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1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey Cards

1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey Cards


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1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey saw some changes from previous years. Actually, the fronts are similar but the amount of information included on the back was scaled back drastically and replaced by a novelty. For many critics, that change showed the beginning of the end of the company's offerings.

Card fronts show a player image superimposed against a background color. The background also contains the player's team logo shown several times over. A black box along the bottom contains the card number and the player's name, with a white border surrounding the card. Backs are written in both French and English. A note along the top identifies the cards' year of issue, and the player's name is presented in a bold font beneath that. His stats from the previous year follow. After that, a large cartoon takes up the rest of the card, with a punchline that can be revealed by rubbing the edge of a coin along the surface. Needless to say, a card that has been scratched loses some of its value.

There are 51 cards in the complete 1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey set. The checklist is broken down among three of the NHL's teams. The Toronto Maple Leafs appear on cards 1 through 18, the Detroit Red Wings are on cards 19 through 34 and the Montreal Canadiens take up the rest of the set. Unlike previous Parkhurst sets, there are no coaches, action cards or specialty subsets.

The only notable rookie in 1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey is Dave Keon.

Key 1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey Cards:

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DICKIE MOORE 61-62 PARKHURST 1961-62 NO 36 VGEX 9287

1X TIM HORTON 1961 62 Parkhurst #1 P Toronto Maple Leafs

1X FRANK MAHOVLICH 1961 62 Parkhurst #2 FR Toronto Maple Leafs

1X JOHNNY BOWER 1961 62 Parkhurst #3 G Toronto Maple Leafs

1X EDDIE SHACK 1961 62 Parkhurst #7 GVG Toronto Maple Leafs

1X LEONARD RED KELLY 1961 62 Parkhurst #9 G+ Toronto Maple Leafs

1X DICK DUFF 1961 62 Parkhurst #12 VG+ Toronto Maple Leafs

1X CARL BREWER 1961 62 Parkhurst #18 VG- Toronto Maple Leafs

1X AL JOHNSON 1961 62 Parkhurst #22 EX Detroit Red Wings

1X PETE GOEGAN 1961 62 Parkhurst #23 VG- Detroit Red Wings

1X ALEX DELVECCHIO 1961 62 Parkhurst #25 G+ Detroit Red Wings

1X NORM ULLMAN 1961 62 Parkhurst #26 GVG Detroit Red Wings

1X BOB TURNER 1961 62 Parkhurst #41 EX Montreal Canadiens

1X HENRI RICHARD 1961 62 Parkhurst #43 VG Montreal Canadiens

1961-62 Parkhurst #23 Pete Goegan PSA Mint 9

1961-62 Parkhurst Dick Duff Autographed Card #12 SGC Maple Leafs
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Set Checklist

1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey Cards Set Checklist

51 cards.

1 Tim Horton
2 Frank Mahovlich
3 Johnny Bower
4 Bert Olmstead
5 Dave Keon RC
6 Ron Stewart
7 Eddie Shack
8 Bob Pulford
9 Leonard "Red" Kelly
10 Bob Nevin
11 Bob Baun
12 Dick Duff
13 Larry Keenan RC
14 Larry Hillman
15 Billy Harris
16 Allan Stanley
17 George Armstrong
18 Carl Brewer
19 Howie Glover RC
20 Gordie Howe
21 Val Fonteyne
22 Al Johnson RC
23 Pete Goegan
24 Len Lunde
25 Alex Delvecchio
26 Norm Ullman
27 Bill Gadsby
28 Ed Litzenberger
29 Marcel Pronovost
30 Warren Godfrey
31 Terry Sawchuk
32 Vic Stasiuk
33 Leo Labine
34 John McKenzie
35 Bernie "Boom-Boom" Geoffrion
36 Dickie Moore
37 Albert Langlois
38 Bill Hicke
39 Ralph Backstrom
40 Don Marshall
41 Bob Turner
42 Tom Johnson
43 Henri Richard
44 Wayne Connelly RC
45 Jean Beliveau
46 Phil Goyette
47 Marcel Bonin
48 Jean-Guy Talbot
49 Jacques Plante
50 Claude Provost
51 Andre Pronovost
1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey Tim Horton

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