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1953 Topps Fighting Marines Trading Cards

1953 Topps Fighting Marines Trading Cards

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1953 Topps Fighting Marines trading cards are some of the most popular military-themed cards ever produced. Telling the story of the United States Marine Corp, the set has a mix of background, action and battlefield history.

Measuring 2 1/16" by 2 15/16", the cards are noticeably smaller than today's standard trading cards. Arranged both vertically and horizontally, some use photos while other cards have detailed paintings. The red, white and blue borders are appropriately patriotic.

Card backs offer lengthy write-ups that match up with the front. The top includes a series of headlines noting the caption and subset. The card number is inside a rectangle at the top corner. It also includes a small illustration that highlights the particular subset the card is a part of.

1953 Topps Fighting Marines Trading Cards 1 1953 Topps Fighting Marines Trading Cards 2

The 1953 Topps Fighting Marines checklist has 96 cards. It's broken down into five different subsets:

  • Marines in Training #1-23
  • Marines in the Pacific #24-48
  • Marine Heroes #49-70
  • History of the Marines #71-90
  • Marine Uniforms #91-96

Cards came in a couple of different forms. There's the traditional single-card approach. They could also be found in two-card panels. This means that cards can often be found today with the perforation nubs along one side where they were once connected.

For those not overly concerned with condition, 1953 Topps Fighting Marines is a relatively affordable. Top-condition cards are fairly rare. And while prices for graded copies can get high, they're still a lot less than many other trading card sets from the era.

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Set Checklist

1953 Topps Fighting Marines Checklist

96 cards.

1 Firing the Howitzer
2 On the March
3 Unloading a Tank
4 Riding the Tank
5 Bayonet Practice
6 Firing Instructions
7 Night Combat
8 Obstacle Course
9 Flame Thrower
10 Storming Ashore
11 House to House Combat
12 Clashing Steel
13 Into the Surf!
14 Bazooka!
15 Communications Personnel
16 Woman Marine
17 Careful Aim
18 Mortar Sight
19 Automatic Rifle
20 Set for Action
21 Howitzer Crew
22 Throw That Grenade!
23 Light Machine Guns
24 Final Instructions
25 Take Off!
26 Scouting the Beach
27 Officer in Action
28 Pushing Forward
29 "Get That Plane"
30 Paratrooper
31 Jungle Wire
32 Wash Day
33 Rescue at Sea
34 Landing Signal
35 "Rush for the Gun"
36 "Hit the Beach"
37 Gunnery Sergeant
38 Supplies for Battle
39 "Down They Go!"
40 Battle for Tarawa
41 Into the Night
42 General A. A. Vandergrift
43 Iwo Jima!
44 Marine Fighter
45 Target Ahead!
46 Attack from the Skies
47 Back from the Front
48 Lowering a Bomb
49 The Last Moment
50 In the Face of Death
51 Forcing an Entrance
52 Dangerous Landing
53 Riding the Tail
54 Flying Leathernecks
55 Raging Sea
56 Into the Flames
57 Marine Engineers
58 Staying with a Pal
59 Bare-Handed Attack
60 Under Fire
61 Iwo Jima Hero
62 Single-Handed Battle
63 Life Saver!
64 Dead Shot!
65 Fearless Leader
66 Exposed to Fire
67 Dodging Bullets
68 Grenade Attack
69 Rear Guard
70 Saving the Wounded
71 Storming the Mexican Fortress
72 Against the Indians
73 "Push 'Em Back!"
74 Action Against the Chinese
75 First Marine landing
76 Storming the Citadel
77 The Pirates are Defeated
78 Fighting on Land and Sea
79 The "Flying Leathernecks" Begin
80 First Landing in Cuba
81 Turning Point of the War
82 Guerilla War
83 Marine Police Force
84 Against the South Sea Pirates
85 Fight to the Finish
86 Smashing the Japanese
87 Overseas Expedition
88 Landing Behind Enemy Lines
89 Going into Korea
90 Easy Landing
91 The Revolutionary War
92 The War in Tripoli
93 The Mexican War
94 The Civil War
95 The Spanish-American War
96 World War I
1953 Topps Fighting Marines Trading Cards 3

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