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1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball Cards

1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball Cards

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1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball marks the third and final set produced by the food company. A popular regional set, it focuses exclusively on the Milwaukee Braves.

The set has 35 cards. They're headlined by an early Hank Aaron card. Other notables include Warren Spahn, Eddie Mathews and Andy Pafko.

1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball Cards 1 1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball Cards 2

The set is skip-numbered because they reference the player's jersey number. Three unnumbered cards belong to the team's trainer, equipment manager and road secretary at the time.

1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball cards measure 2 7/8" x 4", making them a little bigger than traditional modern cards. They came in folders of six cards, or Series as they were referred to on the cards themselves. Panels were inserted in boxes of cookies. They could also be bought for a nickel through a mail-in offer.

1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball Cards 3

Pafko appears in two of the folders. He is the set's only double print.

Because the cards were originally connected, they had to be cut by hand to be made into singles. As a result, many of the surviving cards might not have perfect edges. Those that are nicely centered with straight sides command premiums.

1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball Cards 4

1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball is a fairly difficult set to put together today. They command strong prices, especially Aaron who can reach four figures with a high-grade copy from PSA or any other reputable professional grader.

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1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball Checklist

35 cards.

1 Del Crandall
3 Jim Pendleton
4 Danny O'Connell
6 Jack Dittmer
9 Joe Adcock
10 Bob Buhl
11 Phil Paine
12 Ray Crone
15 Charlie Gorin
16 Dave Jolly
17 Chet Nichols
18 Chuck Tanner
19 Jim Wilson
20 Dave Koslo
21 Warren Spahn
22 Gene Conley
23 Johnny Logan
24 Charlie White
28 Johnny Cooney
30 Roy Smalley
31 Bucky Walters
32 Ernie Johnson
33 Lew Burdette
34 Bobby Thomson
35 Bob Keely
38 Bill Bruton
39 George Crowe
40 Charlie Grimm
41 Eddie Mathews
44 Hank Aaron
47 Joe Jay
48 Andy Pafko
Dr. Charles Leaks
Duffy Lewis
Joe Taylor
1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball Cards 5


Panels List

The following is a breakdown of the various six-card panels from 1955 Johnston Cookies Baseball.

Series 1: Hank Aaron, Lew Burdette, Del Crandall, Charlie Gorin, Bob Keely, Danny O'Connell

Series 2: Joe Adcock, Joe Jay, Dr. Charles K. Lacks, Chet Nichols, Andy Pafko, Charlie White

Series 3: Gene Conley, George Crowe, Jim Pendleton, Roy Smalley, Warren Spahn, Joe Taylor

Series 4: Billy Bruton, John Cooney, Dave Jolly, Dave Koslo, Johnny Logan, Andy Pafko

Series 5: Ray Crone, Ernie Johnson, Duffy Lewis, Eddie Mathews, Phil Paine, Chuck Tanner

Series 6: Bob Buhl, Jack Dittmer, Charlie Grimm, Bobby Thomson, Bucky Walters, Jim Wilson

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