1974-75 Topps Basketball Cards

1974-75 Topps Basketball Cards


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In its earlier basketball sets, Topps placed most of its players in front of solid-colored backgrounds before keeping the natural backgrounds. In the 1974-'75 set, the company mixed it up significantly.

As usual, the player photos were of two varieties. They were either posed or game-action shots. The game photos were presented as they were taken, but the posed shots were given a heavily-tinted generic game-action shot that has nothing to do with the player. His team name runs vertically down the right side of the card. At the bottom, a pennant shape contains his name and a basketball icon has his position. Card backs are horizontally oriented, with a card number, name and position across the top. The rest of the card is broken into two parts. The box on the left has a cartoon about the player, and a list of vital stats appears below it. On the right side, a short written biography is followed by year-by-year statistics and a copyright line.

All-Stars are given a banner on their regular cards, but no other design changes are made to their cards. An interesting problem appears because of a name change. In previous seasons, there were two franchises called the Rockets, an NBA club in Houston and an ABA team in Denver. Before this season, Denver's team sensed a looming merger and changed their name to the Nuggets. However, Topps was obviously preparing to once again differentiate the two teams. Both teams have a small banner added with the city name on it, but the Denver players are correctly called Nuggets.

For the third straight year, NBA players appear on cards #1-176 and ABA players show up on cards #177-264. A new subset features the team leaders in four statistical categories. Once again, the subsets are broken apart by leagues. They are: NBA Team Leaders (81-96), NBA Statistical leaders (144-149), NBA Playoffs (161-164), ABA Statistical Leaders (207-212), ABA Team Leaders (221-230) and ABA Playoffs (246-249).

Bill Walton, George Gervin and Doug Collins are the top rookies in this set.

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