1959-60 Topps Hockey Cards

1959-60 Topps Hockey Cards


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1959-60 Topps Hockey returned to a format that included only some of the teams in the NHL. This time, however, the first specialty cards appear.

Card fronts feature a player picture superimposed over a two-color background. The background has a white block surrounded by one that is a different solid color. A team logo appears in an upper corner, while the player's name and position appear below him. A white border surrounds the card. 1959-60 Topps Hockey backs feature a red border surrounding a box that is slightly tilted. For the first time in a Topps set, the number is not inside a puck-shaped circle. It appears by itself in the upper left corner. Inside the box, the player's name, position and team stretch along the top, with a single line of the previous year's stats below. A player biography follows in black ink, with a French translation appearing below that in red ink. A general trivia question appears in the red area below the box. It is also bilingual and is flanked by a cartoon.

Once again, 1959-60 Topps Hockey is limited to just the four teams that played their home games inside the United States: the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers. Scattered throughout the set are six action cards, a natural subset for hockey. The action cards feature a caption that is meant to be humorous and are only printed in English.

1959-60 Topps Hockey has no major rookie cards.

Key 1959-60 Topps Hockey Cards:

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1959-60 TOPPS Guy Gendron #24 Boston Bruins NHL EX+

1959-60 Topps Hockey Card #39 Bob Armstrong - Boston Bruins VG+ Vintage NHL Card

1959-60 Topps # 45 Norm Ullman

1959-60 Topps #42 Terry Sawchuk

1959-60 Topps #47 Bobby Hull

1959-60 Topps #63 Gordie Howe

1959-60 Topps:#62 Bill Gadsby,Rangers

1959-60 Topps:#58 Doug Mohns,Bruins

1959-60 Topps:#48 Gordie Howe In-Action

1959-60 Topps:#37 Nick Mickoski,Bruins (Red Wings)

1959-60 Topps:#36 Jim Morrison,Red Wings

1959-60 Topps:#17 Dean Prentice,Rangers

1959-60 Topps Gordie Howe IA W Jack Evans #48
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