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1969 Topps Man on the Moon Trading Cards

1969 Topps Man on the Moon Trading Cards

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1969 Topps Man on the Moon trading cards give collectors a unique look at the Apollo 11 mission that resulted in "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Besides the actual moon landing, the set documents the history, training, planning and behind-the-scenes work that went into it.

1969 Topps Man on the Moon was actually release in two separate issues. The first has 55 cards. The latter reissue, which was released in 1970, saw the checklist expand to 99 cards. This included the same 55 cards from the original release plus 44 new cards. However, the numbering is a little different. The initial issue and the reissue can be discerned on the card backs, even the first 55 cards. The first release had an 'A' or a 'B' after each number (1A, 2A, 54B, etc) to discern what puzzle it forms. For the reissue, all 99 cards are numbered 'of 99' (1 of 99, 2 of 99, 54 of 99, etc).

First Issue

1969 Topps Man on the Moon Trading Cards 1


1969 Topps Man on the Moon Trading Cards 2

Much of the first set is  dedicated to the work that went into the mission. Collectors can go behind the scenes at NASA to look at the astronauts' training regiment, their equipment and practice runs leading up to the Apollo 11 space mission. The updated reissue delves more into the flight and subsequent moon walk. It includes several iconic images that remain instantly recognizable today. Timely then, 1969 Topps Man on the Moon has become something of a time capsule that still offers a lot of historical insight today. You can see the entire first set here.

Card fronts are simple with a large image dominating the overall appearance. A small white ribbon towards the bottom of the card has both the caption and a short writeup describing the who and what in the image. A custom Man on the Moon icon sits next to it. Card backs are puzzle pieces.

Today, 1969 Topps Man on the Moon remains popular with both card collectors and space collectors. Singles are not terribly tough to find, nor are they very expensive. Professionally graded copies can go for large amounts, but most are much more modest. Putting a set together will take some patience, particularly if you're picky about condition, but it's certainly attainable.

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Set Checklist

1969 Topps Man on the Moon Checklist

1969 Topps Man on the Moon Set Checklist

55 cards.

1A Apollo 10 Emblem
2A Apollo/NASA Insignia
3A Happy Landing
4A Space Photography
5A Astronaut Lovell
6A Lunar Test Run
7A "Apollo 8 Success"
8A Re-entry
9A Homeward Bound
10A "All Hands On Deck"
11A Armstrong's Moon Shoes
12A Command Pilot
13A Rehearsal!
14A Preparation for Flight
15A Apollo 8 Insignia
16A Dress Rehearsal
17A Spacebound
18A Tiros 1
19A Launching Pad!
20A Earthbound!
21A The Apollo Camera!
22A Lunar Study
23A Earthlight!
24A Training Program
25A Blast-Off
26A Zero Gravity
27A Preparation for Flight
28A Bound for Glory
29A Capsule Exit
30A Moon Surface
31A Testing a Lunar Module
32A Walk in Space
33A Apollo 10
34A Dark of the Moon
35A Launch Control Center
36B "Welcome Home"
37B "Spider"
38B First Manned Mission
39B The Saturn V!
40B Official Ceremony
41B There She Goes
42B The Apollo Orbit
43B Helicopter Recovery
44B Briefing Session
45B Lift Off
46B Monitor Countdown
47B Lunar Base
48B Space Food
49B Splashdown
50B Change Course
51B Hi There
52B Astronaut Aldrin
53B Moon Pilot
54B Moon Commander
55B First Men on the Moon
1969 Topps Man on the Moon Trading Cards 3

1970 Topps Man on the Moon Reissue Checklist

99 cards.

1 of 99 Apollo 10 Emblem
2 of 99 Apollo/NASA insignia
3 of 99 Happy Landing
4 of 99 Space Photography
5 of 99 Astronaut Lovell
6 of 99 Lunar Test Run
7 of 99 "Apollo 8 Success"
8 of 99 Re-entry
9 of 99 Homeward Bound
10 of 99 "All Hands on Deck"
11 of 99 Armstrong's Moon Shoes
12 of 99 Command Pilot
13 of 99 Rehearsal!
14 of 99 Preparation for Flight
15 of 99 Apollo 8 Insignia
16 of 99 Dress Rehearsal
17 of 99 Spacebound
18 of 99 Tiros 1
19 of 99 Launching Pad!
20 of 99 Earthbound!
21 of 99 The Apollo Camera!
22 of 99 Lunar Study
23 of 99 Earthlight!
24 of 99 Training Program
25 of 99 Blast-Off
26 of 99 Zero Gravity
27 of 99 Preparation for Flight
28 of 99 Bound For Glory
29 of 99 Capsule Exit
30 of 99 Moon Surface
31 of 99 Testing a Lunar Module
32 of 99 Walk in Space
33 of 99 Apollo 10
34 of 99 Dark of the Moon
35 of 99 Launch Control Center
36 of 99 "Welcome Home"
37 of 99 "Spider"
38 of 99 First Manned Mission
39 of 99 The Saturn V!
40 of 99 Official Ceremony
41 of 99 There She Goes
42 of 99 The Apollo Orbit
43 of 99 Helicopter Recovery
44 of 99 Briefing Session
45 of 99 Lift Off
46 of 99 Monitor Countdown
47 of 99 Lunar Base
48 of 99 Space Food
49 of 99 Splashdown
50 of 99 Change Course
51 of 99 Hi There
52 of 99 Astronaut Aldrin
53 of 99 Moon Pilot
54 of 99 Moon Commander
55 of 99 First Men on the Moon
56 of 99 A Salute
57 of 99 Lunar Seismograph
58 of 99 Planting the Flag
59 of 99 Back to the Module
60 of 99 Destination Moon
61 of 99 Presidential Greeting
62 of 99 Below the Horizon
63 of 99 Technical Advice
64 of 99 Launched
65 of 99 Back on earth
66 of 99 Training Program
67 of 99 Aldrin on the Moon
68 of 99 Pre-Launch Activity
69 of 99 Apollo 11 Insignia
70 of 99 Suited for the Job
71 of 99 Aboard the USS Hornet
72 of 99 1st Lunar Voyage
73 of 99 News Conference
74 of 99 Aboard the Life Raft
75 of 99 Left on the Moon
76 of 99 Taking a Break
77 of 99 Mother Earth
78 of 99 Honorary Discharge
79 of 99 Lunar Module
80 of 99 Alone in Space
81 of 99 Second Moon Walk
82 of 99 Footprints on the Moon
83 of 99 Old Glory
84 of 99 Apollo 11 Commander
85 of 99 North America Under Clouds
86 of 99 Moon Photo
87 of 99 Recovery
88 of 99 Moon Walk
89 of 99 In Quarantine
90 of 99 Ignition
91 of 99 Acccomplishment
92 of 99 Tranquility Base
93 of 99 Moon Print
94 of 99 Moon Work
95 of 99 First Steps On Earth
96 of 99 Historic Steps
97 of 99 Welcome Home
98 of 99 Lunar Orbit
99 of 99 Moon Plaque
1969 Topps Man on the Moon Trading Cards 4

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User Reviews

R Gulliver
R Gulliver

1970 issue

I have 2 cards which indicate

73 74

Ray Ochs
Ray Ochs

I have about 88 of these cards, of the first 54 I have 51 of the original issue. The rest are the second issue up to 99. (Probably threw away the reissue ones since I already have the card/picture piece.) I have had these since I have been a boy. Also a few of the Apollo glasses that marathon gas used to give out. I have the 5 cards on the right hand side of your page.

Good to see these may me worth something.

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