1962 Fleer Football Cards

1962 Fleer Football Cards

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For 1962, Fleer returned to featuring only players from the AFL after a year where both leagues were included in its set. At the same time, the company cut back to a smaller set size of 88 cards and scaled back its production. However, the cards were more colorful that past issues had been.

Card fronts have the standard player picture (in fact, all 1960s Fleer football cards have a similar size and placement when it comes to player photos) with the top corners rounded. A box below the player includes the player's name, position team and a logo. Each team has its own color scheme. Backs are vertically oriented and have a blue box at the top that includes the player's name, position, team, logo and uniform number. Three lines of vital stats and a player biography fill out the rest of the card.

The set is numbered so the players are grouped by team. Each team is arranged alphabetically by home city. The 88 cards were issued in a single series and are plagued with centering issues, which makes collecting them frustrating for condition-conscious collectors.

Key rookies include Billy Shaw, Fred Williamson, Gino Cappeletti, Ernie Ladd and Charlie Hennigan.

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