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1959-60 Topps Hockey Cards

1959-60 Topps Hockey Cards

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1959-60 Topps Hockey returned to a format that included only some of the teams in the NHL. This time, however, the first specialty cards appear.

Card fronts feature a player picture superimposed over a two-color background. The background has a white block surrounded by one that is a different solid color. A team logo appears in an upper corner, while the player's name and position appear below him. A white border surrounds the card. 1959-60 Topps Hockey backs feature a red border surrounding a box that is slightly tilted. For the first time in a Topps set, the number is not inside a puck-shaped circle. It appears by itself in the upper left corner. Inside the box, the player's name, position and team stretch along the top, with a single line of the previous year's stats below. A player biography follows in black ink, with a French translation appearing below that in red ink. A general trivia question appears in the red area below the box. It is also bilingual and is flanked by a cartoon.

Once again, 1959-60 Topps Hockey is limited to just the four teams that played their home games inside the United States: the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers. Scattered throughout the set are six action cards, a natural subset for hockey. The action cards feature a caption that is meant to be humorous and are only printed in English.

1959-60 Topps Hockey has no major rookie cards.

Key 1959-60 Topps Hockey Cards:

1959-60 Topps Hockey Cards 1

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Set Checklist

1959-60 Topps Hockey Cards Set Checklist

1959-60 Topps Hockey Set Checklist

66 cards.

1 Eric Nesterenko
2 Pierre Pilote
3 Elmer Vasko
4 Pete Goegan
5 Lou Fontinato
6 Ted Lindsay
7 Leo Labine
8 Alex Delvecchio
9 Don McKenney
10 Earl Ingarfield
11 Don Simmons
12 Glen Skov
13 Tod Sloan
14 Vic Stasiuk
15 Lorne "Gump" Worsley
16 Andy Hebenton
17 Dean Prentice
18 Action Picture
19 Fleming Mackell
20 Harry Howell
21 Larry Popein
22 Len Lunde
23 Johnny Bucyk
24 Jean-Guy Gendron
25 Barry Cullen
26 Leo Boivin
27 Warren Godfrey
28 Camille Henry - Action
29 Fern Flaman
30 Jack Evans
31 John Hanna
32 Glenn Hall
33 Murray Balfour RC
34 Andy Bathgate
35 Al Arbour
36 Jim Morrison
37 Nick Mickoski
38 Jerry Toppazzini
39 Bob Armstrong
40 Charlie Burns
41 Billy McNeill
42 Terry Sawchuk
43 Dollard St. Laurent
44 Marcel Pronovost
45 Norm Ullman
46 Camille Henry
47 Bobby Hull
48 Jack Evans - Action
49 Lou Marcon RC
50 Earl Balfour
51 Jim Bartlett
52 Forbes Kennedy
53 John Hanna - Action
54 Harry Howell - Action
55 Brian Cullen
56 Bronco Horvath
57 Eddie Shack
58 Doug Mohns
59 George "Red" Sullivan
60 Fleming Mackell - Action Picture
61 Ed Litzenberger
62 Bill Gadsby
63 Gordie Howe
64 Claude LaForge
65 Leonard "Red" Kelly
66 Ron Murphy
1959-60 Topps Hockey Cards 2

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