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1960 Topps Football Cards

1960 Topps Football Cards

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The 1960 Topps Football card set is a very affordable vintage offering. There are a few reasons that contribute to this fact. The big one is the lack of a big-name rookie card. The set has no scarce cards as all were printed in equal amounts. Also, the card stock holds up well, making it easier to build a set in EX condition or better. The pureness of the card design allows the player's picture to dominate the card's landscape, making it one of the better looking sets of the era.

1960 Topps Football has a total of 132 cards. Each measures the standard 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 inches. It was issued as a single series despite the checklists calling them the first and second series. The only rookie card of note is that of Forrest Gregg (#56). However, what the set lacks in rookie cards it makes up for in star appeal with hobby heavyweights like Jim Brown (#23), Bart Starr (#51) and Johnny Unitas (#1) anchoring the set. Other future Hall of Fame players in the set include Paul Hornung (#54), Frank Gifford (#74), Bobby Layne (#93) and Y.A. Tittle (#113). The set also has the distinction of being the first to showcase cards of the Dallas Cowboys.


1960 Topps Football photos are reminiscent of those used in 1957 Topps Baseball. A small football icon in one of the lower corners contains the player's name, team and position. The football itself is depicted in one of several colors: blue, green, red, yellow or orange. A white border frames the card. The back of the cards are laid out similar to those of the 1959 Topps format. A football-shaped icon contains the card number with the player's name, team and position appearing beside it. There are two lines of statistics below that. Some players get a designated area with year and lifetime statistics, while others receive a short biographical write-up. The rest of the area on the cards' back is taken up by a Football Funnies feature, a cartoon hidden under a scratch-off surface. As would be expected, a card that has been scratched is worth less than one that hasn't.

The cards are numbered so that each team has its section within the set, but players are not arranged alphabetically. Instead, the quarterback is usually first, followed by the running backs. The teams are arranged alphabetically by city, so Baltimore is first and Washington is last. Dallas was an expansion team, so the very first Cowboys cards are featured in the set as well. Also, the Cardinals are shown in their new home city of St. Louis. All teams except the Cowboys have a team photo card, which features one of two checklists on the back. The team card is the final card in each team's section of the set.

Errors and Condition Issues

For the second year in a row, Topps placed a picture of Cardinals linebacker Jim Taylor on a card that was supposed to show Jim Taylor of the Packers. This error was never corrected. There are several other known errors including at least three cards that display reverse images; Doug Atkins (#20), Bill Wade (#61) and Frank Varrichione (#97)), while four others - Charlie Ane (#37), Chuck Bednarik (#87), Bob Pellegrini (#88) and Ralph Guglielmi (#123) - showcase misspelled names. In addition, Bill Anderson's card (#152) refers to him as Walt Anderson on the back. Commonly seen condition issues of the 1960 Topps Football card sets are centering, print flaws and the sensitive green borders on the back of the cards make them difficult to find in top condition.

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Key Cards

Key 1960 Topps Football Cards

Jim Brown #23

1960 Topps Football Cards 1

Johnny Unitas #1

1960 Topps Football Cards 2

Bart Starr #51

1960 Topps Football Cards 3

Paul Hornung #54

1960 Topps Football Cards 4

Forrest Gregg RC #56

1960 Topps Football Cards 5

1960 Topps Football Cards 6

Set Checklist

1960 Topps Football Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Featuring 132 cards

1 Johnny Unitas
 2 Alan Ameche
 3 Lenny Moore
 4 Raymond Berry
 5 Jim Parker
 6 George Preas RC
 7 Art Spinney
 8 Bill Pellington RC
 9 Johnny Sample RC
 10 Gene Lipscomb
 11 Colts Team
 12 Ed Brown
 13 Rick Casares
 14 Willie Galimore
 15 Jim Dooley
 16 Harlon Hill UER
 17 Stan Jones
 18 Bill George
 19 Erich Barnes RC
 20 Doug Atkins
 21 Bears Team
 22 Milt Plum
 23 Jim Brown
 24 Sam Baker
 25 Bobby Mitchell
 26 Ray Renfro
 27 Bill Howton
 28 Jim Ray Smith
 29 Jim Shofner RC
 30 Bob Gain
 31 Browns Team
 32 Don Heinrich
 33 Ed Modzelewski UER
 34 Fred Cone
 35 L.G. Dupre
 36 Dick Bielski
 37 Charlie Ane UER
 38 Jerry Tubbs
 39 Doyle Nix RC
 40 Ray Krouse
 41 Earl Morrall
 42 Howard Cassady
 43 Dave Middleton
 44 Jim Gibbons RC
 45 Darris McCord RC
 46 Joe Schmidt
 47 Terry Barr
 48 Yale Lary
 49 Gil Mains RC
 50 Lions Team
 51 Bart Starr
 52 Jim Taylor UER
 53 Lew Carpenter
 54 Paul Hornung
 55 Max McGee
 56 Forrest Gregg RC
 57 Jim Ringo
 58 Bill Forester
 59 Dave Hanner
 60 Packers Team
 61 Bill Wade UER
 62 Frank Ryan RC
 63 Ollie Matson
 64 Jon Arnett
 65 Del Shofner
 66 Jim Phillips
 67 Art Hunter
 68 Les Richter
 69 Lou Michaels RC
 70 John Baker RC
 71 Rams Team
 72 Charley Conerly
 73 Mel Triplett
 74 Frank Gifford
 75 Alex Webster
 76 Bob Schnelker
 77 Pat Summerall
 78 Roosevelt Brown
 79 Jim Patton
 80 Sam Huff
 81 Andy Robustelli
 82 Giants Team
 83 Clarence Peaks
 84 Bill Barnes
 85 Pete Retzlaff
 86 Bobby Walston
 87 Chuck Bednarik UER
 88 Bob Pellegrini
 89 Tom Brookshier RC
 90 Marion Campbell
 91 Jesse Richardson
 92 Eagles Team
 93 Bobby Layne
 94 John Henry Johnson
 95 Tom Tracy UER
 96 Preston Carpenter
 97 Frank Varrichione UER
 98 John Nisby RC
 99 Dean Derby RC
 100 George Tarasovic
 101 Ernie Stautner
 102 Steelers Team
 103 King Hill
 104 Mal Hammack RC
 105 John David Crow
 106 Bobby Joe Conrad
 107 Woodley Lewis
 108 Don Gillis RC
 109 Carl Brettschneider
 110 Leo Sugar
 111 Frank Fuller RC
 112 Cardinals Team
 113 Y.A. Tittle
 114 Joe Perry
 115 J.D. Smith RC
 116 Hugh McElhenny
 117 Billy Wilson
 118 Bob St. Clair
 119 Matt Hazeltine
 120 Abe Woodson
 121 Leo Nomellini
 122 49ers Team
 123 Ralph Guglielmi UER
 124 Don Bosseler
 125 John Olszewski
 126 Bill Anderson RC UER
 127 Joe Walton RC
 128 Jim Schrader
 129 Ralph Felton RC
 130 Gary Glick
 131 Bob Toneff
 132 Redskins Team
 AD1 Alan Ameche / Paul H
 AD2 Del Shofner / Milt P
 AD3 Bob St. Clair / Jim
 AD4 Tom Brookshier / Pac

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