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1964 Leaf Munsters Trading Cards

1964 Leaf Munsters Trading Cards

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Joining the ranks of the Addams Family, is the Munsters, another on of TV's monster-sticom mash-ups that brought fun and a touch of fear to young viewers. 1964 Leaf Munsters trading cards capitalize on that fun with a classic black-and-white release.

The 1964 Leaf Munsters base set comes with 72 cards. Like the show, images lack color. They're a mix of shots from the show with promotional images. Coming from such a visually striking show, there's plenty of delightfully strange cards. Captions on the front are largely one-liners that will likely bring more eyerolls than laughs. The plain white borders result in an otherwise plain look.

Card backs have the show's logo along with dialogue highlights. The result is more groans, similar to the fronts.

1964 Leaf Munsters Trading Cards 1 1964 Leaf Munsters Trading Cards 2

1964 Leaf Munsters packs also come with one of 16 different stickers. These use illustrations and bring some color to the product.

This set remains very popular today. Even singles in rough shape usually land a few dollars. Professionally graded examples getting high marks can sell for much higher.

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1964 Leaf Munsters T.V. Theatre Checklist

Base Set Checklist

72 cards.

1964 Leaf Munsters Trading Cards 24

1 "Let "Hearse" put you in the driver's seat!"
2 It'll never fit over the bat wings!
3 No, Herman, it isn't an electric guitar, but the chair is!
4 One lump or two?
5 I'm telling you the one that got away was this big --
6 And then she said I looked like a movie star
7 What do you mean, where did I dig up this costume?
8 "You'll eat it, or else!"
9 Don't worry, Eddie. Just listen to me and you'll become a good Batsman!
10 These horror programs are really something
11 I can't understand it - My pajamas don't shrink - they shriek!
12 This kid plays like he's out for blood!
13 I can't help it, Lilly, I have a monsterous appetite!
14 This picture is out of this world
15 Ahh...One for the road!
16 We dig you the most
17 What do you mean, why am I wearing two costumes?
18 Where is that rat fink?
19 You can count on me to be the perfect host at your Sweet Sixteen party!"
20 Darling, do you think I'm still as beautiful as that Halloween night when we first met?
21 Relax, you look like you saw a ghost.
22 And the strings are made from... Oh dear, what was the name of Spot's friend?
23 Hmm, the obituaries are dull today
24 Ah, this should ease an upset stomach.
25 I hope the finance company won't take my favorite chair!
26 Isn't it amazing what a new hairdo will do to make a woman more glamorous!
27 Marilyn - I sure like your new way to make spaghetti
28 Hello, Operator, is there another towtruck service? For some reason the last one refused to stop.
29 Trick or Treat?
30 Mom, not only does it work, but it even looks like Dad!
31 Herman, stop experimenting in the kitchen and have your tea.
32 Just a scratch, but I can't stand the sight of blood!
33 This is the way Grandpa kisses.
34 At last, a potion with only one calorie per bottle
35 Um...Soup, just like Mother used to make.
36 "Every-body loves some-body sometime!"
37 It's midnite, Lilly, what's for breakfast?
38 It's lucky I have a mechanical mind!
39 This is a marvelous chair for getting a fast home permanent.
40 Somehow food in a cafeteria never tastes as good as home-cooking.
41 And they say "blonds have more fun"
42 Compared to you Grandpa, the little old wine-maker is an amateur
43 Grandpa, have you seen my white horse?
44 ".....And leave the driving to us!"
45 I must wait for the mailman ask him why he's been avoiding my house!
46 Lilly, don't you think the garden is better this year since we planted the poison ivy?
47 Don't shout! I may be blind as a bat but not deaf as one.
48 No Herman there is nothing wrong with me - your glasses are cracked
49 They were right. "Abra-cadabera" isn't in the dictionary.
50 Let's see... There's a red one missing. I either lost it or ate it!
51 Oops, Darling I think I found that cavity!
52 Yes, this is definitely whiter!
53 But Grandpa you forgot the batteries
54 Did they say it's "good to the last drop?"
55 It itches!
56 What do you mean I look like Napoleon? This is the uniform of the Transylvania Army!
57 Sure I can do the Watusi.
58 But I was voted one of the 10 Best Dressed
59 The one thing I can't kill is this crab grass.
60 Herman, look it's the Cat Burglar and he's stealing our rats!
61 I'm sure you have the wrong number. This phone's been disconnected for ten years!
62 I said let's go to a dance, not a trance!
63 See, Eddie's all right. He's just playing with his pets!
64 I guess the tiger in our tank just doesn't want any milk!
65 See Lilly, the suit's so tight I'm popping at the seams!
66 I got this medal for being an expert at night flying!
67 See, Grandpa, the weatherman says there's going to be no full moon tonight
68 Operator...I want to report a dead phone!
69 That's a strange manhole cover...All the ones I know of are made of dirt and grass!
70 This is one way of getting even with "Smokey the Bear."
71 I think I'll go for a ride and join some one's funeral procession.
72 Now I see it - The doctor did leave out a stitch!

Stickers Checklist

16 cards. Inserted 1 per pack.
1964 Leaf Munsters Trading Cards 25

Eddie - portrait
Eddie - spider web
Grandpa - drinking
Grandpa - portrait
Grandpa - sitting
Herman - chains
Herman - drinking
Herman - fixing car
Herman - graveyard
Herman - portrait
Herman - strapped down
Lilly - driving
Lilly - portrait
Lilly -reading
Marilyn - portrait
Werewolf - portrait

1964 Leaf Munsters Trading Cards 3Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Hi, I have 65 munsters mumbles cards all in pretty good condition. I’m missing 1,4,7,11,12,18,19,20,26,27,34,42,50,56,63,64,65,68,71I have doubles of these 6,14,22,28,30,33,38,41,43,51,59,70.

I’m not in this business and would like to know if you would be interested. I understand that you need to make a profit and I’m fine with that. Please let me know.

Sincerely Brian

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