1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Baseball Cards

1951 Topps Connie Mack’s All-Stars Baseball Cards


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One of several Topps Baseball sets issued during their debut season, 1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Baseball is a small release with a die-cut design. Led by cards for Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, the set commands strong values

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Named for the accomplished manager, 1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Baseball may only have 11 cards in the checklist, but there is certainly no filler. An homage to the former greats, including Connie Mack himself, it can easily be considered a Hall of Fame set since every subject is enshrined in Cooperstown.

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Measuring 2-1/16" by 5-1/4", the tall 1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Baseball cards have a distinct design. A large black-and-white image of each player is highlighted by a deep red background and yellow-filled text box at the bottom that also acts as a stand. The player's full name and replica signature is listed along with basic info and the tagline "Connie Mack's All-Time All-Star Team."

1951 Topps Connie Macks All-Stars Baseball card backs are basic with a moderately-sized player bio in the center and an ad for the full series at the bottom along with instructions for the figure stand. What really makes the cards stand out is that almost the entire player image is die-cut. This design allows collectors to fold the die-cut portion out of the card to create a makeshift display piece.

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However, the die-cut design also means that many of the cards have suffered considerable wear at the hands of overzealous collectors. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find 1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Baseball cards that are also altered, with the exterior portion of the die-cut completely removed with scissors. Coming as no surprise, this greatly decreases the value.

1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Baseball Cards 4Because of the remnants found at the top and bottom of each card, it is believed that the 1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Baseball release was originally printed as panels. The cards can be especially vulnerable at these points and the set also suffers from centering issues.

As values have increased, counterfeits have become more common. Although the easiest way to avoid most of the uncertainty is to purchase cards that have been graded or authenticated by a reputable company, there are few key things to be aware of when shopping for 1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Baseball.

The most obvious thing to verify is that the card is actually die-cut. Many fakes somehow overlook that step and it can be an easy way to rule out a counterfeit. Also, the card stock for fakes is rarely accurate so, if possible, it is good to familiarize yourself with a real card during the research process.

It is also important to note that there is another similar set from Topps that was issued the same year. Featuring nearly the same exact design, 1951 Topps Major League All-Stars Baseball also totals 11 cards, but the checklist is completely different as it includes active players of the time. These die-cut cards are considerably more difficult to find than the Connie Mack's.

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Key Cards

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Set Checklist

1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Baseball Set Checklist

The unnumbered cards are listed below in alphabetical order by last name.

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  1. 4 stars. I have plenty of other cards in my collection but the 51 Connie Mack All Star set is the first Topps issued card set. It epitomizes the early days of collecting with Connie Mack being asked to name the team. They are a tough grouping and to be able to collect a full set is magic to my eyes. You have some of the greatest players of all time including Ruth and Wagner and although I’m a couple away from a full set the thrill is in the chase. I have a couple nice Ruths and I found a Connie Mack, maybe one of the hardest. But for color, the Connie Mack connection, the punch out feature which was repeated, and copied by Topps, this earliest of the modern day sets really gets me going. I’m a little admittedly odd, I have other nice pieces but for some reason, probably because it’s their first set next to the silly playing cards, the shape and the fact you can find them un-played with makes them a four star winner for me. I only buy cards that were graded and in fact haven’t seen a reproduction. It’s good to know.

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