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1956 Topps US Presidents Trading Cards

1956 Topps US Presidents Trading Cards

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Presidents have a long history in the hobby. Dating back to the hobby's early days and peaking in the lead-up to the 2008 election, there has always been a place to include cards of the Commander in Chief. 1956 Topps US Presidents is one of the most popular sets ever produced dedicated solely to the men of the White House.

With a checklist of just 36 cards, 1956 Topps US Presidents is actually reasonably easy to put together given their age. The set focuses on America's first 34 Presidents (33 if you combine both of Grover Cleveland's times in office). There are three additional cards focusing on key early moments in the history of the office.

Measuring a slightly over-sized 2 1/2" by 3 1/2", cards feature beautiful color portraits of the Presidents. Each is done as a bust with plenty of details and personality. In the background, there's an illustration highlighting one of their key achievements. Backs use gray stock alongside red and blue design elements. Besides a lengthy write-up, backs also highlight where the politician fits on the Presidential timeline.

1956 Topps US Presidents Trading Cards 1 1956 Topps US Presidents Trading Cards 2

1956 Topps US Presidents is actually a reissue set that hit the market in the wake of the card maker's purchase of Bowman. Card fronts and the basic back designs are the same as 1952 Bowman US Presidents. However, the write-ups on the back are different. Topps would revisit the set again in 1972, making a few additions and tweaks to the checklist, but keeping the set largely in tact.

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Set Checklist

1956 Topps US Presidents Checklist

36 cards.

1 Washington Takes Command
2 Declaration of Independence
3 George Washington
4 John Adams
5 Thomas Jefferson
6 James Madison
7 Buring of White House
8 James Monroe
9 John Quincy Adams
10 Andrew Jackson
11 Martin Van Buren
12 Wm. Henry Harrison
13 John Tyler
14 James K. Polk
15 Zachary Taylor
16 Millard Fillmore
17 Franklin Pierce
18 James Buchanan
19 Abraham Lincoln
20 Andrew Johnson
21 Ulysses S. Grant
22 Rutherford B. Hayes
23 James A. Garfield
24 Chester A. Arthur
25 Grover Cleveland
26 Benjamin Harrison
27 William McKinley
28 Theodore Roosevelt
29 William H. Taft
30 Woodrow Wilson
31 Warren G. Harding
32 Calvin Coolidge
33 Herbert C. Hoover
34 Franklin Roosevelt
35 Harry S. Truman
36 Dwight D. Eisenhower
1956 Topps US Presidents Trading Cards 3

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User Reviews

Hi, I have 15 US presidents card (additionally some duplicates) and 1 burning of White House card. I believe it’s the 1956 version. Can you tell me the worth and where I could go about selling them?
Thank you

I have 15 president cards and one Declaration of Independence..in excellent condition…what are they worth?

Have president cards, some duplicate, perfect condition, 1 to 36

Sharon Davison
Sharon Davison

I just found a full set of presidents cards complete from Washington up to Eisenhower. Plus some “scene cards” like
“Washington takes Command.”
The only problem is that they each have 2 or 3 staples in them where I stapled them onto sheet paper for a report I did in school in the 1950’s. Could they have any value now?
Thanks, Sharon Davison

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Sharon Davison Probably not a lot, but people are often looking for affordable alternatives or temporary cards to fill in gaps.

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