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1958 Topps TV Westerns Trading Cards

1958 Topps TV Westerns Trading Cards

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1958 Topps TV Westerns trading cards is a rare set that manages to combine content from nearly a dozen different shows. This is something collectors could only dream about today. Released around the peak of popularity of the Western genre, the set was wildly popular when it was first released and still resonates with collectors today.

The 1958 Topps TV Westerns checklist has 71 cards from 11 different shows:

  • Boots & Saddles
  • The Californians
  • Gunsmoke
  • Have Gun, Will Travel
  • The Restless Gun
  • Tales of Wells Fargo
  • Trackdown
  • Union Pacific
  • Wagon Train
  • Wanted: Dead or Alive
  • Yancy Derringer

The number of cards isn't consistent from series to series. Most have five or six, although this dips to a low of three for The Californians. Gunsmoke, one of the most iconic Westerns, kicks off the set with 15 cards. Cards focus primarily on action from the show as well as showcasing lead stars. And while Wanted: Dead or Alive wasn't the most popular set, the cards here do spotlight acting legend Steve McQueen.

Measuring 2.5" by 3.5", the card design is very distinct. On the front, a large red box has the show's name. It's overlapping a black box with the card's caption. A colorful show photo is underneath. 1958 Topps TV Westerns card backs have a drawn wood grain background with a white box over top. This includes both the card number as well as a second number based on the total number of cards for that particular show. For fans of specific shows, this makes it easier to build a full run of a particular subset. There's also a writeup and an ad for the show at the bottom.

1958 Topps TV Westerns Trading Cards 1 1958 Topps TV Westerns Trading Cards 2

One of the most iconic entertainment sets of the 1950s, 1958 Topps TV Westerns is still readily available. This makes building sets a challenge but certainly feasible.

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Set Checklist

1958 Topps TV Westerns Checklist

71 cards.

1 James Arness as Matt Dillon
2 Dennis Weaver as Chester
3 Doc and Matt
4 Man of Justice
5 Chester and Kitty
6 Advice from Doc
7 Ready to Ride
8 Danger Ahead
9 Matt in Action
10 Showdown!
11 Quick on the Draw
12 Deadly Aim
13 Happy Prisoner
14 Dodge City Social
15 Tall and Tough

16 Robert Culp as Hoby Gilman
17 Search for Clues
18 Surprise Visit
19 Fierce Battle
20 The Pursuit

Wanted: Dead or Alive
21 Steve McQueen as Josh Randall
22 Josh's Weapon
23 The Bounty Seeker
24 Difficult Task
25 Man Hunter

Have Gun, Will Travel
26 Richard Boone as Paladin
27 Dangerous Foe
28 Fighting the Mob
29 Running Battle
30 Paladin Takes Aim
31 The Gentlemen
32 Indian Trouble

Yancy Derringer
33 Jock Mahoney as Yancy Derringer
34 Yancy the Gambler
35 Tense Moments
36 Unexpected Guest
37 Pahoo Ka Ta Wah
38 The Signal
39 Yancy's Persuader
40 Yancy and Pahoo

Union Pacific
41 Jeff Morrow as Bart McClelland
42 Bart Takes Over
43 On Patrol
44 Gail and Bart
45 Bart's Problem

Wagon Train
46 Ward Bond as Major Seth Adams
47 Robert Horton as Flint McCullough
48 The Warning
49 Scouting Mission
50 Gun Fight
51 Looking Ahead

The Restless Gun
52 John Payne as Vint Bonner
53 On the Move
54 Vint the Gunman
55 The Fastest Gun
56 Street Battle

Tales of Wells Fargo
57 Dale Robertson as Jim Hardie
58 Trouble Shooter
59 Jim Senses Trouble
60 Rugged Rider
61 Protection Plan
62 Alert for Action
63 Guarding the Gold

Boots & Saddles
64 Jack Pickard as Shank Adams
65 Call to Action
66 Luke Cummings The Indian Scout
67 Apache Combat
68 Charge!

The Californians
69 Dick Coogan as Matt Wayne
70 Fight for Justice
71 Ready for a Job

1958 Topps TV Westerns Trading Cards 3 1958 Topps TV Westerns Trading Cards 4

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User Reviews

Larissa McShan
Larissa McShan

I have a 51.


I have #30 and # 40


I recall how no one I knew could ever find one of the ‘Wagon Train’ cards; we had to find friends and relatives elsewhere in Ontario to trade!

Most of the collection has survived untold numbers of moves around the world and now I would like to complete the set, replacing a few that have gone missing.

I am looking for: 5, 30, 40, 51, 67.

I have duplicates of: 4, 6, 12, 13, 15, 38, 44, 52, 56.

All of the cards in my collection were used, of course. We wold play before school, at recess, at lunch, after school . . . the most popular game, as I recall, was knocking down popular cards leaning at the base of a wall. As a result, corners were quickly softened!

Am not interested in Mint cards, just some to complete the set.

Contact me at the email address above.


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