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1964-65 Topps Hockey Cards

1964-65 Topps Hockey Cards

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There were a number of notable firsts in the 1964-65 Topps Hockey set. It was the first time all the teams in the NHL were included in a Topps issue. It was also the first time the company printed more than 100 cards in a complete set. Most notably, though, 1964-65 Topps Hockey was the first time they used the Tall Boy format in a sports card set.

The biggest distinction about the cards is the larger size. They measure the same 2 1/2 inches as standard cards, but are more than 4 1/2 tall. The bigger size allows for a large picture of a player, with the team name above and the name and position below. The team name is presented with a curved bottom edge, and the information at the bottom is inside a solid-colored strip. A white border surrounds the card, with the corners of the main area rounded. The backs have a card number inside a black circle, with the player's name stretching outward. The team name and position appear below the name, with a single line of stats from the previous season. A short biography on the player follows, along with a French translation. On the right side is a cartoon about the player, with a bilingual caption.

All six NHL teams are included in the set, with players scattered throughout the set, rather than in series like in previous years' sets. Most teams are also represented by their head coaches. Two cards midway through the set feature checklists, and the final six cards name All-Star players. The set was printed in two series, with cards 55 and higher making up the scarcer series. As a result of the uneven distribution of the cards between the series, 11 Series 2 cards were short-printed.

Notable rookie cards in the set include Marcel Paille, Gary Dornhoefer, Pit Martin, Roger Crozier, Jim Pappin, Rod Seiling and Lou Angotti. Other key cards in the set include the All-Star cards of Tim Horton and Stan Mikita, which are among the short-prints.

Key 1964-65 Topps Hockey Cards:

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Set Checklist

1964-65 Topps Hockey Cards Set Checklist

110 cards.

1 Hubert "Pit" Martin RC
2 Gilles Tremblay
3 Terry Harper
4 John Ferguson
5 Elmer Vasko
6 Terry Sawchuk
7 Bill Hay
8 Gary Bergman RC
9 Doug Barkley
10 Bob McCord
11 Parker MacDonald
12 Glenn Hall
13 Albert Langlois
14 Camille Henry
15 Norm Ullman
16 Ab McDonald
17 Charlie Hodge
18 Orland Kurtenbach
19 Dean Prentice
20 Bobby Hull
21 Ed Johnston
22 Denis DeJordy
23 Claude Provost
24 Rod Gilbert
25 Doug Mohns
26 Al MacNeil
27 Billy Harris
28 Ken Wharram
29 George "Red" Sullivan
30 John McKenzie
31 Stan Mikita
32 Ted Green
33 Jean Beliveau
34 Arnie Brown RC
35 Reg Fleming
36 Jim Mikol RC
37 Dave Balon
38 Billy Reay Coach
39 Marcel Pronovost
40 Johnny Bower
41 Wayne Hillman
42 Floyd Smith
43 Hector "Toe" Blake Coach
44 Leonard "Red" Kelly
45 George "Punch" Imlach Coach
46 Dick Duff
47 Roger Crozier RC
48 Henri Richard
49 Larry Jeffrey
50 Leo Boivin
51 Ed Westfall
52 Jean-Guy Talbot
53 Jacques Laperriere
54 Checklist
55 Checklist
56 Ron Murphy
57 Bob Baun
58 Tom Williams
59 Pierre Pilote
60 Bob Pulford
61 Gordon "Red" Berenson
62 Vic Hadfield
63 Bob Leiter
64 Jim Pappin RC
65 Earl Ingarfield
66 Lou Angotti RC
67 Rod Seiling RC
68 Jacques Plante
69 George Armstrong
70 Milt Schmidt Coach
71 Eddie Shack
72 Gary Dornhoefer RC
73 Ron "Chico" Maki
74 Gilles Villemure
75 Carl Brewer
76 Bruce MacGregor
77 Bob Nevin
78 Ralph Backstrom
79 Murray Oliver
80 Bobby Rousseau
81 Don McKenney
82 Ted Lindsay
83 Harry Howell
84 Doug Robinson RC
85 Frank Mahovlich
86 Andy Bathgate
87 Phil Goyette
88 J.C. Tremblay
89 Gordie Howe
90 Murray Balfour
91 Eric Nesterenko
92 Marcel Paille RC
93 Sid Abel Coach
94 Dave Keon
95 Alex Delvecchio
96 Bill Gadsby
97 Don Marshall
98 Bill Hicke
99 Ron Stewart
100 Johnny Bucyk
101 Tom Johnson
102 Tim Horton
103 Jim Neilson
104 Allan Stanley
105 Tim Horton All-Star
106 Stan Mikita All-Star
107 Bobby Hull All-Star
108 Ken Wharram All-Star
109 Pierre Pilote All-Star
110 Glenn Hall All-Star
1964-65 Topps Hockey Cards 23

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I have a complete set of 110 cards. I bought these myself (a nickel a pack with gum) and have them sitting in a box. My sons have no interest in any cards. Any idea of what a complete set is worth?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

It greatly depends on the condition but the complete set is easily worth hundreds (if not thousands).

brian menard
brian menard

4 stars, great pictures and info. Only needed now is a contact to sell our items to. I have a complete set of the 110 tall boy cards. Medium to mint condition.

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