What to Expect for the 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball Error Variations

What to Expect for the 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball Error Variations

One of the nice nods about the Topps Heritage Baseball line is that it includes many nods to the past, not just with designs. For several years, Topps Heritage error short print variations have recreated mistakes from the past.

2013 Topps Heritage Baseball has six such error variations. Below, we look to the 1964 Topps Baseball set, the one that inspired 2013 Topps Heritage, for the error precedents in hopes of giving collectors a head start on what to possibly look for. As with the past, don't expect the 2013 Topps Heritage error variations to pop out at you right away. Most are very subtle and tough to spot unless you know exactly what to look for.

1964 Topps Baseball Errors and Variations

Here's a list of the original 1964 Topps Baseball errors and variations collectors can expect to be recreated in 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball. While the 2013 Topps Heritage error variations are confirmed by number and player, the actual variations listed below are predictions.

1964 Topps Baseball 4 Whitey Ford, Camilo Pascual, Jim Bouton

1964 Topps Baseball had a very subtle variation on card 4, a league leaders card showcasing the top three American League pitchers when it came to wins. On the back, the word "PITCHING" can be found at the top with and without an apostrophe at the end.

2013 Topps Heritage Baseball features a similar AL leaders card with David Price, Jered Weaver and Matt Harrison. Expect the error version to have a similar variation.

1964 Topps Baseball 125 Pete Rose

Pete Rose's All-Star Rookie card is one of several uncorrected errors in 1964 Topps Baseball. On the back, the card says Charlie Hustle was born in 1942. In actuality, Rose was born in 1941.

Rangers pitcher, Yu Darvish, takes up the same spot on the 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball checklist. He was born in 1986. One should expect the error variation to have something similar, such as a 1987 birth year on the back.

1964 Topps Baseball 125 Pete Rose

1964 Topps Baseball 325 Hector Lopez

Like Rose, the 1964 Topps Hector Lopez lists the incorrect birthday. The card says the former Yankee was born in 1932. In fact, Lopez was born three years earlier in 1929.

Rafael Betancourt has a 2013 Topps Heritage Error Variation on the same spot of the checklist. Betancourt was born in 1975. Precedent suggests the error may say he was born in 1978.

1964 Topps 325 Hector Lopez

1964 Topps Baseball 335 Don Mossi

Don Mossi cards have an iconic place in the hobby, usually not for the most flattering of reasons. Yet again, the fact checkers at Topps made a mistake with a birthday. Mossi was born in 1929. His 1964 Topps Baseball card says it was 1930.

Jonny Venters is card 335 on the 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball checklist. The Braves pitcher was born in 1985. The error might say otherwise.

1964 Topps 335 Don Mossi

1964 Topps Baseball 355 Vic Power

Another uncorrected birth year error, the 1964 Topps 355 Vic Power says he was born in 1931. However, by then Power was already four-years-old having been born in 1927.

Chris Tillman is the 2013 Topps Heritage Error Variation at this spot. His birth year is 1988.

1964 Topps Baseball 440 Bob Clemente

You have to look close to spot the 1964 Topps Roberto Clemente error. On the back, draw your attention to his 1960 stat line. Apparently, the legend spent a year in a place called Pittsburfh before returning to this dimension's Pittsburgh. Like most 1964 Topps errors, this one wasn't corrected.

The 2013 Topps Heritage Error Variation in this spot belongs to Bryce Harper. Look carefully at the Washington stat line and see if it's spelled correctly.

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  1. The information above about Jonny Venters is incorrect. He was born in 1985 not 1975 as posted. Thanks for the information you have provided. Just thought I would let you know about this typo.

  2. AL pitching leaders has the apostrophe on the word pitching.

    PITCHING LEADERS (regular)

  3. RJ » Thanks RJ! That’s what we’d figured it’d be but hadn’t seen one yet to confirm.

  4. Attention, Heritage fans and error seekers: I just discovered while going through my 2013 Heritage Bryce Harper variations that Topps has also (mistakenly?) labeled the Harper permutations with “outfield” or “outfielder”, depending on which one. The base card says “outfield”, and all the other variations EXCEPT the “Pittsburfh” error, say “outfielder.” The codes are different on all but the two versions of the action shot, which share the same code, oddly. Has anybody else noticed this?

  5. topps 2013 heritage I have three cards #203 alicides escobar,#56 adam wainwright,#406 jaime garcia. these cards have no questions on the back ,but have the answers. there is a blank space,where the question should be. are these errors? thanks

  6. rich boger, I have one of Wainwright also. Maybe they’re all like this?

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