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1957 Topps Space Cards

1957 Topps Space Cards

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With the USSR's launch of the Sputnik I satellite, the Space Race was on. 1957 Topps Space Cards chart the launch of human space exploration and look to possible futures of people traveling deeper into the solar system.

1957 Topps Space Cards Set Details

The 88-card set is filled with colorful illustrations. While clearly Science Fiction, a lot of the ideas were rooted well within the possibilities of what might have been possible. As the checklist progresses, it follows a natural evolution of what space travel might have been like. Following Sputnik, it imagined man heading to the moon, living there and going beyond. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and even the sun are part of the imaginative set.

1957 Topps Space Cards 1

Card fronts have a detailed cartoon image. Done in full-color, they're vibrant and distinct. They come with a basic white border and a short caption set inside an oval. The blue backs are equally distinct. Set in space, there are several illustrations including planets and stars. A write-up and the Space Cards name are in the center of the card set inside a white circle.

1957 Topps Space Cards 2

1957 Topps Space Cards are nearly identical to the company's Target: Moon release, which came out a short time later. The two sets have the same basic design. Almost all of the captions are the same as well. The main difference comes with the card backs where the Space Cards title is replaced by Target: Moon. On top of that, Target: Moon cards have a pink variation that was given out as a Popsicle premium.

1957 Topps Space Cards remain popular today. With a fantastic design, broad appeal and historical grounding, it remains a cornerstone set from the era.


Set Checklist

1957 Topps Space Cards Checklist

88 cards.
1957 Topps Space Cards 3

1 Sputnik I
2 Dog In Sputnik II
3 Launching U.S. Satellites
4 Recovering The Rocket
5 Sputnik Descending
6 Three Stage Rocket
7 Target: Moon
8 Robot Nears Moon
9 Radio Telescope
10 Space Flight Headquarters
11 Testing a Space Pilot
12 Briefing for Spaceflight
13 Space Suit
14 Preparing For Flight
15 Zero Hour
16 Strapped Down For Takeoff
17 Rocket Blastoff
18 Heading for Outer Space
19 Diagram of Spaceship
20 No Gravity
21 Space Checker Game
22 Space's Practical Jokes
23 Meteor Peril
24 If Meteors Hit New York
25 Space Acrobat
26 Flying Practice
27 Fixing Meteor Damage
28 Sunset on Earth
29 50 Miles to the Moon
30 Preparing to Land
31 Moon Landing
32 Rocket Jet Heat
33 First Men on the Moon
34 Moon Expedition
35 Lunar Scouting Patrol
36 Conquest of the Moon
37 High Jumping on the Moon
38 It's Easy — on the Moon
39 Trapped in Meteor Shower
40 Lunar Crater
41 Famed Copernicus Crater
42 Moon Huts
43 Moon Surveying Squad
44 Moon Mountain Climbing
45 Photographing Moon Craters
46 Collecting Mineral on the Moon
47 Lunar Mists
48 Lunar Explosions
49 Palomar Observatory
50 Enjoying Earthshine
51 Eclipse of the Earth
52 Working in Space
53 Space Supply Depot
54 Assembling Supply Ship
55 Supplies for Moon Pioneers
56 Solar Generators
57 Lunar Airplant
58 Lunar City
59 Gymnastics on the Moon
60 Lunar Lookout Post
61 Farming on the Moon
62 Moon Trains
63 Space Message Center
64 Lunar Space Port
65 Chasing Comets
66 Heading Home
67 Return To Earth
68 Outer Space Station
69 Takeoff for Other Planets
70 Refueling Planet Ship
71 Venus Dust Storms
72 Mysterious Mars
73 Martian Landscape
74 Martian Dust Storms
75 Martian Air Base
76 Visit to Mercury
77 Mercury's Amazing Climate
78 Studying the Sun's Surface
79 Melting in the Sun's Heat
80 Exploring Jupiter
81 Jupiter's Terrain
82 Hurricane on Jupiter
83 View of Saturn
84 Spectacular Saturn
85 Saturn's Rings
86 Pluto — The Coldest Planet
87 Discovering a New Sun
88 Life on Other Planets?


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