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1975 Topps Planet of the Apes Trading Cards

1975 Topps Planet of the Apes Trading Cards

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1975 Topps Planet of the Apes trading cards focus on the short-lived television show. It remains much more affordable than the 1969 set that centers on franchise's classic first film.

Shop for 1975 Topps Planet of the Apes trading cards on eBay.

The 1975 Topps Planet of the Apes set is a very manageable 66 cards, especially when price is factored into account. Unlike the film set, singles can often be found for a dollar or two in decent condition. The show lasted just one season, running from September through December, 1974. Low ratings led to its early demise.

Card fronts are compliment the 1969 set. They both use the same design, which can lead to some confusion among collectors. A large photo has a thin white border. A short caption is placed inside of an orange scroll icon.

1975 Topps Planet of the Apes card backs have both a short writeup and a puzzle piece. The 1967 copyright date also leads some to think these are the film cards when their not. 1969 Topps Planet of the Apes cards have different backs. They're green with illustrations. The puzzle backs are the easiest way to identify 1975 TV show cards.

Singles from the set remain widely available. Unopened packs are also some of the easiest to find from the era. As a result, prices remain quick low when compared against many other sets from the era.

1975 Topps Planet of the Apes Trading Cards 1 1975 Topps Planet of the Apes Trading Cards 2

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1975 Topps Planet of the Apes Checklist

66 cards. Based on the television show, not the movie. Shop for cards on eBay.

1 Renegade Chimp Galen
2 Commander Alan Virdon
3 Astronaut Peter Burke
4 Dr. Zaius
5 Urko Gorilla General
6 The Road to Nowhere
7 Town of Terror
8 Remants of Humanity
9 A Mysterious Lead
10 The Quest
11 In Search of Destiny
12 We Must Take Action
13 Undeniable Proof
14 Extermination Plans
15 Find the Humans
16 Thrill of the Hunt
17 Visit to a Graveyard
18 Dangerous Climb
19 Destiny's Door
20 Anticipation
21 A Unique Discovery
22 Valuable Answers
23 The Key
24 Shades of the Past
25 Storehouse of Facts
26 Aiming for Survival
27 The Battery Boost
28 Someone's Coming
29 Search the Premises
30 They're Escaping
31 Human Bait
32 Searching for Virdon
33 A Fateful Noise
34 Captured
35 The Inquisition
36 Third Degree
37 Galen's Plan
38 Gorillas Catch On
39 Gorillas Coming
40 Horseback Monster
41 General's Orders
42 Determined Scout
43 Potter's Palace
44 Descent to Danger
45 The Discovery
46 Rescued by Galen
47 Charging the Brute
48 Karate 3085 A.D.
49 A Friend in Need
50 An Uneven Match
51 Team Effort
52 A Mighty Kick
53 Floored
54 Urko Takes Off
55 One for Our Side
56 Next Stop Humanity
57 Roddy McDowall
58 Booth Colman as Zaius
59 Mark Lenard as Urko
60 Ron Harper as Virdon
61 James Naughton
62 Hairy Horseman
63 Relaxing on the Set
64 Marvelous Make-Ups
65 Frightful Visage
66 Super-Chimp
1975 Topps Planet of the Apes Trading Cards 3

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Same here Tom…. I found a bunch of these 1975 cards in my sock drawer. Must have been some time since I cleaned it out. Maybe about 30 of them. Don’t seem to be worth anything.


I was just looking in the attic now and discovered a box with a 105 of these cards inside. They vary from 1-66 with 10 missing and many have spares. Any idea what this could be worth, if worth anything at all? Thanks Tom from Wales.

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