basketball issue. Once again, the smaller size of the set meant that there were no subsets.

Card fronts showed two pictures of each player. There was the larger game-action shot that took up most of the card, with a smaller head shot inside a circle in the lower right corner. The city, team name and player's name are placed along the left side of the larger photo, but oriented horizontally. The player's position appears below the smaller picture. The backs feature blocks of info presented vertically. A basketball that appears to be in play in a drawing contains the card number, with the player's name and vital stats to the right. Below that is a short write-up and then complete year-by-year statistics. At the bottom, there is a Star Stats feature that gives the highest-scoring NBA game of his career.

All-Star players are once again noted on their regular cards. A black box is added near the bottom of the card's front with the info about which team he made. Rick Barry's card features a reversed negative; Topps likely flipped the picture to keep his legs from being cut off by the smaller head shot, but the Warriors on his jersey is backwards as a result.

Key rookie cards in the set include Jack Sikma, Dennis Johnson, Marques Johnson, Bernard King, Norm Nixon and Walter Davis.

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