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1966 Topps Lost in Space Trading Cards

1966 Topps Lost in Space Trading Cards

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1966 Topps Lost in Space trading cards are one of the most popular sets from the era. Charting the early voyages of the Robinsons and their fantastic trip into space, the cards include images from the first handful of the show's episodes.

The 1966 Topps Lost in Space checklist has just 55 cards. But that doesn't mean that it's easy to complete, particularly in top condition. Several cards command a premium, particularly the first card in the set.

Card fronts are very basic. A black and white image from the show's first season is surrounded by a white border. A small black ribbon at the bottom of the card has a short caption and a small space-themed icon. Card backs are much more intricate. Backgrounds are in pink and include a detailed illustration. The card number is in a circle at the top while a writeup that describes the front photo is in a large rectangle.

Collectors should be careful of unauthorized 1966 Topps Lost in Space reprints. One set doesn't have the pink on the back. Another has much sharper images and is printed on better card stock.

Professionally graded cards are especially popular with this set.

1966 Topps Lost in Space 12 1966 Topps Lost in Space 12 Back

Top eBay Listings

1966 Topps Lost In Space, 4 Different Cards.Original NOT Reprints!! High Grade

1966 Topps LOST IN SPACE #48 - One-Eyed Terror - EX+ NM!!!

1966 Topps LOST IN SPACE #53 - The Battle Begins - NM!!!

Original 1966 Topps LOST IN SPACE #26 THE STRANGE PLANET EXC excellent condition

Original 1966 Topps LOST IN SPACE #52 THE FLYING WARRIOR EXC excellent condition

1966 Topps Lost In Space #17 Danger Ahead EX NM **AA-7364**

1966 Topps Lost In Space #14 Terror Strikes EXCL **AA-7373**

1966 Topps Lost In Space #10 Who Goes There? EXCL **AA-7372**

1966 Topps Lost In Space #14 The Flying Warrior EXCL **AA-7375**

Original 1966 Topps LOST IN SPACE #34 The Robinsons Report *EXCELLENT CONDITION*


LOST IN SPACE GUM CARD BOX Original TOPPS 1966 Jonathan Harris Irwin Allen

1966 Topps Lost in Space #25 Robot Research Non-Sports Card a8x

1966 Topps Lost in Space #12 Readying the Robot Non-Sports Card a8x

1966 Topps Lost in Space Wrapper with Battleship Ad

1966 Topps, Lost In Space, #19 No Escape
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Set Checklist

1966 Topps Lost in Space Checklist

55 cards.

1 The World Waits
2 Aliens Are Listening
3 Ready for Take-Off
4 The Pilot Dreams
5 Good-Bye Earth!
6 Destination-The Stars!
7 Ship Off Course
8 Silence from Earth
9 The Mystery Below
10 Who Goes There?
11 The Stowaway
12Readying the Robot
13 Fear on Board
14 Terror Strikes
15 Trapped!
16 Two in Danger
17 Danger Ahead
18 A New Peril
19 No Escape
20 Last Chance
21 The Metal Menace
22 Shock Landing
23 Victim of the Crash
24 Opening the Way
25 Robot Research
26 The Strange Planet
27 The Chariot
28 Robot Reporting
29 Alarming News
30 Urgent Warning
31 The Ground Trembles
32 The Deadly Sun
33 Safe from the Sun
34 The Robinsons Report
35 Penny's Pets
36 Where is Penny?
37 The Planets of Peril
38 The Terrible Sight
39 The Planet's Prey
40 Lost in Darkness
41 The Mystery Ship
42 Running for Help
43 The Search
44 In the Lost City
45 The Stranger Helps
46 The Terrible Cold
47 What Was That?
48 One Eyed Terror
49 The Giant Threatens
50 The Awesome Menace
51 Readying an Attack
52 The Flying Warrior
53 The Battle Begins
54 In Death's Grip
55 Facing the Future
1966 Topps Lost in Space Trading Cards

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  1. hi ryani dont have a computer im at the public library i was wondering how could i get some lost in space trading cards the scenes im interested in are anything showing the jupiter 2 or the robot with willand dr smith and cast scenes i was just curious they will not allow e bay auctio any suggestions thank you i look forword to hearing from you tedn bidding from the librarys computers

  2. I Love Lost in Space &Star Trek.

  3. i have 30 and 33 fair condition make an offer

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