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1966 Topps Superman Trading Cards

1966 Topps Superman Trading Cards

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From the pages of comic books to the small screen of black and white televisions, by the mid-1960s, the story of Superman had taken on different forms. 1966 Topps Superman trading cards capture the TV series starring George Reeves. The Adventures of Superman aired in the 1950s, but the cards came out as reruns were showing up in syndication. Variations can keep completists busy, although a basic set shouldn't be too expensive for those not overly concerned about condition.

1966 Topps Superman card fronts use black and white images. Some are horizontal, others are vertical. The plain design has a white border with a caption on the front. Back are a little more detailed. George Reeves as Superman stands on one side of the card in a classic Superman pose. Running along the top are the caption and the card number, which is placed inside an outline of the Superman shield. A large box takes up most of the back's real estate and is filled with a caption that matches the front image.

Here's where things get a little more complicated. The first 44 cards can be found with three different variations. Two of them have orange backgrounds. The first has an ad for the show on the bottom, reading, "Watcher Superman on T.V." and copyright info riding up the side of the card. A second variation has the copyright on the bottom of the card without the show mention. The rarest back variation are sometimes called "proof backs." That's because they do not have the colored background. Cards 45 to 66 have puzzle pieces on the back. They do not have variations.

1966 Topps Superman Trading Cards 1 1966 Topps Superman Trading Cards 2

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Set Checklist

1966 Topps Superman Checklist

66 cards.

1 Krypton is Doomed
2 Destination Earth
3 Superman's Parents
4 Ace Reporter
5 Superman
6 A Job for Superman
7 The Man of Steel
8 Superman's Strength
9 Metropolis Hero
10 The Threat
11 Plotting Lois' Death
12 Lois in Trouble
13 Lois is Kidnapped
14 Jimmy and Clark
15 He's Been Shot
16 Clark Gets a Lead
17 No False Moves, Kent
18 You're Finished Kent
19 Superman in Action
20 Futile Fight
21 Superman's Warning
22 The Backfire
23 Crushing Blow
24 Seeing with X-Ray Eyes
25 Saved by Superman
26 Safe at Last
27 Superman's Peril
28 Jimmy, Superman and Perry
29 Great Ceasar's Ghost
30 Bullets Bounce Off Him
31 In the Nick of Time
32 Superman & the Savages
33 Superman Leaps In
34 Superman to the Rescue
35 Superman's Problem
36 The Challenge
37 The Pirate's Decision
38 It's Superman
39 Helping Hand
40 Superman & the Cavemen
41 Facing the Death Ray
42 Superman's Wedding
43 Happy Ending
44 Reporter Clark Kent
45 Super Safecracker
46 Interviewing the Chief
47 Superman's Pet
48 At the Police Station
49 Capturing the Crooks
50 The Alien Arrives
51 Superman Gets His Man
52 Jor-El on Krypton
53 Jimmy Behind Bars
54 Help Me Superman
55 Lois Threatened
56 Superman's Search
57 Pa Kent Finds Superboy
58 Held as a Hostage
59 Rocket From Krypton
60 Flight Over Metropolis
61 The Kryptonite Ray
62 Superman as a Baby
63 Ruler of Krypton
64 Superman's Father
65 Visitor from Space
66 Harmless Blow
1966 Topps Superman Trading Cards 24

1966 Topps Superman Trading Cards 3Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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I have card number five with Superman standing with hands on hip orange back with nation periodical publications on bottom mint condition. Trying to find it’s valye

I have no. 9 metropolis’ hero but could not find a price

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