1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey Cards

1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey Cards


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1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey is largely credited with the start of the modern hockey card market. The vintage "Parkie" set is loaded with key rookies, including Gordie Howe and Maurice Richard.

Before O-Pee-Chee became a Canadian institution for hockey cards, there was Parkhurst. The Ontario-based card maker was the first to issue hockey sets after World War II.

1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey Set Details

1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey has 105 cards, with each of the six teams then in the NHL having its own subset. The only notable exception is card #52, which shows a famous picture of Bill Barilko after scoring the goal that won the previous year's Stanley Cup.

1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey Cards 1

The cards resemble strip cards of the prewar era, with crude photographs on heavy paper stock. Measuring just 1 3/4 inches by 2 1/2 inches, they are smaller than what we now know as a standard size. Most of the card shows a player picture that is either posed or uses a game-action shot. The player's name, team and a few stat lines appear in black ink below the picture. A line along the bottom in red ink identifies both the card number and the set. For the only time in the company's history, backs are blank.

1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey Cards 2

The set has been counterfeited, so be careful in buying raw examples, especially among the big-name stars.

As the first hockey set printed in more than a decade, virtually every card in it is a "rookie" card. The cornerstones of the set include rookie cards of two of hockey's most legendary players, Gordie Howe and Maurice "Rocket" Richard. Terry Sawchuk's first card is also coveted. Other notable rookies include Alex Delvecchio, "Boom Boom" Geoffrion, Doug Harvey, Red Kelly, Ted Lindsay and Gerry McNeil.

Key 1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey Cards:


Set Checklist

1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey Checklist

Base Set Checklist

105 cards.
1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey Cards 3

1 Elmer Lach - Montreal Canadiens
2 Paul Meger - Montreal Canadiens RC
3 Butch Bouchard - Montreal Canadiens RC
4 Maurice Richard - Montreal Canadiens RC
5 Bert Olmstead - Montreal Canadiens RC
6 Bud MacPherson - Montreal Canadiens RC
7 Tom Johnson - Montreal Canadiens RC
8 Paul Masnick - Montreal Canadiens RC
9 Calum MacKay - Montreal Canadiens RC
10 Doug Harvey - Montreal Canadiens RC
11 Ken Mosdell - Montreal Canadiens RC
12 Floyd Curry - Montreal Canadiens RC
13 Billy Reay - Montreal Canadiens RC
14 Bernie Geoffrion - Montreal Canadiens RC
15 Gerry McNeil - Montreal Canadiens RC
16 Dick Gamble - Montreal Canadiens RC
17 Gerry Couture - Montreal Canadiens RC
18 Ross Lowe - Montreal Canadiens RC
19 Jim Henry - Boston Bruins RC
20 Vic Lynn - Boston Bruins RC
21 Gus Kyle - Boston Bruins RC
22 Ed Sandford - Boston Bruins RC
23 Murray Henderson - Boston Bruins RC
24 Dunc Fisher - Boston Bruins RC
25 Hal Laycoe - Boston Bruins RC
26 Bill Quackenbush - Boston Bruins RC
27 Red Sullivan - Boston Bruins RC
28 Woody Dumart - Boston Bruins
29 Milt Schmidt - Boston Bruins
30 Adam Brown - Boston Bruins RC
31 Pentti Lund - Boston Bruins RC
32 Ray Barry - Boston Bruins RC
33 Ed Kryzanowski - Boston Bruins RC
34 Johnny Peirson - Boston Bruins RC
35 Lorne Ferguson - Boston Bruins RC
36 Clare Raglan - Chicago Blackhawks RC
37 Bill Gadsby - Chicago Blackhawks RC
38 Al Dewsbury - Chicago Blackhawks RC
39 Clare Martin - Chicago Blackhawks RC
40 Gus Bodnar - Chicago Blackhawks RC
41 Jim Peters - Chicago Blackhawks RC
42 Bep Guidolin - Chicago Blackhawks RC
43 George Gee - Chicago Blackhawks RC
44 Jim McFadden - Chicago Blackhawks RC
45 Fred Hucul - Chicago Blackhawks RC
46 John Fogolin - Chicago Blackhawks RC
47 Harry Lumley - Chicago Blackhawks RC
48 Doug Bentley - Chicago Blackhawks RC
49 Bill Mosienko - Chicago Blackhawks RC
50 Roy Conacher - Chicago Blackhawks RC
51 Pete Babando - Chicago Blackhawks RC
52 Gerry McNeil - The Winning Goal
53 Jack Stewart - Chicago Blackhawks RC
54 Marty Pavelich - Detroit Red Wings RC
55 Red Kelly - Detroit Red Wings RC
56 Ted Lindsay - Detroit Red Wings RC
57 Glen Skov - Detroit Red Wings RC
58 Benny Woit - Detroit Red Wings RC
59 Tony Leswick - Detroit Red Wings RC
60 Fred Glover - Detroit Red Wings RC
61 Terry Sawchuk - Detroit Red Wings RC
62 Vic Stasiuk - Detroit Red Wings RC
63 Alex Delvecchio - Detroit Red Wings RC
64 Sid Abel - Detroit Red Wings
65 Metro Prystai - Detroit Red Wings RC
66 Gordie Howe - Detroit Red Wings RC
67 Bob Goldham - Detroit Red Wings RC
68 Marcel Pronovost - Detroit Red Wings RC
69 Leo Reise Jr. - Detroit Red Wings RC
70 Harry Watson - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
71 Danny Lewicki - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
72 Howie Meeker - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
73 Gus Mortson - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
74 Joe Klukay - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
75 Turk Broda - Toronto Maple Leafs
76 Al Rollins - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
77 Bill Juzda - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
78 Ray Timgren - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
79 Hugh Bolton - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
80 Fern Flaman - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
81 Max Bentley - Toronto Maple Leafs
82 Jim Thomson - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
83 Fleming Mackell - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
84 Sid Smith - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
85 Cal Gardner - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
86 Ted Kennedy - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
87 Tod Sloan - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
88 Bob Solinger - Toronto Maple Leafs RC
89 Frank Eddolls - New York Rangers RC
90 Jack Evans - New York Rangers RC
91 Hy Buller - New York Rangers RC
92 Steve Kraftcheck - New York Rangers RC
93 Don Raleigh - New York Rangers RC
94 Allan Stanley - New York Rangers RC
95 Paul Ronty - New York Rangers RC
96 Edgar Laprade - New York Rangers RC
97 Nick Mickoski - New York Rangers RC
98 Jack McLeod - New York Rangers RC
99 Gaye Stewart - New York Rangers RC
100 Wally Hergesheimer - New York Rangers RC
101 Ed Kullman - New York Rangers RC
102 Ed Slowinski - New York Rangers RC
103 Reggie Sinclair - New York Rangers RC
104 Chuck Rayner - New York Rangers RC
105 Jim Conacher - New York Rangers RC


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