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1956 Topps Round-Up Trading Cards

1956 Topps Round-Up Trading Cards

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The 1950s saw no short of frontier- and Western-themed trading card. Despite a crowded field, 1956 Topps Round-Up (also known as Western Roundup) is a standout. Focusing on the legends of some of the Western frontier's biggest names, the set is both colorful and fun. Although, one might not want to take it as full historical truth.

1956 Topps Round-Up is an 80-card set. It's divided neatly in eight sections, ten cards for each of the focal figures:

  • Wild Bill Hickock #1-10
  • Calamity Jane #11-20
  • Buffalo Bill #21-30
  • Wyatt Earp #31-40
  • Daniel Boone #41-50
  • Jesse James #51-60
  • Geronimo #61-70
  • Kit Carson #71-80

All cards have full-color illustrations. The first card in each section is a portrait. These portraits use the main key art used a few years earlier in 1952 Topps Look n See. Backgrounds are different and there are a couple of small changes on some, but the similarities are easy to spot side-by-side. The remaining nine cards for each subset are images showcasing key events.

Card backs use a mix of traditional text and comics to build the Western legends. Besides a main set number, cards come with a subset number as well to help guide collectors through the set's multiple narratives.

1956 Topps Round-Up Trading Cards 1 1956 Topps Round-Up Trading Cards 2

1956 Topps Round-Up Trading Cards 3

1956 Topps Round-Up is one of the most beloved historical sets from the era. Somewhat widely available, raw singles remain relatively affordable. That said, professionally graded copies can go for very large amounts on the secondary market.

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Set Checklist

1956 Topps Round-Up Checklist

80 cards.

1 Wild Bill Hickok
2 Charge
3 Slashing Claws
4 Wild Bill Strikes
5 Quick Shooting
6 Ready to Draw
7 Fighting Fury
8 Pounding Hoofs
9 Deadly Mistake
10 The Last Shot
11 Calamity Jane
12 Daring Rescue
13 Indian Attack
14 Sharpshooting
15 Reach
16 Hooray for Jane
17 Rough Riding
18 Fighting Mad
19 Queen of the Wild West
20 The Last Ride
21 Buffalo Bill
22 Bullseye
23 Race with Death
24 Buffalo Hunt
25 Surprise Raid
26 Daring Jump
27 The Royal Hunt
28 Taking Aim
29 Roaring Welcome
30 Frontier Fun
31 Wyatt Earp
32 Put Down that Gun
33 Flying Fists
34 Shower of Lead
35 Wyatt’s Big Fight
36 Running Battle
37 Rustlers
38 Gunfight
39 The Showdown
40 Leaping Fury
41 Daniel Boone
42 Captured
43 Wagon Trail
44 Beating 'Em Off
45 Pow-Wow
46 Flashing Knives
47 Dangerous Mission
48 Storming the Walls
49 Landslide
50 Frontier Justice
51 Jesse James
52 Cruel Beating
53 The Raid
54 Crossfire
55 The Holdup
56 Trapped
57 Daring Robbery
58 The Blast
59 Fight for Life
60 Sneak Attack
61 Geronimo
62 Massacre
63 Wall of Flame
64 Double Crossed
65 Escape
66 Revenge
67 Night Riders
68 Flaming Terror
69 Peace Talk
70 Fast Action
71 Kit Carson
72 Bucking Broncos
73 Ambush
74 Gun Duel
75 Perfect Shot
76 The Chase
77 Independence Day
78 Surrounded
79 Kits Gamble
80 Indian War
1956 Topps Round-Up Trading Cards 25

1956 Topps Round-Up Trading Cards 4Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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Any idea of what a set of round ups cost in nice condition?


I have full sheets of Wild West and boat and trains


I have sheets of Wild West trading cards

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