1948 Bowman Football Cards

1948 Bowman Football Cards


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1948 Bowman Football ushered in the modern football era. While no company has been around long enough to stake a claim as having issued cards for all those years, there hasn't been a year since 1948 where a set of professional football cards hasn't been released.

The 1948 Bowman Football card set consists of 108 total cards measuring 2-1/16 by 2-1/2 inches. The set boasts key rookie cards of ten future Hall of Fame players including Steve Van Buren (#7), Sammy Baugh (#22), Bulldog Turner (#36)  Pete Pihos (#63) and Sid Luckman (#107. Bowman was also able to include several rookie cards of players that didn't appear in the competing 1948 Leaf Football set.


The design of the 1948 Bowman Football card set is very similar to that of the 1948 Bowman Baseball set. The card fronts have a simple black-and-white player photo surrounded by a white border. Pictures run the gamut from posed pictures to portraits. Some players are wearing their leather helmets, others are bare-headed. No other design elements are included like logos, names, teams, etc.

The back of the cards resemble the format of 1949 Bowman Baseball by using two different ink colors. The card number is listed along the top in red, followed by the player's name and sometimes his nickname in black. The player's position and team follow, along with three lines of vital statistics. A short biography highlights the player's career. At the bottom of the card is one of several wrapper redemption offers. The offer itself is printed in red ink, with an image of the item in black. A copyright line and expiration date run along the bottom edge of the card as well..

Printing and Distribution

The 1948 Bowman Football was printed on three 36-card printing sheets. The cards were printed by every third number, where series one had cards #1,4,7,10 and so on. Series two featured cards #2,5,8,11 and series three has all the cards divisible by three. The cards from the third series are the scarcest, with the second series being slightly harder to complete than the first. Unlike 1948 Leaf Football, Bowman did not issue cards of collegiate players.

Condition Issues

1948 Bowman Football cards are known for having centering issues, which makes top-condition cards tough to locate. In addition, the white borders of the cards leave them prone to yellowing from age and susceptible to staining.

The popularity of the set has grown in recent years as a result of having been overlooked for so long. Vintage collectors appreciate the simplicity of the design, lack of costly variations and the strong rookie class. Much more affordable then other early set, the 1948 Bowman Football card offering is one that deserves a second look.

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Key cards

Key 1948 Bowman Football Cards

Sammy Baugh RC #22

1948 Bowman Football Cards 19

 Carley Conerly RC #12

1948 Bowman Football Cards 20

Johnny Lujack RC #3

1948 Bowman Football Cards 21

Pete Pihos RC #63

1948 Bowman Football Cards 22

Sid Luckman RC #107

1948 Bowman Football Cards 23

1948 Bowman Football Cards 24

Set Checklist

1948 Bowman Football Cards Set Checklist

108 cards.

1 Joe Tereshinski RC
2 Larry Olsonoski RC
3 Johnny Lujack SP RC
4 Ray Poole RC
5 Bill DeCorrevont RC
6 Paul Briggs SP RC
7 Steve Van Buren RC
8 Kenny Washington RC
9 Nolan Luhn SP RC
10 Chris Iversen RC
11 Jack Wiley RC
12 Charley Conerly SP RC
13 Hugh Taylor RC
14 Frank Seno RC
15 Gil Bouley SP RC
16 Tommy Thompson RC
17 Charley Trippi RC
18 Vince Banonis SP RC
19 Art Faircloth RC
20 Clyde Goodnight RC
21 Bill Chipley SP RC
22 Sammy Baugh RC
23 Don Kindt RC
24 John Koniszewski SP RC
25 Pat McHugh RC
26 Bob Waterfield RC
27 Tony Compagno SP RC
28 Paul Governali RC
29 Pat Harder RC
30 Vic Lindskog SP RC
31 Salvatore Rosato RC
32 John Mastrangelo RC
33 Fred Gehrke SP RC
34 Bosh Pritchard RC
35 Mike Micka RC
36 Bulldog Turner SP RC
37 Len Younce RC
38 Pat West RC
39 Russ Thomas SP RC
40 James Peebles RC
41 Bob Skoglund RC
42 Walt Stickle SP RC
43 Whitey Wistert RC
44 Paul Christman RC
45 Jay Rhodemyre SP RC
46 Tony Minisi RC
47 Bob Mann RC
48 Mal Kutner SP RC
49 Dick Poillon RC
50 Charles Cherundolo RC
51 Gerald Cowhig SP RC
52 Neill Armstrong RC
53 Frank Maznicki RC
54 John Sanchez SP RC
55 Frank Reagan RC
56 Jim Hardy RC
57 John Badaczewski SP
58 Robert Nussbaumer RC
59 Mervin Pregulman RC
60 Elbie Nickel SP RC
61 Alex Wojciechowicz RC
62 Walt Schlinkman RC
63 Pete Pihos SP RC
64 Joseph Sulaitis RC
65 Mike Holovak RC
66 Cy Souders SP RC
67 Paul McKee RC
68 Bill Moore RC
69 Frank Minini SP RC
70 Jack Ferrante RC
71 Les Horvath RC
72 Ted Fritsch Sr. SP RC
73 Tex Coulter RC
74 Boley Dancewicz RC
75 Dante Mangani SP RC
76 James Hefti RC
77 Paul Sarringhaus RC
78 Joe Scott SP RC
79 Bucko Kilroy RC
80 Bill Dudley RC
81 Mar.Goldberg SP RC
82 John Cannady RC
83 Perry Moss RC
84 Harold Crisler SP RC
85 Bill Gray RC
86 John Clement RC
87 Dan Sandifer SP RC
88 Ben Kish RC
89 Herbert Banta RC
90 Bill Garnaas SP RC
91 Jim White RC
92 Frank Barzilauskas RC
93 Vic Sears SP RC
94 John Adams RC
95 George McAfee RC
96 Ralph Heywood SP RC
97 Joe Muha RC
98 Fred Enke RC
99 Harry Gilmer SP RC
100 Bill Miklich RC
101 Joe Gottlieb RC
102 Bud Angsman SP RC
103 Tom Farmer RC
104 Bruce Smith RC
105 Bob Cifers SP RC
106 Ernie Steele RC
107 Sid Luckman RC
108 Buford Ray SP RC
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