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1964 Topps Monsters from Outer Limits Trading Cards

1964 Topps Monsters from Outer Limits Trading Cards

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Although it's reviled by some for it's liberal spin on a beloved Sci-fi property, 1964 Topps Monsters from Outer Limits is still one of the most popular entertainment trading card sets of all-time. Highlighted by strange creatures, the set also features notoriously tough black borders that make finding top-condition cards extremely tough to find.

While Topps produced the Outer Limits set, it was released under the Bubbles Inc. banner. The same thing happened with 1962 Topps Mars Attacks, presumably to put a little distance between the company and the potentially controversial subject matter.

The Outer Limits ranks near the top of the list when it comes to beloved Sci-fi TV shows. But there's some mixed feelings about the set from big-time fans. The cards may use visuals from the series, but the write-ups have nothing to do with it. According to this interview with Len Brown, one of the set's creators, when the show's writers wanted money for using their storylines, Topps didn't have the budget and did their own.

Besides the subject matter, another reason why 1964 Topps Monsters from Outer Limits is so popular today is the design. Card fronts have a black border that is extremely condition sensitive. They amplify even the smallest dings. Images are taken from black and white promo stills that were colorized by Topps. Card bottoms have a yellow caption.

Card backs are primarily black. A yellow comet shoots across with the top. The caption is repeated in a headline. The text is in a large yellow box.

1964 Topps Monsters from Outer Limits Trading Cards 1 1964 Topps Monsters from Outer Limits Trading Cards 2

Further adding to the challenge of building the set are a few double prints and a ton of perceived short prints. Nearly half of the set is tougher to find while other cards are much more readily available.

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Set Checklist

1964 Topps Monsters from Outer Limits Checklist

50 cards.
DP = Double Prints, SP = Short Print

1 Television Terror
2 Radio-Active Man
3 Transparent Creature DP
4 Terror from Space SP
5 Man from Galaxy "X"
6 Jelly Creature SP
7 Unstoppable One SP
8 Jelly Man Attacks SP
9 Fangs of Death SP
10 Visit from the Future SP
11 Man from Tomorrow
12 Monster from Venus
13 Horror in the Woods
14 Hunting New Victims SP
15 Brainless Glob SP
16 Man With Super Sight
17 Not of This Wolrd SP
18 Invasion of the Sea Beast
19 Sea Beast Strikes
20 Fury of the Sea Beast SP
21 Prize Catch
22 Captive Beast SP
23 Human Insects DP
24 "Invade Earth"
25 Thing from Mercury
26 The Death Ray SP
27 The Doom Machine
28 Twin Space Terrors
29 Night of Terror
30 The Invader SP
31 The Mind Stealer
32 "You Are in My Power" DP
33 Incredible Ice Man SP
34 Frozen Terror
35 Plotting Destruction
36 Bring in the Earthmen
37 "You Can't Stop Me"
38 Brain Destroyer SP
39 Martian Torture SP
40 Touch of Death DP
41 Fearful Foe SP
42 Captive Scientist SP
43 Living Nightmare
44 Subterraneans SP
45 The Clay Man
46 Clay Man's Revenge DP
47 Clay Man's Next Victim SP
48 Uninvited Guest SP
49 The Escape SP
50 Destruction of the Clay Man SP
1964 Topps Monsters from Outer Limits Trading Cards 3

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Robert Shreffler
Robert Shreffler

Great art work of all the great episodes. Fun to chase in graded Mid to High Grade. Personally am still 9 cards short of a full graded Bubbles USA set and that does add to the incredible aspect.

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