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1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers

1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers

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Of all the comic trading cards released over the years, 1975 Topps Marvel Comic Book Heroes Stickers is one of the strangest. Opting to make light of the featured super heroes and villains, cards double as stickers.

1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers look like a lot of other stickers released by the company in the 1970s and 80s. A character is featured in the center of with a thick black border surrounding them. A speech bubble gives a one-liner. Many of the gags reference mid-70s pop culture. That means they're somewhat dated today but, nonetheless, fun.

The 1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers checklist has 40 cards. Captain Marvel and Spider-Man-2 have variations with different captions, making a complete set 42 cards. Stickers are not numbered. The character's name is noted on the front, though. For those with multiple appearances, their names are noted with numbers (ie The Thing-1, The Thing-2).

1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers 1 1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers 2

Besides the main sticker set, 1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes also has a nine-card puzzle. Once complete, it makes the cover of Fantastic Four #100. Puzzle card backs double as a checklist.

For hardcore Marvel trading card collectors, there are further variations. Card backs can be found in both tan and white. Tan backs are believed to come from a test run. Some cards can also be found with subtle differences in the copyright info.

1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes has held up well on the secondary market. By no means is it ultra-rare or valuable, but cards still hold solid values both as singles and sets. They're also available enough that building sets is a reasonable challenge.

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Set Checklist

1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers Checklist

Base Set Checklist

40 stickers plus two variations. Cards listed according to the order they appear on the pack-inserted checklist.

The Falcon - You Bet Your Bird!
The Thing-1 - It's Clobberin' Time!
Frankenstein's Monster - Maybe It's My Breath!
Shang-Li, Kung Fu - All Aspirin Is Not Alike!
Dr. Strange - Darn Those House Calls!
Dracula-1 - Sure Doesn't Taste Like Tomato Juice!
Human Torch-1 - Tan...Don't Burn!
Daredevil - Badness Makes Me Red!
Iron Man - Fight Rust!
Wolfman - Only My Hairdresser Knows for Sure!
Thor-1 - Support Your Local Thunder-God!
Sub-Mariner - Don't Pollute My Waters!
Hawkeye - Annie Oakley I Ain't!
Captain Marvel - Fly the Friendly Skies of United!
Captain Marvel - Which Way to the John?
Ghost Rider - Peter Fonda Look Out!
The Living Mummy - Which Hand Has The M&Ms?
Morbius, Living Vampire - Which Way To The Blood Bank?
Ka-Zar - Be Kind To Animals...Or Else!
Spider-Man-1 - Who'd You Expect? Little Miss Muffet?
Captain America-1 - I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy!
Conan - Trick Or Treat!
Kull - These Pants Don't Fit!
Dr. Doom - I'm Dressed to Kill!
The Son of Satan - The Devil Made Me Do It!
Spider-Man-2 - You Drive Me Up a Wall!
Spider-Man-2 - Bug Off!
Dracula-2 - Flying Drives Me Bats!
Human Torch-2 - When You're Hot, You're Hot!
Thor-2 - Who Said Blondes Have More Fun?
Hulk-1 - Who Stole My Right Guard?
The Thing-2 - I'm Going To Pieces!
Captain America-2 - Look, Ma, No Cavities!
Dr. Octopus - I'm Just A Well Armed Crook!
The Valkyrie - Support Women's Lib!
Mr. Fantastic - I'm the Long Arm of the Law!
Medusa - Darn that Cheap Hairspray!
Black Widow - I'm Natasha Fly Me To Miami!
Iron Fist - Kung Fooey
Man-Thing - I Dropped the Soap in the Shower!
Hulk-2 - Green Power!
Luke Cage - I Was A 98 LB. Weakling!

1975 Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers 3

Puzzle Checklist

Nine cards fit together to form the cover of the Fantastic Four #100 comic. The set's checklist is on the reverse.

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Simon Dickson
Simon Dickson

Love this set! Am selling the rare Captain Marvel “Which Way To The John?” sticker on eBay right now!
Simon Dickson
September 18th 2019

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