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1963-64 Parkhurst Hockey Cards

1963-64 Parkhurst Hockey Cards

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For its final set, 1963-64 Parkhurst featured a team-based design that was much more unusual than any that had been used in a hockey set before. At the same time, there was an emphasis given to the two Canadian teams, with two cards for nearly every player.

1963-64 Parkhurst Hockey card fronts featured a player picture superimposed against a team-specific background design. Detroit Red Wings were shown with an American flag in the background, regardless of that player's actual birth nation. Toronto Maple Leafs were placed in front on the Red Ensign that served as the national flag at the time. Montreal Canadiens weren't given any flag. Instead, they had parallel bars. Backs feature the player's name across the top, followed by bilingual vital stats and a lifetime NHL record. The rest of the card was for one of three send-in prizes: a tabletop hockey game, a replica Stanley Cup or an autographed puck.

While 1963-64 Parkhurst Hockey was largely broken up into team subsets, every Montreal player and coach received two cards. All but three Maple Leafs also received two cards, and each Detroit Red Wings player was featured on a single card.

Key rookies in the 99-card set include Cesare Maniago, Red Berenson, Alex Faulkner, John Ferguson and Jacques LaPerriere.

Key 1963-64 Parkhurst Hockey Cards:

1963-64 Parkhurst Hockey Cards 1

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Set Checklist

1963-64 Parkhurst Hockey Cards Set Checklist

99 cards.

1 Allan Stanley
2 Don Simmons
3 Red Kelly
4 Dick Duff
5 Johnny Bower
6 Ed Litzenberger
7 Kent Douglas RC
8 Carl Brewer
9 Eddie Shack
10 Bob Nevin
11 Billy Harris
12 Bob Pulford
13 George Armstrong
14 Ron Stewart
15 John MacMillan RC
16 Tim Horton
17 Frank Mahovlich
18 Bob Baun
19 Punch Imlach
20 King Clancy
21 Gilles Tremblay
22 Jean-Guy Talbot
23 Henri Richard
24 Ralph Backstrom
25 Bill Hicke
26 Red Berenson RC
27 Jacques Laperriere RC
28 Jean Gauthier RC
29 Bernie Geoffrion
30 Jean Beliveau
31 J.C. Tremblay
32 Terry Harper RC
33 John Ferguson RC
34 Toe Blake
35 Bobby Rousseau
36 Claude Provost
37 Marc Reaume
38 Dave Balon
39 Gump Worsley
40 Cesare Maniago RC
41 Bruce MacGregor
42 Alex Faulkner RC
43 Pete Goegan
44 Parker MacDonald
45 Andre Pronovost
46 Marcel Pronovost
47 Bob Dillabough RC
48 Larry Jeffrey RC
49 Ian Cushenan
50 Alex Delvecchio
51 Hank Ciesla
52 Norm Ullman
53 Terry Sawchuk
54 Ron Ingram RC
55 Gordie Howe
56 Billy McNeill
57 Floyd Smith RC
58 Vic Stasiuk
59 Bill Gadsby
60 Doug Barkley RC
61 Allan Stanley
62 Don Simmons
63 Red Kelly
64 Dick Duff
65 Johnny Bower
66 Ed Litzenberger
67 Kent Douglas RC
68 Carl Brewer
69 Eddie Shack
70 Bob Nevin
71 Billy Harris
72 Bob Pulford
73 George Armstrong
74 Ron Stewart
75 Dave Keon
76 Tim Horton
77 Frank Mahovlich
78 Bob Baun
79 Punch Imlach
80 Gilles Tremblay
81 Jean-Guy Talbot
82 Henri Richard
83 Ralph Backstrom
84 Bill Hicke
85 Red Berenson RC
86 Jacques Laperriere RC
87 Jean Gauthier RC
88 Bernie Geoffrion
89 Jean Beliveau
90 J.C. Tremblay
91 Terry Harper RC
92 John Ferguson RC
93 Toe Blake Coach
94 Bobby Rousseau
95 Claude Provost
96 Marc Reaume
97 Dave Balon
98 Gump Worsley
99 Cesare Maniago RC
1963-64 Parkhurst Hockey Cards 23

1963-64 Parkhurst Hockey Cards 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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