1977 Topps Football Cards

1977 Topps Football Cards


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Once again, Topps issued a 528-card football card set for 1977. However, the company's monopoly status led it to simply recycle old design elements from previous sets. In a way, the 1977 design resembles both of the previous years' sets with some subtle changes.

Card fronts featured a player photo. Many were posed head and shoulders shots, while some had sideline pictures or game action shots that have been airbrushed to remove team logos. At the top of the card, a banner icon that appears to be waving identifies the player's team. A small football-shaped icon in front of the banner gives his position, with his name printed under the banner. Backs are vertically oriented, with a red football-shaped icon giving the card number and a black box extending out from it with the player's name, team and position. A salmon-colored box gives vital stats, and then a year-by-year statistical review (for most players) and bulleted career highlights follow. At the bottom of the card is a box called College Corner that names his school and contains a highlight from his collegiate career.

Players who had been named to the All-Pro team are given a black stripe to commemorate the honor, and players who racked up 1,000 yards in 1976 get a black football in a lower corner with the milestone noted. As Topps normally did in its football sets in that era, each team was given its own color scheme.

Cards #1-6 feature the 1976 statistical leaders in each conference. Each team was given a checklist card; they run from #201-228. Cards #451-455 spotlight records set during the 1976 season and cards #526-528 recap the conference championships and the Super Bowl.
The full set was also printed for distribution in Mexico, but the text on the front and back was printed in Spanish. While that makes them easier to identify, the Mexican cards are much scarcer and more valuable than their regular counterparts.

The key rookie card here belongs to Steve Largent. Other notable rookies include Lee Roy Selmon, Mike Webster, Harry Carson, Ray Rhodes, Archie Griffin, Jim Zorn, Danny White Dave Casper and Mike Haynes.

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  1. My favorite, as this was the first year I bought football cards.

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