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1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey Cards

1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey Cards

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World Wide Gum was a Canadian-based company that was closely affiliated with Goudey. While WWG reprinted the pictures from the 1933 Goudey Baseball card set for the Canadian market, there were never any hockey sets issued south of the border to compare. When it came to the stars of the ice, WWG was all by itself. When the 1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey set was issued, the Great Depression was still affecting the way cards looked, which is evident in the design of the cards.

1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey card fronts feature green/gray-tinted close-up player photos surrounded by a white border. A white box below the player contains a card number and the player's name. The back features a card number and the player's name and team in a boldface font, followed by a short biography in English. A French translation of the text follows, along with a line explaining that the card was made in Canada. Despite being a World Wide Gum issue, there is nothing on the card itself that names them.

Along with the players, there are cards of coaches and executives as well in the 135-card 1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey set. As a result, NHL legends like Conn Smythe and Tommy Gorman are included along with players Eddie Shore, King Clancy and Charlie Conacher.

Key 1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey Cards:

1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey Cards 1

1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey Cards 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey Cards Set Checklist

135 cards.

1 Charlie Conacher
2 Jimmy Ward
3 Albert "Babe" Siebert
4 Marty Barry
5 Eddie Shore
6 Paul Thompson
7 Roy Worters
8 Reginald "Red" Horner
9 Wilf Cude
10 Lionel Conacher RC
11 Ebbie Goodfellow
12 Cecil "Tiny" Thompson
13 Harold "Mush" March RC
14 Mervyn "Red" Dutton
15 Melville "Butch" Keeling
16 Frank Boucher RC
17 Tommy Gorman RC
18 Howie Morenz
19 Marvin "Cyclone" Wentworth
20 Reginald "Hooley" Smith
21 Ivan "Ching" Johnson
22 Lawrence "Baldy" Northcott
23 Syl Apps RC
24 Hec Kilrea
25 John Sorrell
26 Lorne Carr RC
27 Charlie Sands
28 Nick Metz
29 Francis "King" Clancy
30 Russ Blinco
31 Pete Martin RC
32 Walter Buswell RC
33 Paul Haynes
34 Wildor Larochelle
35 Harold "Baldy" Cotton
36 Aubrey "Dit" Clapper
37 Joe Lamb
38 Bob Gracie
39 Jack Shill RC
40 Frank "Buzz" Boll
41 John Gallagher RC
42 Art Chapman
43 Tom Cook RC
44 Bill MacKenzie
45 Georges Mantha
46 Herbert Cain
47 Modere "Mud" Bruneteau RC
48 Bob Davidson RC
49 Doug Young RC
50 Polly Drouin RC
51 Harvey "Busher" Jackson
52 Clarence "Happy" Day
53 Dave Kerr
54 Al Murray RC
55 Johnny Gottselig
56 Andrew Blair
57 Lynn Patrick
58 David "Sweeney" Schriner RC
59 Leighton "Happy" Emms
60 Allan Shields
61 Alex Levinsky
62 William "Flash" Hollett
63 Jim "Peggy" O'Neill RC
64 Herbie Lewis RC
65 Aurel Joliat
66 Carl Voss RC
67 Stewart Evans RC
68 Frederick "Bun" Cook
69 Ralph "Cooney" Weiland
70 Dave Trottier
71 Louis Trudel RC
72 Marty Burke
73 Leroy Goldsworthy
74 Normie Smith RC
75 Syd Howe
76 Gordon Pettinger RC
77 Jack McGill
78 Alfred "Pit" Lepine
79 Sammy McManus RC
80 Phil Watson RC
81 Paul Runge RC
82 Bill Beveridge
83 Johnny Gagnon
84 Wilfred "Bucko" McDonald RC
85 Earl Robinson
86 Regis "Pep" Kelly
87 Ehrhardt "Ott" Heller
88 Murray Murdoch
89 Mac Colville RC
90 Alex Shibicky RC
91 Neil Colville RC
92 Norman Himes
93 Charles "Rabbit" McVeigh
94 Lester Patrick
95 Conn Smythe RC
96 Art Ross
97 Cecil Hart RC
98 Norman "Dutch" Gainor RC
99 Jack Adams RC
100 Howie Morenz
101 Buster Mundy RC
102 Johnny Wing RC
103 Maurice Croghan RC
104 Pete Jotkus RC
105 Doug MacQuisten RC
106 Lester Brennan RC
107 Jack O'Connell RC
108 Ray Malenfant RC
109 Ken Murray RC
110 Frank "Casey" Stangle RC
111 Dave Neville RC
112 Claude Burke RC
113 Herman Murray RC
114 Herbert "Buddy" O'Connor RC
115 Albert Perreault RC
116 Johnny Taugher RC
117 Rene Boudreau RC
118 Kenny McKinnon RC
119 Alex Bolduc RC
120 Jimmy Keiller RC
121 Lloyd McIntyre RC
122 Emile Fortin RC
123 Mike Karakas RC
124 Art Wiebe RC
125 Louis Denis RC
126 Stan Pratt RC
127 Jules Cholette RC
128 Jimmy Muir RC
129 Pete Morin RC
130 Jimmy Heffernan RC
131 Maurice Bastien RC
132 Tuffy Griffiths RC
133 Johnny Mahaffy RC
134 Truman Donnelly RC
135 Bill Stewart RC
1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey Cards 23

1937 V356 World Wide Gum Hockey Cards 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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