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1967 Topps Who Am I? Trading Cards

1967 Topps Who Am I? Trading Cards

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Topps has made a lot of quirky sets over the years. Ranking near the top of the list is 1967 Topps Who Am I?. The set pictures celebrities, historical figures and famous athletes in disguise. At least when the cards came out of the pack. The interactive set was intended to be scratched to reveal the featured figure.

1967 Topps Who Am I? is a modest 44 cards. Names include William Shakespeare, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Jackie Kennedy and Genghis Khan. However, the most popular and valuable cards in the set, not surprisingly, to four baseball superstars: Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays.

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What makes 1967 Topps Who Am I? such a fun and strange set isn't just the fact that featured personalities are disguised. It's the disguises themselves. They add a level of levity that normally doesn't come with such a prospect. Whether it's Queen Elizabeth II in some pre-punk shades or Shakespeare with buck teeth and a bow tie, there's a sense of rebellion about them.

Besides the disguise, card fronts feature a clue, challenging collectors to guess who they are. The backs are pink with a large question mark and a few more clues. Card fronts can be scratched off to reveal a very detailed image and more traditional nameplate.

1967 Topps Who Am I? Trading Cards 1 1967 Topps Who Am I? Trading Cards 2

1967 Topps Who Am I? Trading Cards 3

1967 Topps Who Am I? trading cards remain popular. Raw cards are largely affordable, although professionally graded cards can reach into the hundreds. Cards with the coating in tact should be considered more desirable as that's the original condition. However, some collectors may prefer the more traditional look that scratched cards bring.

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Set Checklist

1967 Topps Who Am I? Checklist

44 cards.

1 George Washington
2 Andrew Jackson
3 James Monroe
4 Joan of Arc
5 Nero
6 Franklin D. Roosevelt
7 Henry VIII
8 William Shakespeare
9 Clara Barton
10 Napoleon Bonaparte
11 Harry Truman
12 Babe Ruth
13 Thomas Jefferson
14 Dolly Madison
15 Julius Caesar
16 Robert L. Stevenson
17 Woodrow Wilson
18 Stonewall Jackson
19 Charles DeGaulle
20 John Quincy Adams
21 Christopher Columbus
22 Mickey Mantle
23 Albert Einstein
24 Benjamin Franklin
25 Abraham Lincoln
26 Leif Ericsson
27 Adm. Richard Byrd
28 Capt. Kidd
29 Thomas Edison
30 Ulysses S. Grant
31 Queen Elizabeth II
32 Alexander Graham Bell
33 Willie Mays
34 Teddy Roosevelt
35 Genghis Khan
36 Daniel Boone
37 Winston Churchill
38 Paul Revere
39 Florence Nightingale
40 Dwight Eisenhower
41 Sandy Koufax
42 Jackie Kennedy
43 Lady Bird Johnson
44 Lyndon Johnson
1967 Topps Who Am I? Trading Cards 4
1967 Topps Who Am I? Trading Cards 5

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How muh should I sell my 1967 topps who am i #12 Babe Ruth baseball card? It is in an moderate condition, expecially since it’s 46 years old. And also where should I sell it?

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