1935 National Chicle Football Cards

1935 National Chicle Football Cards

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National Chicle was the name of a gum company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The same company released the Diamond Stars and Batter Up cards known to baseball collectors. In 1935, they issued the first gum cards of professional football players. 1935 National Chicle Football cards were the first released nationally to feature only football players.

1935 National Chicle Football fronts feature an art deco design with a player in action. Backgrounds have various designs. Some players have field or stadium scenes behind them. Others have simulated game-action backgrounds. Others, still, have line designs or blank backgrounds. The player's name and a white border are all that adorn the cards otherwise.

Card backs are interesting. Rather than a player biography or a list of statistics, the cards are filled with tips for playing football by a former coach. At the top is a bold card number, with the tip underneath. The signature of Eddie Casey follows. The player's name and personal info run along the bottom of the card, along with a copyright line and the erroneous statement that there would be 240 cards in the set.

Instead of the large set, 1935 National Chicle Football stopped at 36 cards. The first 24 cards are more common than the last 12. Most of the players featured were professional, but exceptions appear. One was former Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne, and Bronko Nagurski was shown in his Minnesota uniform but mentioned as a Chicago Bear on the back. There were eight teams in the NFL and three of them would have changes by the time another football set would appear: the Pittsburgh Pirates would become the Steelers, the Boston Redskins would move to Washington and the Brooklyn Dodgers are now the Indianapolis Colts after trips through a number of cities.

The cards of Rockne and Nagurski are the key cards to the set. All of the subjects in 1935 National Chicle Football (except for Rockne, who appeared in the 1933 Sport Kings set) are rookies, including Hall of Fame players Dutch Clark, Ken Strong, Cliff Battles, Turk Edwards and Clarke Hinkle.

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Set Checklist

1935 National Chicle Football Cards Set Checklist

36 Card Base Set

1 Dutch Clark
2 Bo Molenda
3 George Kenneally
4 Ed Matesic
5 Glenn Presnell
6 Pug Rentner
7 Ken Strong
8 Jim Zyntell
9 Knute Rockne
10 Cliff Battles
11 Turk Edwards
12 Tom Hupke
13 Homer Griffiths
14 Phil Sarboe
15 Ben Ciccone
16 Ben Smith
17 Tom Jones
18 Mike Mikulak
19 Ralph Keheval
20 Warren Heller
21 Cliff Montgomery
22 Shipwreck Kelly
23 Beattie Feathers
24 Clarke Hinkle
25 Dale Burnett
26 John Dell Isola
27 Bull Tosi
28 Stan Kostka
29 Jim MacMurdo
30 Ernie Caddel
31 Nic Niccola
32 Swede Johnston
33 Ernie Smith
34 Bronko Nagurski
35 Luke Johnsos
36 Bernie Masterson
1935 National Chicle Football Cards 19

Key 1935 National Chicle Football Cards:

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