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1971 Topps Brady Bunch Trading Cards

1971 Topps Brady Bunch Trading Cards

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1971 Topps Brady Bunch trading cards capture the cheesy spirit of the classic sitcom.

Love them or be annoyed by them, there's no denying the lasting pop culture status of TV's biggest blended family.

1971 Topps Brady Bunch Set Details

The 88-card base set features a mix of shots from the show and promotional shots. Some offer single-shot recaps while others highlight the show's various actors and characters.

1971 Topps Brady Bunch Trading Cards 1

1971 Topps Brady Bunch card fronts mimic the look of a console TV set. Arranged horizontally, images are held within an oval border. They have a thin white frame that gives way to a wood grain border. A small green ribbon has a short caption. Card backs work together to form puzzles. Some also have short captions. Although the copyright states 1969, the cards were actually released two years later.

1971 Topps Brady Bunch Trading Cards 2

In 1970, Topps produced a Brady Bunch test issue. There are only 55 cards in this set. The easiest way to tell the 1971 Topps Brady Bunch set from the test set is on the back. 1971 cards encourage collectors to put together an 88-card set. The line is changed to 55 cards for the test issue.


Set Checklist

1971 Topps Brady Bunch Checklist

Base Set Checklist

88 cards.

1 The Brady Bunch
2 The Brady Girls
3 The Brady Boys
4 Ann B. Davis as Alice
5 Eve Plumb as Jan
6 Mike Lookinland as Bobby
7 Christopher McKnight as Peter
8 Carol and Mike
9 The Family Pet
10 Sweet Treat
11 Peter, Greg and Bobby
12 Stuck in a Stockade
13 Reporting for Duty
14 Here Comes My Fastball
15 Big Prize for Little Bobby
16 Break It Up! It's Bedtime!
17 What's Cooking Alice
18 Big Noise
19 Inferior Decorators
20 Guess Who?
21 Make-Up for Marcia
22 Big Brother's Advice
23 Long Distance Phone Call
24 The Music Man
25 Christmas Celebration
26 Musical Depreciation
27 Ain't Love Wonderful
28 Sometimes I Hate Ice Cream
29 Homework Huddle
30 A Couple of Hungry Kids
31 Backyard Playground
32 Lollipop Lovers
33 I'm Ready for Action
34 Running a Fever
35 King for a Day
36 Uh-Oh, Here Comes the Indiand
37 Tired Ballplayers
38 Who Used My Toothbrush?
39 I'm the Umpire
40 Kitchen Conference
41 Something Smells Good
42 Trying to Get a Date
43 Sorry for the Turkey
44 Daydreaming
45 Say Something
46 Man to Man Talk
47 Sandlot Stars
48 Flipped You Wig?
49 Soothing Greg
50 A Boy's Room Is His Castle
51 Alice, You Grew a Beard
52 Where's My Greasy Kid Stuff?
53 Housekeeper
54 Someday, Let's Eat Alone
55 Photo of the Brady Kids
56 You Did It Again
57 Sloppy But Fun
58 Come and Get It
59 Big Sister
60 Talking It Over
61 A Small Disagreement
62 A New Rock Star
63 What's the Noise
64 Can I Keep the Bird?
65 Meet Marcia Brady
66 Meet Bobby Brady
67 Meet Jan Brady
68 Meet Cindy Brady
69 Meet Peter Brady
70 Trimming the Tree
71 Meet Greg Brady
72 Marcia's Pajama Party
73 Having a Ball
74 Christmas
75 A Guitar Lesson
76 Alice's Coffee Break!
77 Man-to-Man Talk
78 Trouble at Home
79 Greg's Big Date
80 Practice Makes Perfect
81 What Was That?
82 Bedtime Snack
83 What a Racket
84 Checking Homework
85 Greg Listens In
86 A Tired Young Man
87 Feeling Better Yet?
88 Say Cheese!



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